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  1. I have a family friend that is in the military and they are being stationed in Hawaii. Problem is they have a year old female border collie that they cannot take with them. I love this dog and I offered to take her and they agreed. She is a very smart dog and I would love to compete with her in agility, obedience, flyball, and possibly disc if she enjoys it; but she is CKC registered. I know that I cannot compete with her in the AKC unless I spay her but is there any where else I can compete with her? I know that CKC is not a good breed registry but I can't change that. If I could I would get her registered with the ABCA or even the AKC in a heart beat. I have heard of the USDAA, do they allow CKC dogs to compete? Also do they only do agility or do they also have flyball and other competitions?
  2. 1. Some random plush walrus I won from a fair (I will never understand why he likes it so much!) 2. A homemade fleece tug 3. A plush snow man with a squeaker inside it Dundee has a lot of other toys that he absolutely adores but by far those are his three favorite.
  3. I think both ways are cute! I love dogs with either. My pup is currently going through his weird ear stage right now too! A couple weeks ago I was certain they were going to be pricked but now I have no clue!!
  4. Thanks! I tried looking on the ABCA website but I could not find any answers. I do not plan on changing the kennel name, just his call name.
  5. I recently got a new puppy that was previously owned by another women before she had an accident and was forced to give the dog up. I am going to send the ownership transfer to ABCA soon and I wanted to know if there was any way to change a dogs name in the ABCA? I know you can in the AKC but I am not sure about the ABCA. I want to change his call name and his reg. name; is that possible?
  6. I have a 4 month old sable and white border collie. I do not plan on breeding him, but if I ever did could I breed him to a red or blue merle? I know how basic border collie genes work, but not sable. When I got my puppy Dundee I thought he was just red and white but his breeder assured me that he was a sable? I am honestly just curios.
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