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  1. Oh, that's a good idea! I have that rubber bone shaped toy that I mentioned earlier (Kieran won't have anything to do with it now that he chewed the rope off). It has little slits in it where the rope was woven through. He has this one: http://m.petsmart.com/h5/hub?id=%2Fdog%2Ftoys%2Ftoys-r-us-bone-rope-dog-toy-zid36-10678%2Fcat-36-catid-100118%3Fnull#a
  2. I started giving Kieran rubbery plastic toys (Toys R' Us brand?). They had rope attached to them though, so of course he made it a mission to dispose of the rope. Now that it's gone, he'll only play with it if someone picks it out for him first. On the plus side, it hasn't been destroyed. They have a donut and bone version. He really likes that soft fleece fabric. Even my stuffed animals are fair game if he sees that on them, so I have to hide them. When he gets one of those types of toys, he immediately feels for the squeaker and then tries to rip it out and destuff. I've stopped buying stuffed toys for him because I always end up with "snow" on the floor.
  3. I think rescue would be great, too, and more accessible if you want a dog right away (which for me still took about two months of searching). Kieran was a blank slate when I got him. He was two, so I didn't have to deal with his teenage years. He's always eager to learn and is turning out to be great for dog sports. There are many other dogs like him in rescue.
  4. I laughed so hard when the ball landed on the dog's back and it continued trying to hit it. It seemed like the dog's mouth was moving slightly when it made the noises.
  5. I'd give it more time. I agree that three days isn't long enough to know the dog. Unless there are already adoption applications for him?
  6. Have this issue in flyball, but not as much in agility (unless it's the last jump). While other dogs stride over the jumps, Kieran goes boing like a kangaroo.
  7. That's what I did when we were throwing out an old one. I replaced the stuffing in one of Kieran's beds with that and also stuck one in his crate. He mostly uses the cheap bed, though. I've been trying to preserve that original polyfill bed, but he ripped holes in the corners and likes to unstuff them . I have to put blankets over it and even then he'll nose around for the tear.
  8. So sorry for your loss. Sometimes, I think about how life with dogs means inevitable broken hearts. But at the same time, they're entirely worth it.
  9. Kieran doesn't seem to show a preference for any bed. He has a memory foam one and a cheap polyfill one. I guess if anything, he prefers my bed, but if we're not in my room he'll randomly choose one of the beds to lie on. Usually, he seems to go for the one that is closest to the family. He'll even go in cardboard boxes, though, lol.
  10. Yea, as mixed as my feelings are about flyball itself, I really do love the social aspect of it. Everyone is so supportive of one another, and since everyone is obviously a dog person, it's not weird to always be talking about dogs.
  11. Ouch...I've actually seen a lot of blood at agility. A couple of dogs have nipped their owners so hard that they made gashes in their arms. I stand there going, "I can't look!!"
  12. This is so awesome! Thanks for the link. I just ordered one...well, I kinda had an impatient moment when my browswer wouldn't process my order and bought two as a result. Hopefully, they'll let me cancel one of the orders. Either way, I can always use more tags!
  13. Not during agility, but Kieran used to do it when I would get home after I was gone for a few hours. He's only about 14" at the withers, and he would be jumping and snapping his teeth near my ear. However, he seemed to consciously avoid actually pinching skin. I made it a habit of turning my back on him and ignoring him until he stopped.
  14. I'm so happy to hear she's doing better. What kind of spray did you end up using? I've been dealing with itchy dog feet for years now and really don't know what to do.
  15. Omg, thanks for the heads up. What the heck is xylitol doing in peanut butter? I usually look for the ones with the smallest ingredients list (I think there are some that literally just contain peanuts). I'm going to have to let my parents know - they're the ones taking care of him right now.
  16. Kieran is my first dog, but a lot of dog-experienced people cannot tell. And it's not that I'm such a great dog trainer, it's just that Kieran makes me look like one. The first time we ever took an agility lesson (unfortunately, not one that focused on foundation work), I was so shocked by how easily it came to him. I immediately knew that it was his sport. I thought all dogs were like that when it came to agility, since it's so heavily advertised as being a sport for every dog. We've been taking lessons for almost a year now, and I can see that that isn't true. Multiple instructors have commented on his ability, as well as classmates. One random dude watching from outside the fenced area, yelled to us, "Wow, that was awesome! I really mean it!" after we finished a sequence. His drive for it is just insane, despite the fact that he's typically laid back. Even before we pull up into the parking lot, he starts making a ruckus. When I park, he's clambering over me trying to get out, all while talking with roo-roos. He moans and groans with his eyes fixated on the ring. When we're waiting our turn, he might get distracted by the other dogs, but once we step onto the course, he's suddenly super focused. It's like he blocks everything else out. I've yet to see him check out during a class. A few of the other dogs start doing that less than halfway through the hour. I think I've hit the jackpot in terms of an agility dog - he's fast, focused, and has incredible body awareness. The turns, crosses, and body language come naturally to him. He's making me love agility much more than I thought I would. I just wish that my skills were at his level, and a lot of the time I can't help but think about where he could be now with an experienced handler. By the time I get there, he will be older. I also think about what idiot left him on the streets. I've mentioned this before, but while he likes flyball well enough, he still hasn't turned on to it like he did agility. Man, I've missed this forum. School is eating me alive. My friend was like, "you're obsessed with your dog." And she's a dog lover! I feel at home here, lol.
  17. Congrats! I had a good chuckle at her expression in the photo.
  18. Kieran does that with Comfortis. The first couple times he ate it plain, but now even if I coat it in fish oil and put it in his food, he'll nose it out of the way. I've found dipping it in peanut butter to be the easiest way for him to eat it without causing a fuss. I was actually going to switch to Trifexis...looks like I'm going to have to deal with the same thing.
  19. Yea, going back to school was never really in the plan for me, and I didn't realize how hard it is to find a dog-friendly place in this area. The last places I lived at all allowed them. I don't know what I'd do without him. I found out I can possibly finish in a year instead of the two they said it takes, so I'm pushing for that. People probably think I'm nuts that my dog is my primary motivation for finishing early, haha.
  20. I'm fortunate enough that my parents are willing to take care of him while I'm gone. If I didn't have a place for him, I probably would have looked for someone to take over my portion of the lease. The rent pickings in our area are already super slim, and most places don't allow dogs or are through the roof expensive.
  21. Do their hairs turn gray, white, or a mixture of both as they age? Kieran had white on his nose and chin when I got him; some of it looks like his pattern, but over the past couple of years it's gone up farther on his face, even on his eyebrows. He also has that random white (or tan?) under his tail, as well as white hairs sprinkled throughout his back. The hairs are completely white...none of them are gray. My parents keep saying he looks like an old man. He's estimated to be 4-5.
  22. I just had the most irritating experience trying to rent an apartment with a dog. I was actually considering venting in the coffee break section, but then school took over. Most of the places say no pets. We found a complex that allows dogs, which sounds great. Before I signed the lease, I asked the realtor, "So will the owners consider pets for an extra deposit, rent, and references?" She said, "Sure, they will. The pet just needs to comply with HOA." I was so excited. Anyway, I signed the lease, then asked about the pet rent. She comes back to me and says, "They said no pets. And the other realtor said it was on the listing for the condo." Nope, no it wasn't. At least not the listing we used. It is written into the lease, "No pets without written consent," which is why I specifically asked the realtor if it was possible to get written consent, where she flat out lied to me. We've been nothing but transparent to them, and yet they have misled us about more than just the dog. And they were completely unclear from the start about the pet policy. We wouldn't have even considered it if we didn't think we could have a dog. My roommate even asked her when she went to the showing and she said, "I'm not sure." I understand the risks you take when renting out a unit to people with a dog you know nothing about. However, as nice as the apartment is, it wasn't cleaned before we moved in (trash everywhere, paint on counters, sticky floors), three lights were out, the washing machine didn't work, and we discovered an ant problem. Most of the things have been fixed, but it just bugged me that any crappy tenant without a pet can live in an apartment (landlord told us the last tenants abandoned the place mid-lease), yet my well-behaved, completely trained dog doesn't even get a chance. So, I guess my venting got posted here instead, lol.
  23. I adopted Kieran when he was guessed to be about 2-3. He loved everyone when I first got him, to the point where he'd be jumping on random people at the store to say hi. After about a year though, he got much more introverted around strangers - to the point of being reactive - even with plenty of socialization. I think his true personality was finally able to come out, helped along by having a permanent home. However, he still loves and gets excited to see people he knows. He did change a lot from how the rescue described him (and they had him for a month).
  24. Omg, falling down stairs! Even I have nightmares about doing it, and I see perfectly fine. Just a bit clumsy lol. Kieran hates going to the vet. Of course, he recognizes the place from the parking lot. I decided it'd be fine to try to walk him into the lobby. Big mistake. He's a bit of a Houdini when it comes to harnesses (no matter the style), so he popped out of it right before the door. He took off down the parking lot and headed straight for the busy intersection (speed limit 50 mph). I chased after him, completely forgetting there were cars driving around the parking lot. I actually ran right in front of one waving my arms like a lunatic. Luckily, Kieran stopped to smell the bushes before trying to cross the street, giving me enough time to pick him up. The whole thing felt like it happened in slow motion, yet I've never seen a dog run so fast.
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