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  1. It could just be that she's become more comfortable around you now, barring any changes to the room. When I first got Kieran, he had to be everywhere with me all the time. He'd get upset when I left and started chewing my things. But after a few months, something just clicked and he realized I wouldn't leave him. Now he's content to lie in his tent on the other side of the house. He actually just put himself to bed a few minutes ago. Actually, funny that you should mention the skittishness. Kieran was found by animal control, no ID or microchip (though someone had obviously spent a great deal of time training him). He used to be super friendly to everyone hoping for scraps. Now that he's more secure with me, he's actually become more skittish around strangers even though he's well-socialized.
  2. Kieran is like how you described Tess, so I don't think they'd be a good investment for me haha. The first time I gave him a bully stick, I was shocked to see it last for over an hour, but now he probably finishes them in about half an hour (the 4" ones. He's pretty tiny, too
  3. Ah, darn. I was hoping they'd be a little more long lasting at that price point. I read reviews of people saying it lasts their dog for days and couldn't bring myself to believe it would work for mine. So far, the best I've found are bully sticks, but even those are being consumed faster and faster each time.
  4. Yea...it's unfortunate. One of the many reasons why I prefer to make it. It's like eating out - you don't really know what's in the recipe regardless of what they say.
  5. That's too funny! We have a tangerine tree out back and when Kieran got a taste of tangerine from my dad, he would start going out during the day and sunning himself next to the tree until my dad came home from work. He took it upon himself to chase all the squirrels away so that he might get more tangerines.
  6. This made me laugh because Kieran loves plain lettuce as a treat. I don't even like plain vegetables!
  7. Yea, she said if he doesn't respond to the food trial, then we could move on to the shots. But he's pretty comfortable on Temaril-P, so she said he can do that long term. It's frustrating because this is the second food trial (new vet); he didn't show any change with the first one even with the restricted diet. I've never tried RC. Have people had good results with that one? None of his vets have ever suggested it.
  8. I'm trying to go through that process, too, which the unique protein sources and diet restrictions. The vet suggested they could try this method where they inject the dog with a little bit of common allergens in a row of spots and see which ones cause a reaction. I'm hoping to just find what works for Kieran if it's a food issue. I had brown rice in his food for a little, but that came out in his stool, so I switched to oats. When we went for his checkup, they suggested trying kangaroo...it's so expensive though - like $35 for a tub that only lasts 4-6 meals
  9. Oh I fed Kieran Merrick for a bit! But it didn't really help with his gas. Luckily, there's a pet food store here that sells it for $40. I don't think I would buy it if it were $60 . How'd you find out what her allergies were? I think it might be some preservative in dry food that gives Kieran problems because he's been doing way better on a home made diet. I want to try doing raw though.
  10. Gah, totally understand the frustration with food labeling. When we had to do a food trial, it was such a pain to find anything that would work because even the ones labeled "duck and potato" and "hypoallergenic" or something like that would have random chicken meal near the top of the list. Like hello, when did chickens become a species of duck? I always had to special order from online because pet stores only had that kind of stuff. Eventually, I gave up and just started making the food myself.
  11. That's great that it worked! A month ago, I decided to switch to homemade food for Kieran. It's been really good for him so far. He used to have room-clearing gas, but he hasn't done that in the past few weeks. I figure something must be working. I was so tired of switching foods over and over again with no results, especially since it takes so long for him to adjust. I'm hoping that his itching will stop so I can wean him off of Temaril-P. My friend thinks it might not even be allergies, but syringomyelia...which would be bizarre in a dog like him.
  12. Kieran has some nasty allergies, so I have to bathe him pretty frequently, like every couple weeks. He gets pretty greasy. My brother always laughs at him after his bath because his fur just looks crazy with all the cowlicks. He does look kinda cute though. I wish I didn't have to give him so many baths. I quite like the way he smells naturally, but my parents always badger me to bathe him because he "stinks" . My sister and I disagree. Then, of course, there are the times when he steps in poop, but usually I just rinse his feet as opposed to his whole body.
  13. I used to have a couple of the flexi-leads. The first one Kieran chewed through when I was driving the two of us to visit my parents. The second one just broke on the inside. There's no third time's a charm for me, I'm done with those. My dad always preferred the regular 6 ft leash - cheaper and sturdier. I don't remember the packaging when I bought the flexi, but when it says it's for dogs up to xx amount of pounds, do the manufacturers account for the force the dog might exert when pulling it? Dogs of the same weight might not pull with the same strength.
  14. Haha, I'm not sure if Kieran has any BC in him - I was actually going to post pics soon in the gallery to see what people think. He definitely doesn't like the in your face greetings and dogs always seem to love to greet him that way!
  15. I've been struggling with this so much. Kieran is very food driven, so any hint of a treat will get him crazy and he won't focus on picking up other things for fear of missing a snack. I've taught him all of his commands with treats/praise and more recently a clicker. But this one he just won't get. I have to hide the treat until he focuses on something else. Then when I click for picking up something he drops it and runs over for a treat without registering the action he did to get it. I'm at a loss. How can something like this be so difficult?
  16. Ow! Labs are really sweet dogs (our neighbor has two), but their style of play doesn't really gel with Kieran. He's a bit awkward around other dogs. Not shy, just awkward . He's gotten along with every dog he's met, but a lot of them like to hump him for some reason. A passing dog trainer complimented him on how "polite" he is with others, but he's just being reserved by his own nature. He doesn't really know what to do when he meets new dogs, so he just stands there. I get a kick out of his facial expressions sometimes - his eyebrows are constantly wiggling.
  17. Dog parks are pretty overwhelming to me and even more so to Kieran. The first time we went, he just walked next to me and clearly didn't enjoy strange dogs running up to him to play. And there was this persistent poodle type dog that kept trying to hump him. It's not a place I take him anymore, since he doesn't seem to get any happiness out of it. Saves me from the cleanup afterwards, too, since our park is completely dirt mud . Even though I like taking Kieran to pet stores, sometimes other people don't really control their dogs very well...this huge lab bounded up to him once and batted him hard across the face with a paw (out of play, according to the owner). Kieran is only 22 lbs. He had a "what the heck was that for?" expression, as did I. He must have a "pounce on me" sign somewhere on his body I have yet to find. Actually, it was kind of funny three months later, when I was at a restaurant with some friends for a doggie date, the same lab with his owner happened to be there for a doggie birthday party.
  18. I agree that it depends on the individual. And I didn't mean start fostering a dog right away as soon as you move out. I think it's better to wait at least a year into school so that you know what to expect. You could volunteer during that time like people have suggested. Once you're sure you can take care of your own needs and have the time/energy to devote to a dog (and the finances), then you can look into fostering. It's helpful to live with people who love dogs, as well--of my friends who had dogs in college, most had one or two roommates who also took care of them. Since their schedules varied, there would always be someone around in case of an emergency (once, one of my friends' dogs grabbed a bar of chocolate off their counter D:). It's not a necessity, though. Hindsight is 20/20, but I feel that if I had the chance to foster in college (when my schedule was more flexible and I didn't live alone) I would've been better prepared when I actually got my own dog. I felt like a first time parent: even though I could seek out advice from other people and the Internet, I still felt a bit lost. At least in Kieran's case, he blended into my life almost right away, but I understand that that is the exception rather than the rule.
  19. I think college is a really ideal time to foster a dog, with consideration to breaks like CptJack said. People told me that having a dog during college would be too difficult with school and work and what not, but looking back, I really wish I hadn't listened. You'd be living on your own and classes usually don't take up that much time compared to say, a full-time job. And this is coming from someone who majored in engineering, where the coursework was on average heavier. Where I am, the rent is usually extra per month if you want a pet, so that might be something to bear in mind, but I've also seen places where it was the same as not having one. As long as your classes/extracurriculars aren't too stressful for you, fostering would offer a great experience imo. Once you get your routine down, you'd be able to tell if you could handle it.
  20. Oh my goodness, this! I thought I was crazy for thinking this because none of my friends have dogs who do this sort of thing (granted, they all have small, lapdog types). I stay up late watching my favorite TV show on most days. I'll get up intermittently during commercial breaks and Kieran will watch me silently from his bed, not moving. The second I turn off the TV, or in some cases close my laptop, he jumps up and runs toward my bedroom because he knows I'm going to head to sleep. I'm new here and it's nice to learn that this kind of prediction, as you say, is the norm. I don't even know if Kieran has any BC in him, but my friend calls him "the weirdest dog she's ever known" (and she's known a great many), since he doesn't exhibit typical dog behaviors and has really good observation skills. I really feel you here. I was in the same position two years ago, looking every day at dogs on Petfinder and wishing so much that I had one of my own. I agree with all the things people have mentioned here for preparing. I guess one of the small things I didn't expect was for Kieran to chew through his leash. I used to make two hour drives to visit my parents. I would tether Kieran to the back seat by his harness so in the case I needed to brake hard (or heaven forbid, hit something), he wouldn't go flying - yet still have enough slack to move comfortably. One time, when I got to my parents' house, I opened the door to let him out and was so shocked that he jumped out like nothing. Usually he'd wait until I told him it was okay. During the drive he had chewed off the leash, which was very thick! Of course, bored dog + long car ride = bad combo. I guess what I'm getting at is having spare items is important.
  21. Name: Laura Best way to contact: PM Location: Redondo Beach, CA (near Los Angeles) Distance willing to travel: ~2 hours in any direction, each way Vehicle: Chevy Malibu, GMC Envoy Extra crates: 1 large wire crate (fits very securely in back seat against front passenger seat) Pull from shelter: Yes, if nearby Hold overnight: Most likely not Times available: Weekdays after 3 pm, random times on weekends (flexible) [transferred to database]
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