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  1. We have the Grizzly brand and our pup loves it. It smells REALLY fishy, so I imagine that's part of the appeal. Her coat looks gorgeous and silky, and no more dandruff after a bath with Bobbi Panter Baby Bebe Itchy Dog shampoo and the oil on her food.
  2. Our poor baby (6 mo old) was diagnosed with localized demodex mange on her snout yesterday. It's on her left lip and spreading under her nose. Since we took her to the emergency vet (with a nice $300+ price tag for blood work, the skin scraping, and the Sunday evening visit), he gave us a few week supply of Ivermectin. We'll be seeing the regular vet tomorrow to review the medication, because it makes us super nervous (we know about the herding breed's poor tolerance of the med. - "white feet, don't treat") For now, we were told to slowly increase the dose from 0.10 mg to 0.70 mg by 0.20 every
  3. Wow, our puppy trainer has never mentioned a deadline. She insists that our girl will keep learning new things her whole life. Our 6 month old is mouthy too, but she understands that the fun stops when she bites too hard. Her least favorite punishment is to be held like a baby on her back and elevated above the ground so it's too scary to wiggle way. (We're really careful to have a tight grasp on her when she's off the ground because she's getting stronger, heavier, and wigglier). She often toes the line with what's too hard of a nibble, but it's like a kid waiting for Mom to count 1...2..
  4. Callie is a compulsive sock thief, though she never chews them up. She also loves cardboard - we give her the cardboard tubes from paper towel and toilet paper rolls and she shreds them to pieces. It's like doggie chewing gum. She chews on the bits with her best camel impression and then leaves the soggy shreds on the carpet for us to pick up.
  5. We've tried all the distractions and they're forgotten as soon as the nail clippers come out. And she's okay with her paws being touched and handled, but those clippers come out and she panics. The dremel might be an option...She's terrified of things that buzz (my Jawbone UP band, cell phone on vibrate, vacuum, etc.), but perhaps if she realizes it doesn't hurt, she'll behave. I'll start on the little bit each day, even if I can only get one clip in before she bolts. Maybe she'll realize I'm not trying to kill her. The way she's fighting, you'd think she was fighting off a bear. H
  6. If her paws are any indication, she's about to grow again. I wonder why the paws grow first...
  7. We're having trouble getting Callie to let us cut her nails. The back ones aren't bad, but the front paws need to be done soon. I really don't like the idea of her running around on carpet with long nails that could snag and hurt her or her general discomfort. She absolutely freaks out when we try to cut them, but it's a new thing. She used to be perfectly fine with us doing it and at the groomers. In fact, the last time she got washed at Petco, they said she was an angel with letting them take her paws (and she's never had them cut too short or bled). We've always touched her paws, playe
  8. Hmm, I was wondering if Cal was starting to get tired of her food or something was wrong. She's been leaving her food too and returning to it when she gets hungry again (she used to inhale it all in less than a minute). Does anyone have a BC/Lab mix? I'm wondering if the lab part will make her get bigger than the average female Border Collie.
  9. What age do Border Collies stop growing steadily at?
  10. Callie guards "special" things, bully sticks, and food occasionally but we've noticed that as she gets older, she does it less and less frequently. The most useful solution we heard about when we were frantically doing research about our "aggressive" puppy is to immediately punish the behavior by removing the thing they're growling about...In our case, as soon as she growled, she lost her food until she calmed down or got the toy taken away until she looked more relaxed. I think in your case, it would make sense to make him sleep in a crate or on the floor - he loses your undivided attent
  11. Callie loves the Metroparks, especially if there's access to the river to splash around in. We don't let her off leash because she's only 6 months old and has very selective hearing, but we do have a 30 ft leash that we let drag behind so we can catch her if necessary. @NorthfieldNick: We'll have to check out Holden Arboretum!
  12. Do you know of any groups on here that might meet up to let the dogs play? We'd love to have more dogs for Callie to be able to play with, and meeting other like-minded people would be great too! I wonder if it's possible to create geography-based interest groups...Do you think people would be interested?
  13. Can anyone in Cleveland, OH recommend good places to take a 6 mo. old puppy to play? I know there are a few dog parks, but I don't know what they're like. I've heard some of them are pretty dirty and run down, but where are the nice ones? There are some dog friendly places around that you wouldn't expect, but we're looking for fun outdoor activities. Nano Brew on W. 25th is happy to allow dogs on the back porch and The Wine Bar in Rocky River does a Doggie Brunch on Sundays during the Summer into early Fall. Most Quaker Steak & Lube places will bring you a water dish if you sit on
  14. Have you tried getting a really long leash (I don't trust my bratty thing off leash, she'd run off as fast as her little legs would take her) and just "leaving"? Kind of like with a kid...When Callie doesn't behave the way we'd prefer, we just pretend that we're not interested in what she's doing and she usually decides to join us. She likes to dart around and be difficult when we're putting the halter on to go outside or decides she's not coming inside either. I pretend I'm not going for a walk anymore and she comes to me, or I pretend that I'm leaving her outside (turn my back enough to
  15. Other than her name, the first thing we taught Callie was "sit". We use it to calm her down when she's getting too wound up, got too close to something she shouldn't (we use leave it instead now), or needs to wait for something. Really useful for any situation in which you need your pup to plop their rump down right where they are quickly. This morning, I made her sit while I tied my shoes to take her for a walk. She accosted me twice before I put her in a sit and twitched with excitement the whole time she sat there.
  16. We only let Callie have bully sticks with supervision. She gets fragments of them gnawed off and sometimes coughs...I get nervous thinking about her choking on a big piece when I'm not there to watch her. Bully sticks are natural. Disgusting, but natural. I've heard that the stick ones don't smell as bad, but Cal loves the braided ones and takes longer to chew them up and untangle them. We also occasionally leave Callie with a frozen rope too - Just put it in water, make sure it's nice and soggy and pop it in the freezer. It entertains Callie for hours because she'll lick the top laye
  17. Hi! We're new too and our pup's mom was a Yellow Lab (If I didn't see the picture of the litter all together, I wouldn't believe it) and dad was a BC. Skunk is such a cute name!!! We joke that Callie is an upside down skunk because she has the white stripe on her chest, but she's entirely black on her face and back. Take care! ~Moosikins
  18. The humane society I voluteer with suggests shouting and banging something loud near them first (like two pots, if they're handy), then escalating to throwing something at them (obviously nothing that could hurt), and then using one of the dog catcher slip leads on a pole if it's available. Most of the dogs I've seen stop fighting amidst the chaos of yelling and things clanging, but some need the distraction of being hit with a bag of dog treats and then they look at you in shock.
  19. I love this! Calypso also learned how to play by herself - she grabs her toys and throws them into the air and then jumps to catch them or chases after them if they roll or bounce away. We're also teaching her how to play rough appropriately. She doesn't have a particularly soft mouth, so we're working on the boundries. Right now, she can play for a few minutes at a time and then gets wound up, forgets that we're not dogs, and nips which ends the game.
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