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  1. Hi and welcome to the forum. I just have some questions...is Louie kept as an outdoor dog? Is he motivated by anything? Also, what drew you to adopting him instead of waiting for the type of dog you were looking for to come into a rescue? I totally did the same thing, though. I wanted X dog and ended up with Y dog, so I can relate to how overwhelming it can be.
  2. After Kieran chewed through two Flexi-leashes I was done with those. He's not even a big dog, but using those I was constantly worried about the way the leash was as we walked. And they're kind of pricy
  3. Oh man, I'm obviously not urge to herd, but thanks for bringing this topic up again. I totally meant to save the recipe and then forgot about it until just now.
  4. Very true, but it's also much different being on a team versus competing on your own. That is what I mean when I say it's more of a people sport. You spend a lot more time with people on a flyball team.
  5. It might have to do with me being in the area flyball started in. There are a ton of teams around and the dues aren't that pricy. There are a lot of local tournaments as a result of all the teams.
  6. Another thing about flyball is that there's a lot of emphasis placed on getting a dog to tug as a reward. It's easier during a competition to just let the dog go and then run with the tug to motivate them to drive back. Kieran isn't toy motivated at all. I've really had to work on building toy drive, and it's still not to the point where I could pull out a motivating toy at practice and use it as a reward. His problem though is running to the box. Coming back, he's all speedy because he knows he's going to get a treat, so his not being on a tug doesn't really bother me.
  7. Yes, exactly. Kieran is the kind of "up for anything" sort of dog. He gets really excited at flyball and when he's taken out to practice. But I know he enjoys agility more just from how he performs.
  8. I think it's more of a people sport...just the impression I get. Like all the teams know each other and hang out every so often. For example, we just held a demo with a neighboring team at a dog festival. Kieran was crated for most of the time. Flyball does require a lot of thinking from the human, but for the dog eventually it becomes muscle memory. For now, it's been challenging for Kieran because he's been learning how to put every step together. However, I feel he's almost to the point where he won't have to think very much soon. I want him to learn that he has to go as fast as he can before he gets that muscle memory and stays a slowpoke. Next practice, I was thinking of asking if I could boxload for him instead of running him, so that he'd be driving toward me instead of away. There's definitely a lot of challenge on the human side. In agility, he and I constantly have to think. It feels like much more of a partnership. In flyball, a lot of thought goes into the lineup of the dogs and which dogs are going on which team (they race in different standards based on speed). So the preparation is more where a lot of the thinking goes. You still do have to think on the fly (hehe) during a competition if a dog isn't doing well or something else comes up. I think the most thinking has to be done by the boxloader though. I'm going to be moving soon and on a more restricted budget, to the point where I was thinking of which I would give up first. Agility is considerably more expensive than flyball, which I think is also what draws a lot of people to flyball. I don't think I'd be able to give up agility though over flyball. I think the best advice I could give is to go try it out and see how you and your dog like it. Our club lets people come to three or four practices for free before having to pay dues as a member.
  9. I tried to put Kieran on raw for a couple months. His stools just wouldn't stabilize enough for me to even think about moving to different protein sources or beyond chicken breast with bones. And I kept playing around with the ratios to find something that worked. He also scratched way more than he does on any other kind of diet. So far the best diet for him has been the home-cooked one.
  10. I think one of the biggest issues, at least for me, is building drive for flyball. Kieran is a fast dog, but you wouldn't know it if you watched him doing it. At practice, he just traipses over to the box, versus in agility he's a bullet and totally lights up.
  11. I'm on a flyball team, and I can say at this point I do much prefer agility. Since the courses always change, there's something different about the way agility is that flyball just doesn't match up to for me. Plus, with agility, I work with Kieran the entire time. For flyball, Kieran only gets out for about 10-15 minutes during the entire 1-2 hour practice. Doing that only once a week, I'm surprised he's doing full runs when we only started in April. Don't get me wrong, flyball is fun (and everyone has been telling me it's not really that great UNTIL you get out to a tournament). Just not as fun as agility, which we haven't even competed in yet. And I get more exercise doing agility, lol. I think flyball is something people bond over more, since it's completely a team sport. Also, you'd be surprised by the amount of things that can go wrong with running to a box to get a ball and coming back.
  12. Heh, so of course this past weekend, half the class was devoted to using the weave poles. He had them completely apart this time. I don't get why it's going backwards, but Kieran was fine with those because they were too far apart for him to see them as a closed set and try to weave down one side.
  13. I think that's how his new set of poles is. He had the ones that were all on one track before. The new ones are really nice, but they don't look easy to close and open. We have class again tomorrow, so I'm probably just going to ask to sit out on the weave exercise. I've been practicing them a lot at home with Kieran.
  14. I work at a pharmacy and I just had this conversation on Wednesday with a patient lol. She came up to sign out and said, "so the worst side effects from this weight loss drug are seizures and blindness." And I told her that sometimes I feel as if the side effects are worse than what the drug is treating. She said, "hopefully, I'll see you next time. If I don't, it was probably this drug. I'd almost rather be fat."
  15. I always find this thread to be helpful, even if a lot of the photos are missing. But yea, the best way to tell is by touch.
  16. That'd be nice if he closed them. The other class we do closes them for him. It takes a little juggling around, but I appreciate it when they do. How did your trial go??
  17. Oh, wait, I think it's the same tournament LOL. I'm dumb sometimes. I totally didn't realize that it's already almost the end of July.
  18. I probably would like channels more if it was closed faster. I just have a bad taste in my mouth because all the classes I've taken have left them open for an eternity. At that point, is the dog even really learning what to do? It's definitely worked for some dogs in the class, but Kieran picked up the weaves in a fraction of the time it took them. As in, some of these dogs have been attending the same class for 8 months or more. I don't think it's that Kieran is particularly fantastic, but more the method he's learning. But you're probably right, sitting out is more beneficial than confusing him. I can probably use the time to work on directions. Even one of the other people in the class remarked that it looked like Kieran was trying to weave around the left side. I guess I'm also worried I'll come off snooty, lol. I just really do not want to undo all the hard work we've put in and Kieran is a very quirky dog.
  19. Yea, that was the only thing I could think of. I don't think he'd want to close the poles because they look like they're all on a separate rail. So he'd have to do it multiple times during class. It just sucks to have to sit out on something. I'm not a fan of the channel method. All the classes we have here teach with that and they just close it way too slowly. The dogs in our classes have been doing it for months and they still can't weave. Versus I was able to teach it to Kieran in about a week at home using 2x2.
  20. I don't think we're competing in that one. The next one we have on the schedule is at Biola at the end of July. For now, Kieran and I are with the Usual Suspects, but I'm going to be moving soon, so I'm probably going to join one of the SD teams. Kieran is going to be a height dog
  21. Hi, All, I'm not really sure what to do here. Kieran has a full set of weaves and for the most part his entries are good (we practice a lot with the off entries). However, at his agility class, the poles are being taught channel method. We've gone through one level already and moved up, but they're still open quite a bit (~8"). It seems to be confusing Kieran. Since he's small, he doesn't have to bend to go through the channel at all, so he keeps popping out at the third pole in an attempt to bend around like he would on a closed weave. Basically, he's treating the left side of the channel as a set of closed weaves. He clearly recognizes them as weave poles. I'm worried that it will mess up his actual weaves or the speed at which he does them. At class, we have to keep starting them over and basically end up trotting through them so that he'll go down the middle, otherwise he'll pop out. I just don't want to have to reteach it to him down the line if this is causing problems. Thoughts?
  22. I'm so excited for you! Looks like the two of you have a bright future ahead. And maybe we'll see you at some trials or flyball tourneys . I'm in the same area as you.
  23. I knew he would be good at agility, but flyball I was like no way. He has no ball drive outside. I underestimated his work drive and focus though. He's doing full runs now, which is impressive to me since we only do it about once a week if that and started in April. Oh, and I totally cried when I went to pick him up at the rescue and on the way home. So embarrassing.
  24. Totally know how you feel about the whole 'bunch of things going wrong' when it comes to rescue. The first dog I tried to adopt got taken before I could meet her. The second one, I was scheduled three times to go see him, but the rescue lady gave me the runaround and a bunch of excuses. Eventually, she stopped replying! I was kind of horrified at how unprofessionally the situation was handled. The third one got moved farther away the day before I put in my application. However, it all led me to the dog I ended up getting. We do flyball and agility, too, even though that was never my intention. Sometimes I think fate has something a little different in mind than what we expect or want, and everything will fall into place when it's meant to.
  25. Good luck! You'll both do great. Hank really reminds me of Kieran - his background, size, mysteriousness of mix, and all. Every time I read your posts here I can always relate! Yay for small, focused dogs
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