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  1. That's heartbreaking that those dogs were found in such awful conditions and treated so poorly. So many things came together for me when I was trying to sneak Toby home as a teenager that I always felt we were meant for each other. I wonder what kind of horrible life he might have had if I never brought him home. I'm grateful that he is healthy and happy considering. I wish I could have helped those dogs. Did many of them find homes? Did some have to be euthanized? A few years from now when we own some land I would love to help dogs like these. Thank you all for giving me some informat
  2. Hi all, I've been waiting for a few days to get validated so I could ask about this. My BC, Toby, is 10 years old. He was a Swafford dog. I didn't know anything back then about buying from a reputable breeder, or anything about border collies for that matter. I was only a teenager and as luck would have it, the first breeder I inquired after didn't ask me any questions and put the dog I picked on the next truck headed this direction. I didn't hear about the whole Swafford situation until last year and never really looked into it, but I found a few posts on here from people who seemed to kn
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