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  1. Mini Update on the Rescue Situation: The phone interview went great but they're having trouble with scheduling the home visit. They contacted Buckeye Border Collie to do it with us and it sounds like they're either not able to find someone in our area close enough (we're out of range for CBBCR) or they're very busy. So I'm being patient but our rep from Come Bye is really great and says we sound awesome and that the Foster is keeping in touch with him and updating him on the status of each puppy. All four are still technically available and our approval to visit should come through soon, as so
  2. I've always wondered about this...If the dog powers through, how do they get back home? I imagine many dogs have the will to return home after the squirrel goes up a tree. I know Cal would have a fleeting interested in roaming before she got lonely and hungry (and I know she knows where home is). She'd be stuck outside and then wander off. I'm glad we have a nice fence - it's a 6 ft. privacy fence on either side and a 4 ft. fence on the back side. The gates are nice because we keep one locked for security and the other unlocked but latched. I'd love to lock both, but my husband says we ha
  3. Thank you for your feedback and the info, I'll look those articles/authors up.
  4. Grrr, my phone won't let me upload. I'll post the pic tomorrow from my computer!
  5. We have a Kong Wobbler that she earns dinner from most nights. She knocks it around and it tumbles and drops food. Also, tonight's motivation is evidently pizza. I'm too exhausted to do any real training but we worked on "back" (she backs up) and distance sit with a piece of pepperoni. I got two of each before she decided it was time to mope for the treat and ignore me. Pic incoming...
  6. I'm sure if I was willing to branch out dietary wise I could find something that motivates her since treats are as close as it comes. But this dog has absurd allergies and I absolutely cannot justify feeding her sweets. She does get spoiled with the occasional tiny bite of pasta or some bread (she does get meat in addition to her kibble fairly regularly but meat isn't a super high value thing, oddly enough). She adores cheese...but we use bites in moderation and mostly for getting her to take her meds (we're back to Benydryl but so far so good, holding off the raw paws for now while we search
  7. Let's go from your last statement then, help me become better! I'll listen! What are the options for motivation when treats work minimally effectively (holds her attention for 2-5 minutes and then she stops caring). Withholding her dinner and using it to train isn't effective because she gets so crabby and hangry that she can't do anything even remotely close to listen, not even her most basic command "sit" that she's known since she was 9 weeks old. Toys just aren't interesting - she plays fetch with us for 5-10 min but it's not good enough to train. If I try to train between fetches, she
  8. I don't mind the home visit at all. I think it's a good idea to ensure that the home is as the adopter says. I kind of wish that was a possibility at the shelter I volunteered with. I processed adoptions and there were some that I wish I could have verified a bit more because it just didn't feel right...but I was obligated to allow the animal to go home with the person. And some that were turned down because of stupid reasons like having been forced to surrender an animal previously (like 5 years previously...) for financial reasons. She sent that dog in with the full surrender fee, a bed, toy
  9. Guys, I know fundamentally many of you disagree with the collar. I'm not going to defend it any more and I'm also not taking offense at your criticism because many of you are obviously experience trainers and have many years of experience with a variety of dogs. Thank you for all of your feedback, especially regarding the rescue. <3 I will however add one last point because it's entirely true. I just scrolled up and saw CptJack's comment about me being more thoughtful and aware as a trainer and the success not being entirely based on the collar. I totally agree - it's made me SO mu
  10. It's not like the dog turns a year old and I'll automatically slap a collar on. I'm using "one year" as a general term for not a baby with major impulse issues. A puppy is exploring her environment, scoping out the world, forming bonds, and developing likes and dislikes. I'm not going to influence any of that with a collar. I'm an observer for the first year, I guess. We train good habits like house training through repetition. Cal's 2.5ish and she's not fully matured I don't think. But she's also not an impulsive thing anymore either, she's really come into herself in terms of her intell
  11. As of the e-mail, I guess I felt a moment of immaturity. Honestly, I probably wouldn't even bother. I'd keep looking for the perfect second dog for my family. As I've said before, I'm confident we can provide a great home for a pup! And I can't emphasize this enough...I believe in SMS as a training guide but I understand that there are flaws. I'm not handing my dog off to be trained like a zombie or robot by standardized methods. We're applying some training goals to our unique dog in our unique way. We know Cal's personality, likes, dislikes, and abilities. We'll do the same with any pup
  12. Clarification: It's a realistic possibility in the long term, that we might do SMS for both dogs. If the second dog has better responsiveness to treats/toys/anything, we'll use that to our advantage for training. It really comes down to the fact that Cal has zero external motivations if she doesn't feel like doing something. I've never had a more stubborn dog and I've had and attended training classes with dogs my entire life, including a black lab/rottie that went through the police academy program. The collar doesn't force her to listen - she has days where she flat out refuses to cooper
  13. That's why I said that the black one caught my eye but we need to meet all her sisters too and hopefully one of them has the right personality for our home. Basically, we would all have to really click with the pup to take it home. The black one just caught my eye immediately because it's a doppledog! <3 I have a soft spot for black dogs with white socks! But her sisters are precious too! That's kind of how we ended up with Cal. We saw her sister's picture on Facebook and went to see the whole litter. I picked a golden-looking one and my husband picked Cal. Then we played with them
  14. I'd wait until the dog was a year or so old to even start with SMS because I think the puppy basics need to be trained at home, with no outside influences. We trained Cal a decent amount before SMS and really honed in on her paying attention after a year. She knew sit, down, pretty, and a few others were iffy like "Come" because she was always so distracted, before we started SMS. I wouldn't automatically throw a collar on a pup. I just know that it's a realistic approach for our family.
  15. I'll check them out. My husband is going to hate you for showing me even more dogs to harass him into getting. He's on board when it comes down to it, but this is my desire, not his. :D
  16. I think if I get rejected, I'll send ONE e-mail with a bunch of photos of how happy my beast is and what a great life she leads. Btw, she's currently digging through her Go Team backpack while I watch her on the camera. The speaker isn't working so I can't yell at her. She has no shame and probably thinks she deserves the entire pack of Zukes treats (one of those little to-go packs) for figuring out the zipper on the backpack now.
  17. What a beautiful pup! Sounds like you got some great advice, good luck! With some consistency and time to grow out of the oh-so-cute rotten puppy stage, you'll have a really great dog soon!
  18. I can absolutely see those issues occurring as a result of the collars. The difference between our trainers, it seems, and the ones who cause this to happen is that ours are so gentle with the dogs and emphasize their needs, not our desire to change a behavior or control a dog. They watch for any and all cues, they take the collar off if needed, they snuggle and pet and love on the dogs. I've seen some VERY reactive dogs do really, really well in our group. One of them is a psycho Mal. She's such a beautiful and smart dog, but she's vicious and has been since she was a puppy with seemingly
  19. I so hope so. I'm confident that anyone would want their dog living with me, training preferences aside. I'm really holding out hope that they'll send someone to do a home visit before a decision is reached and that person would report back to them about our positive environment all around. I'd be willing to show exactly how we train, I'm proud of how well we're doing and I have no qualms about admitting that I use an e-collar responsibly! One of the volunteers responded to my email inquiry about home visits and being out of their range and noted that they have other rescues they're partn
  20. TL;DR - We know it's a tool with limited capability and we're working hard to outgrow the collar together. The things the collared dogs can do are impressive...but how much better is it when the dog can do all the cool stuff under her own control!? <3
  21. Your observations are accurate and I agree with a lot of them, that's why we had to feel out our actual trainers before committing to SMS. We have one of the best groups I could imagine! I'm always hesitant to recommend the e-collar to new dog owners who don't, like you said, have the ability to read a dog. We actually did a year of training, admittedly with less commitment to daily training, with Cal before starting SMS. She really responds well to the constant feedback aspect of it. She's an attentive but very, very stubborn dog with quite a lot of attitude (she is not one of the "aim to
  22. A static collar is a tap not a shock. I've tried both and the shock collar distinctly hurts. I will try to find a good article describing the difference - I can't explain it. Donald - We train with one of the franchises and we're a really small group. The owner of the franchise and his son are the only two trainers and we are now friends with both of them. The owner has a medical background and is now following his passion. He was a trainer for several years with another nearby city's franchise before opening his own about 2 years ago. I know there's criticism of SMS out there and I've re
  23. I love love love mostly black BCs! We have an entire "collection" of look alike dogs on Instagram - we call them "doppledogs". If you're interested, check out @bcmix_doppledogs there's a collage of many of them. I think her most identical ones are @charlielovespizza and @crazycoco_bcmix
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