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  1. Is she missing vitamins or just gnawing on rocks? We've been pulling rocks out our new pup's mouth for a few weeks now. We'll see the vet soon for Cal's allergy check up so we'll ask them then but for now, any advice? I don't want her to crack teeth or eat them, but she happily snags every single stone or pebble she encounters and crunches away.
  2. Have you met him? I feel like a name needs to be chosen after you get a personal feel for the dog!
  3. Don't bother with the DNA test, they're a complete waste of money. I know with 100% certainty that Cal's mother is a yellow lab. Yet Cal's results show she's a Standard Poodle/Shar-Pei...Hah! Not a trace of BC or Lab in her, evidently. Lies!
  4. Hmm. I guess Cal does some of that, but it's more in-your-face type aggression. Like she'll step on Panda and just stare her down and not let her get up. She likes to be in direct physical control rather than presumed control, maybe? Anyway, thankfully it's pretty rare so far and I'll keep an eye out for it now that I know to be aware and make her quit it when she starts it up. So far I really think she's so thrilled to have Panda and she's gotten over her realization that this one's staying (versus her friends leaving when she gets sick of them). Food issues aside, we have a pretty relaxe
  5. They share toys beautifully so far and they seem to play quite fairly even if it is so rough with the tumbling and sitting on each other. Cal's still pretty gentle with her weight and where she lands, she's got 50 lb to Panda's mayyyybe 20. It's really the food that's the issue. Thanks for all the suggestions, they'll be eating separately from now on! Panda actually ate her dinner in her crate because we threw her dish in there for a moment for safe keeping because we weren't ready to feed it (she's getting a dewormer sprinkled on top and Cal can't have any), she followed it in, and then
  6. Whoa, I definitely need to read up on dog behaviors in groups of two or more. Cal's never had a friend stay long enough that it became an issue. A week and a half is about the longest we've had canine guests and there's still so much novelty there for her in that span that she's super pleased to have company and doesn't start on her quirks. I will separate them any time Cal shows unnecessary dominance over Panda. Luckily I think all that'll take is a distraction for Cal. A "come" and something else for her to do like eat her own dinner or drink some water. We actually have the whole
  7. And to clarify, I know that I should treat my own dogs like I do those at the shelter and think of my own safety first. I know but sometimes I forget because they're mine...I'm more asking how to differentiate between the sounds and what looks like a fight but probably isn't.
  8. Looking for some insights because I've never had two dogs in one household before. The girls are getting along splendidly most of the time but Cal's guarding is becoming an issue again with Panda's introduction into the family a few weeks ago. We had gotten it under control (with the understanding that it's a lifelong issue and we are at a point where we can take her food away and not get snarled at), but Cal is getting snarly towards Panda if she so much as looks at her too closely while Cal is eating. And Cal is started to steal Panda's food. She actually instigated a fight over it the o
  9. She's learning a lot of really nice behaviors from Calypso. It's like she looks over at her and Cal is getting praised for being so calm and then she's doing the same to get the same praise. It's really cute. She always looks at Cal for cues. Is that typical in puppy behaviors? I've never had two dogs at once living in the same household before!!! And the constant nose touching is continuing too. They bump noses all the time still!
  10. Oh and she's the snuggliest little thing ever too. She'll win over Cal yet. Callie doesn't allow her personal space invaded by ANYONE (even her most favorite human in the world, my son) but her growls are getting less resistant when Pan lays on her!
  11. Guys...This dog has no off button. Where's the off button? She's definitely a full border collie. She's got Cal exhausted because they play so hard. Cal looooves having someone to be the boss of and at the same time she's such a big sister dog. She makes sure Pan is following on walks, runs over when she falls off the couch (are all BC pups so reckless and bouncy?) and came to get me in a barking frenzy like Lassie when Panda almost hung herself from our kitchen/family room railing (apparently she can fit in between the railings by squeezing her shoulders but panicked trying to get ou
  12. They keep touching noses! My husband got a screen shot while looking at our camera this morning. Cal was leaning down to Panda and Panda was reaching up to Cal from laying down in the crate and they were sniffing/touching noses. Then Cal laid right now next to her. Instead of her usual perch on the couch, Cal's been on the floor near Panda all day!
  13. I told her "sit!" out of habit today and her butt hit the floor so fast. Apparently she did absorb some training the last few days. She's such a good baby. And Callie's officially in love with her baby sister. She makes sure Panda is following on walks and goes to get her if she's not, she bumps her back when Panda walks into her, and she's been trying to wrestle/play with Panda even though the little one just falls down, paws up, every time so far. Panda also pounced on Cal's tail/rump this morning and Cal growled at her initially and then immediately touched noses. Is touching noses
  14. For clarification: Panda is crated ONLY because we're not home. We have a camera set up in the living room to spy on Callie and now Panda too! She's been hanging out with us when we're at home and only gets crated at night (with a 4 am walk for relieving herself, she does whimper at night for going out, she's SO good!) and when we're not home. She's not house broken, but she is excellently crate trained. I guess that's the benefit of being fostered at a boarding/training facility over someone's home even if the cost is lack of house training. By the way, if anyone is in Northern Indian
  15. Oh absolutely. We're going to work on house training first (she's not house broken at all but she's making good progress) and her indicators are super quiet and meek. She's such a sweetie and a total cuddle bug. AND SHE SEEMS LIKE SHE'S TREAT DRIVEN, YESSSSS! I'm hoping that sticks and it's not just because she's so hungry. Poor baby's had an upset tummy the last few days so we're seeing the vet ASAP even though I think it's just stress/change in everything she's ever known. We've worked on "sit" a little bit and she's too wired to focus well but I got a few sporadic sits. Our primary obje
  16. We bought several sizes of Holee Rollers from Chewy.com and stuff treats into the smallest and then stuff it into a large one and add a few strips of felt, any toys that fit, and a squeaky ball. Cal spends so much time getting all that stuff out of the ball. It's difficult enough that it takes time, concentration, and some trial and error, but doable so she does end up with a reward at the end. She's so enthralled with getting the goodies out that she brings me the ball now. My best interactive suggestion is to train "take it" and "drop it" so that you can get him to clean up his own toys!
  17. This whole experience makes me what to be a part of a rescue. I'm thinking that once we calm down from all this excitement and settle in, I'm going to reach out to Buckeye to see if I can help in any way. We can't foster a dog since we'll be at beast capacity but I'm sure they need volunteers for something, even if it's processing paperwork!
  18. I will be patient...I will be patient...I will be patient... I gave in and finally called our rescue contact last week after we hadn't heard anything from the foster regarding when we could visit. She's very, very busy which I totally get but...I want to get my dog, you know? We're missing out on bonding time and I'm jealous that we're also missing the puppy stage. I'm being entirely selfish because I completely understand that this woman has a life, probably a family, definitely a job, etc. I just want my pupper!!! I just emailed her asking for an address because our rescue conta
  19. Someone likes her holee roller (on sale on Chewy, by the way, and SUPER durable). I put a tiny one in a big one and then stuffed in a squeaky ball and a squirrel. We had to take it away a few min ago since it's bed time and it's going to be the first thing she goes for tomorrow morning when she goes downstairs! Anyone else's dogs use their paws like hands?!
  20. Pupdate: We're approved! Our home visit went great and we talked about the collar training at length. The board asked no follow up questions and approved us within 48 hours. We're going to forgo training this dog the same way and spend a year or so bonding before we enroll doggie in anything more than basic puppy classes. We'll use our friends for people and dog socialization (our dog-friendly social circle is huge now that we're involved in the therapy dog stuff) and we'll do clicker training at home. I so hope this dog is driven by SOMETHING. Anything really! LOL We just have to set time
  21. Poor pup. I hope you get it figured out quick. :'(
  22. Although I guess if he's got something stuck in there, it does need to be seen in person to get it out.
  23. I'd take him in right away now that you see inflammation and it hasn't worked itself out of the pad since Sunday. I feel like the paws are already so sensitive and if it's tender, he must be miserable. If you can't get an appointment right away, do you have something antibacterial you could put on to prevent infection? And maybe the vet's office could get you some antibiotics to pick up? When Cal skinned her paw really badly last year, we called them and they said to just spray with something topical and if it didn't show signs of healing in 3-4 days, to call back and we could get some ant
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