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  1. Wow, thanks for all the information! Another question and I know this one is tricky... How do rescues feel about e-collar training (specifically the static collar, not a shock collar)? They did ask about training and I noted our trainer, Sit Means Sit. Our local group emphasizes understanding your dog above all else and Callie is (hopefully obviously) a happy dog - she comes to us readily to put her collar on and at the moment, we're at a place where we almost never actually use the collar even though she wears it when we're training or working on therapy dog experiences. 99% of the time i
  2. Any insights on what a home visit looks like? What kinds of things do they look for? I'm guessing that they want to see that the application was truthful (fenced yard, landlord actually approves a dog, etc) and that there's a fully fenced, reasonably sized yard and that the current dog has food, water, and appropriate diversions/toys. I wonder if they'd do a Skype walkthrough with me? It seems that we're about 4 or so hours out of their typical radius.
  3. Hi all! We've been so busy lately that I haven't been on here much at all, but wondering if any has any experience with this rescue? We're looking into getting a second dog and they've got a litter of 3 month old females, one of whom looks just like our Calypso! We submitted our application and are now waiting to hear back from the group. The foster didn't say anything about anyone claiming any of the girls yet but did say to hurry and submit the app, so I'm hoping they're still available to pick from when we're approved (I'm hopeful because I believe we can and will provide a really g
  4. Can I bother you all for some opinions? Does this looks like a bug bite of some sort? Cal came in from outside (fenced back yard) with her snout a little swollen so we checked her out. This wasn't here yesterday because I just happened to be running my finger down her snout last night petting her between her eyes and it wasn't bumpy. It's solid/swollen (not like fluid filled), has distinct edges, doesn't look red but it's hard to tell with the fur, and maybe tender because she pulls away if we touch. She's currently as high as a kite, snuggling in bed with us. She's always extra cudd
  5. Congratulations! I don't know if it's already been mentioned but bring the dogs something of the baby's to sniff before baby comes home. A hat, blanket, something. Then they'll be curious but familiar. Also, go in without the baby first and say hello to them by yourself. Let them get all excited because they won't have seen you for a few days, let them take in the smells, the excitement, and your love. And then once they've gotten over you, introduce baby slowly! Good luck. My son is 10 months old and my husband and I are chopped liver now. The baby is Cal's best friend in the wo
  6. Where do you go to tattoo a dog safely? I doubt my regular artist would like Cal trotting into his shop!
  7. I think they use green ink because it's one of the toughest colors to remove and it doesn't fade easily. Or maybe that's backwards...Hmm, time to brush up on my ink knowledge.
  8. I don't think I'd like the number tattooed in the ear for two reasons. 1) It would HURT! That's sensitive skin and having gotten my own tattoos in sensitive areas with similar skin, I wouldn't put my dog through that. 2) The chip # isn't necessarily permanent. Like with Cal's, the first chip got list and if we had that number tattooed it wouldn't be accurate. She has a second chip with the real number that contains our info. I was thinking if they tattoo the green spay line anyway, they could tattoo a "Microchipped" text or a symbol to indicate microchipping. That way if the vet or shelte
  9. The microchip thread got me thinking and wondering about different perspectives on this. Calypso has a tattoo on her belly from her spay surgery that was done when she was a puppy (Yes, I know that's a whole other conversation...we didn't have a choice, that's how the shelter where she came from is working to control the stray dog population. Nobody leaves their doors without being spayed/neutered). Calypso's tattoo is a mint green line on the bald part of her belly. I think they just added some ink to the incision so as it healed, it became a tattoo. It's about 3/4 inch in length and
  10. Cal ate her tag. We have a phone number on her name tag! She wears 4 zip tied together to a tag clip - Rabies, county registration, name tag with phone number, and the "I'm microchipped" tag that we made because she ate the official microchip tag! Also, here's my related PSA: Get the microchip checked next time you're at the vet. Cal has two because the first either got lost or deactivated somehow - Our friends told us to double-check it because they found theirs on the floor about 6 months after it was injected (and it was such a surprise to find it because they're tiny). We went in an
  11. Apparently the dog warden and all community-facing representatives of the county shelter all carry the wands that read multiple brands of microchips now! FYI - if you ever find a lost dog, a simple stop at the police station can get you the contact info and the owner updates as much or as little information as they want shared.
  12. I wouldn't care who called me so long as my dog came back to me. Give out my phone number, I don't care. I'd just want her back! Our vet is beyond awesome (for many reasons). When we gave them an updated billing address for charging for visits, they reminded us about 5x to update the microchip's website as well and gave us another business card to put their office number as the third contact (we have my husband's as the primary phone, then mine, and now the vet's as well). They keep detailed records of each pet and they have her microchip number and brand in the computer so if anyone ever
  13. But he's absolutely gorgeous and sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy!!! And post more pictures for us! <3
  14. I got a refund on mine because they told me my BC/lab mix was Shar-pei/Standard Poodle mix with no herding breed or lab mixed in. LOL Sometimes those tests come out wacky!
  15. Oh, and the first time Cal growled at me, I cried because it was the most menacing growl I had ever heard from a dog before and she was just a tiny baby. It's like the beast inside of her just came out suddenly. It was absolutely terrifying. Now, when she growls, I tell her to get over herself jokingly and dive right into our routine of a firm "Drop it!" and "Come". She'll come to me for a treat and then has to stay put while I take the item she was guarding. Sometimes she bolts for it or refuses to come to me, so we're just consistent in the training and she comes around. These days, we o
  16. IMO, you need a trainer that can observe her and give you very specific pointers on how to minimize this behavior. Calypso showed similar behavior at 8-9 weeks old and we still occasionally (very, very occasionally) deal with it. It can be trained away! I have a baby that just became mobile and Cal does great with him under close supervision. You can still have a fantastic, gentle, and social dog with this kind of behavior. It just takes some work and time to manage it! Good luck!
  17. We recently dog sat for two dogs plus Cal and we determined that three dogs is just too many bodies running around. For an entire week, I stepped on tails and paws, was shooing noses out of the baby's face constantly, and Husband felt like he was just perpetually walking someone. O_O But one day I'd love to have a whole pack...in a much bigger house with much more property.
  18. You guys definitely understand...Thank you for the kind words! Husband and I talked last night and laid out all of our options. He said he definitely sees that Cal needs another dog to at least keep her company (if not actually be friends with). She seems happier when we're dog sitting, plays more enthusiastically, mopes much less, etc. She has so many lovely toys to play with and we hide treats for her around the house but she won't touch a thing when we're at work unless there's another dog there. When we dog sat for a dog she gets really annoyed with, even his presence was enough to
  19. Yes, I think that's exactly what happened here. I'm bummed but it'll all work out. Little lady will find a really nice home, I need to focus on that.
  20. Ok, kind of a frustrating update... We went to the shelter and somehow I screwed up the days the pups would be available. They're not until later this week, so we didn't get to see them annnnnd it turns out they're BC/mastiff puppies, which while a very interesting cross I wouldn't write off right away, we're just not ready for a dog that theoretically large. We did see and fall in love with (well, I did at least) a little black lab mix who was very shy but totally came out of her shell for Calypso. She started following her around and trying to play bow to her. Cal was interested at f
  21. As I'm waiting for them to post the pups before I rush over there, I'm thinking to myself "Oh my god, what am I doing?" Are we making a mistake? Things can still work out if I'm nervous about it, right? The puppy isn't guaranteed, we still have to get the right feeling about it all and Cal has to "approve" so there will be a lot of thought put into this today...But, am I insane for even going out there? Having two dogs isn't that much different than having one, just more food and training time...Right? Cal has looked lonely the last few weeks until we say her buddy's name and then she p
  22. Ok, I feel like a jerk...Obviously I'm not happy that my baby is in pain from teething. But I'm saying that since he's up anyway, a puppy waking us won't be a big deal. Although I am pretty excited about those teeth. They're finally cutting after months of pain and once they do bust through, he'll have some peace for a few weeks before the others start. Plus, they're so dang cute.
  23. Ok, so we found out a few weeks ago that Mama dog is definitely spoken for. The shelter doesn't allow holds except for when the foster wants her. And they do...I'm disappointed for me and Cal, but so happy for her. According to several people, that family is so wonderful and they want her as a companion for their slightly older dog and the two get along beautifully and she's already renamed and settled with them. Two of the puppies (gray ones) are in today for spay/neuter and will be available tomorrow if all goes well and they're feeling well. Obviously, I'm prepared to RUN to the shelter
  24. Cal definitely sees her crate as safety. When she gets overwhelmed at my parents' house with the kids running around and constantly touching her (I don't blame them, they're children...They'll learn to chill out eventually and they're doing a very good job extending her patience and teaching her to hold her temper). We use the "She'll eat all of your stuff" almost as an excuse to keep her crated at their house because they've suggested that we just leave her out. She needs her safe haven to curl up in to get away from everyone. Once our baby starts walking, we're actually going to put the
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