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  1. When I made food for Kieran, I would do 2 lbs of ground turkey, a lb of pureed vegetables, and about a cup of either brown rice or oats. I also added in turmeric, a little salt (daily intake depends on the weight), and about 6 cups of water or so, if I recall correctly (it depends on the consistency you want). I boiled the turkey and grains in the water with the salt for about half an hour. Then, I mixed in the pureed vegetables, and let simmer on low heat for a couple minutes. Then I'd put in the turmeric. I took it off the heat, and once it cooled, I'd separate it into little bags so I could store it in the fridge or freezer. That was enough for about two weeks, but you could adjust it to your needs. Kieran's vet also said to get him a multivitamin to add to his meals. I topped it with some ground eggshell, a tablespoon of plain yogurt, and every so often, an egg. Kieran is small, so he doesn't need a ton of food. I just watched to see if his weight remained steady. You could use whatever meat. I started with turkey just to ease Kieran into it. He did very very well on it. I think the biggest improvement was his gas. He has mean gas. It completely went away while he was on this diet. I want to switch him back to it soon, but maybe after I finish moving and all that jazz. I think I wrote the whole thing out somewhere more cleanly. I can go look for it or type up a new one for you if you want. You can also try raw feeding. I did it for a couple months, but Kieran's stools would not stabilize so I had to stop. He loved it, though.
  2. I've been using a Comfortflex for Kieran. He hates all harnesses, but this one doesn't seem to impede his movement during flyball or agility practice. However, it's ill-fitted around his chest (too loose, he was between sizes), so that probably comtributes to how much he can move. It's probably the easiest harness I have as far as putting it on and taking it off.
  3. There's a dog in our class who sounds to be on the same level of reactivity as Molly. She'll try to lunge at other dogs and bark at them, but when she runs the course she's perfectly fine most of the time. She really likes Kieran for some reason (actually, it's funny because females always seem to like him). I was surprised that at the last class her handler didn't even participate. Well, she tried, then took her off to the side to work on "watch me." Then she ended up just leaving the class completely to watch from the car. I didn't think she was being particularly ill-behaved, but she's definitely gotten more reactive as of late. Maybe I've just been spending too much time around flyball dogs, so the pulling and barking doesn't get to me as much.
  4. Ball obsession isn't a requirement, as funny as that sounds. Actually, if dogs are too obsessed with the ball, it's pretty problematic. Kieran has very little ball drive, and in some regards it's helped because I don't have to worry about him stealing them from the bucket. I can also line him up a lot faster, since he's not fixated on it. Don't let that prevent you from trying if you actually wanted to, is all I'm saying.
  5. This past week I've been more into it since I've taken the box home. It's given me a lot of time to work with Kieran without the pressure of all the other dogs who need to practice. Sometimes, when I know the number of dogs who still need a turn before Kieran can go again, it just makes everything drag for me. I guess I'm just a little selfish in that sense. I think a lot of what was missing for me with Kieran was box hits without the ball. I can do it at home with a plain board, but I'm sure it feels a lot different to Kieran.
  6. I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope finding the right diet and everything else you are doing for him keeps him more than comfortable for a long time.
  7. Yea, could just be the ignorance of the general public. The other day I was explaining the difference to my friend between a conformation border collie and a working one. I showed her some pictures and she was shocked. On the note of rescues, so many people ask me what kind of dog Kieran is and say how beautiful he looks. Whenever I look at him, I just see a dopey looking dog, lol. I think it's because they don't have to deal with this: And he's asleep in that picture.
  8. "Touch" is a good thing to teach. Or maybe better, I just started using a slapped together target stick with a clicker on the end (my arms are short, lol) to have Kieran approach different surfaces and items. He has to nudge it with his nose or paws. I could see it being helpful for a timid dog to get him to approach new things. You can make it into a fun game.
  9. I was at flyball practice yesterday, and there was a lot of waiting around, so I started thinking about this thread. Generally, I like team sports. I played basketball for more than half my life. But I still have really mixed feelings on flyball. Practice ran from about 6:30-8:45, but I only got to work with Kieran for maybe fifteen minutes, if that. I guess having only one dog participating is what makes it less fun for me. It's not exactly boring...I enjoy helping out with the other dogs and witnessing other dogs' success. More than a few people have multiple dogs to work, though. After yesterday, I didn't think I wanted to pursue flyball with Kieran. We're going to move soon and will have to find a new team. In the end, I decided that I'm going to give it a year from our first tournament (October). I took the box home this week, so that I could work with Kieran outside of practice. Fifteen minutes once a week definitely isn't enough to be working out his issues, especially with a dog like him, who can stay focused a lot longer. I try to work on stuff at home, regardless, but a lot of his issues involve the box.
  10. Oh, no! I hope everything turns out well. I can relate to you on the prednisone issues. Kieran's been on it since I adopted him more than two years ago.
  11. Can't help on finding a breeder, but the USBCHA has a trial schedule posted on their site. The finals are in Alturas this year, which is really cool. I wish I was close enough to go watch.
  12. I watched the instructor setting up the weaves today and they were the ones where you have to move each pole separately. He only had six set up today. Kieran had a ton of issues. I've been trying to use a different command for them, because I noticed whenever I say "weave" he starts trying to bed around them. It's comical. At one point, the instructor thought Kieran went through them when in reality he just zoomed around. He always gets the entry right, at least. I'm not too worried anymore - there are only two sessions left.
  13. I'm so happy for you. It's amazing how life can have the most wonderful surprises.
  14. When she pees in the house, could it be that she's marking? My friends have a dog who will do his business outside, but they can't leave him unsupervised with their other dog around because he'll start marking. When the dogs were separated for a couple semesters, he completely stopped. Then he picked it up again when the other dog moved back in.
  15. If you find something that engages his mind, then he might settle more. Is that even the issue? If he's laid back, what's he doing that's causing problems? It's funny, even after taking Kieran on a long walk, playing at the park, and then going to flyball, he will come home and have the zoomies. But fifteen minutes of trick training? Then he's in his bed.
  16. This cracked me up. I was picturing you making shapes while the fur was still on the dog.
  17. Whelp, just started on TOTW this week. Hopefully, it works out for Kieran.
  18. Oh, no, I hope everything works out for you. I'm glad you might have found a solution. I was looking at harnesses the other day and I saw a MLP one and thought of you. Do you need anyone for this school year? I'm going to be attending in the fall .
  19. I gave Kieran a bath yesterday with HyLyt shampoo, and that really helped with his scratching. He hasn't chewed himself all day. It's the only thing differently I've done in the past couple days, so I'm assuming it has something to do with calming his allergies. Of course, that's not really something I can do every day...
  20. Ugh, Kieran is totally going through the same thing. I'm having nightmares about the "skitch skitch skitch" sound we are now hearing all day. It really sucks. Kieran is on low dose Temaril-P year round, but recently he's been worse to the point the Temaril isn't helping. I added some generic Zyrtec to his food once a day, and I've been spraying some anti-itch solution I bought from Target onto his itchy areas. I think it's called Itch+. It has Vitamin E in it to help moisturize his skin. It seems to give him a little bit of relief.
  21. Ugh, for real? Well, I was planning on sticking Kieran back on home made anyway. Does anyone here use Taste of the Wild?
  22. I like SowinkaDesign on Etsy for collars, although I haven't bought a martingale one yet. She lets you choose the type of collar you want when you check out. The snap one I have is really good quality, and I use it almost every day. It's nice and soft. The shipping is pricy though since it's from Europe.
  23. "Touch" is a really good trick, as Chanse mentioned. It's easy to teach, and now I use it when Kieran gets distracted at agility class. You can eventually use it to teach other tricks, too. Kieran started out simply bumping my hand with his nose when it was at his level. Now he does all sorts of jumps depending how high I put my hand, or he will touch surfaces and items. Have you tried clicker training? Since Louie is reasonably food motivated, that could be a good place to start.
  24. I think you're right in that getting a second dog wouldn't be a great idea, since you're still unsure of how Louie fits into the equation now. Getting acclimated to everything takes a lot of work on both sides. It reminds me of going away for college. Suddenly, you find yourself in a new place, with a bunch of new people you don't know. It took me probably half the year to form bonds with new friends. I felt the same when I brought Kieran home. We were complete strangers sharing a living space together. I had to tackle Kieran twice in the same day in these nasty bushes because he slipped out of his harness (my third day with him). It was once before work and then when I got home. And embarrassingly, I had an audience both times in the form of an elderly woman sitting on her balcony. She yelled, "you got faster this time!" It's probably one of my most vivid memories of Kieran's adoption. It'll take a long time before you see all of his personality, as people have already mentioned. I think redirecting his attention onto things like trick training or some sort of classes would help a lot. Trick training was probably the biggest way I bonded with Kieran.
  25. I've actually been wanting to buy one. We suspect that Kieran is part Italian Greyhound, and his neck is thicker than his head. He's gotten out of all his harnesses and collars during his skittish moments. But I just bought him a Comfortflex harness for flyball, so I'll see how that works for him.
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