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  1. I have a family friend that is in the military and they are being stationed in Hawaii. Problem is they have a year old female border collie that they cannot take with them. I love this dog and I offered to take her and they agreed. She is a very smart dog and I would love to compete with her in agility, obedience, flyball, and possibly disc if she enjoys it; but she is CKC registered. I know that I cannot compete with her in the AKC unless I spay her but is there any where else I can compete with her? I know that CKC is not a good breed registry but I can't change that. If I could I would get
  2. 1. Some random plush walrus I won from a fair (I will never understand why he likes it so much!) 2. A homemade fleece tug 3. A plush snow man with a squeaker inside it Dundee has a lot of other toys that he absolutely adores but by far those are his three favorite.
  3. I think both ways are cute! I love dogs with either. My pup is currently going through his weird ear stage right now too! A couple weeks ago I was certain they were going to be pricked but now I have no clue!!
  4. Thanks! I tried looking on the ABCA website but I could not find any answers. I do not plan on changing the kennel name, just his call name.
  5. I recently got a new puppy that was previously owned by another women before she had an accident and was forced to give the dog up. I am going to send the ownership transfer to ABCA soon and I wanted to know if there was any way to change a dogs name in the ABCA? I know you can in the AKC but I am not sure about the ABCA. I want to change his call name and his reg. name; is that possible?
  6. I have a 4 month old sable and white border collie. I do not plan on breeding him, but if I ever did could I breed him to a red or blue merle? I know how basic border collie genes work, but not sable. When I got my puppy Dundee I thought he was just red and white but his breeder assured me that he was a sable? I am honestly just curios.
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