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  1. No. I talked to dog's vet over phone. Vet did not seem to recognize that that the dog is not in owners care. Hell maybe he didn't care. I don't know. Feels like going forward with heartworm meds right now is whats gunna be done if I just take the pup in to that vet. I called up my vet who listens and listens good. He will be seeing dog Monday, and might be having a chat with the dogs regular vet. Maybe get some sort of treatment for giardia that don't bother the heartworms. And the heartworms can wait til owners back. Heartworm treatment can and has killed many dogs I personally know. Real bad. I am not up for having a vet that don't listen treat a dog with medication some say will effect its heartworms. And having it die in my care. See the heartworm meds require a dog to be on the down low for a bit... No stress. Maybe google it cuz a lot to it. More than I can type now. I am keeping the dog hydrated and keepin an eye out. Dog is clearly sick, but looking ok.
  2. Liz, you know how they say pee is clean. Better than poop.
  3. Should I be keeping the rest of the owners dogs away from the sick one? And im in between a rock and a hard place. Think I should wait til owner gets home and have her treat the dog? What if those meds interact with the heartworm? And the dog gets real bad in my care? Thank you.
  4. Dogs looking good. very interested will be keeping my eye on lee
  5. I am caring for multiple intact males often and I do not have too much trouble. Along with females that had not been spayed. I do sometimes need an extra hand around to keep the dogs in check. I have k9 specialty cargo crates I put dogs or bitches in heat in. They are what the k9 handlers use to keep dogs in cruisers. They work well outside of the cruisers
  6. So last night I took in 3 border collies, and a young auss/BC mix. The puppy seems to be sick, owner had treated him at home for what she believed to be giardia? And it seems he still has it now. I have talked to owner over phone and she has given the clear to take him to vet. What concerns me is the dog is heartworm positive, and the treatment would be a dewormer that would interfere with heartworm issues. Yet the vet still wants to go with the treatment? Im waiting for another vets opinion, who can't see dog until Monday morning. The dog is resting in his soft crate. Clean water, food, a little bit of attention in the day. No extreme exercise. I do not want to be having a dog being treated for heartworm in my care. And honestly if this all could wait until Wednesday when owner comes to pick dogs up. I am up the creek with this one. Should I be brining the rest of her dogs in for a vet check also? I am keeping all other dogs away from the Connor boys (the border collies that came with the sick aussie mix) and all places they have eliminated have been off property as of this morning.
  7. Also, now that i am reading full comments. I would like to end it here. Nothing said at this point in thread is going to do any good, for anybody. We are getting into comments that are a little bit harshly opinionated. And a bit too criticizing yet without great knowledge of entire situations. Such as advice commenting how is my breeder (who has been breeding and working border collies for over 24 years) is going to raise a litter without stress.. and that he seems to be inconsiderate to his dogs. And not to mention how he is raising his boys, who are trouble makers who have yet to move out of dads house. Along with advice that i (who literally pays my bills by my career, that i hope to grow, working with dogs) should stay away from performance people at this point. There truly is no reason to continue thread. Good GREAT advice has been dropped in the first few threads. And it has been taken into deep consideration by me. I appreciate it. We have all had time to voice kind opinions, now we can move on. I will keep in touch with board. But this thread is beating the dead horse. Plus i am quite sure breeder is on this board. He used to be very active on it.... We need to realize we may hurt people feelings, just to voice an opinion.
  8. Please excuse me. Im not sure how to quote, im not savy when it comes to that stuff... I will address posts by name if that is alright. Mum24dog. Lets not ignore that 70 percent of the world still gets any dog of any breed, with little to no thought of the dogs needs, finances, future events, kids, ECT. I worry far less about people buying dogs solely to fulfill a purpose, Than the average joe, getting a border collie for a house dog. Because they are smart dogs. And they saw one on tv. And they jog a lot on the weekends. (you may not see these dogs, but i see them a lot. THEY are miserable. Beyond dead inside. And you know what gets me?.....nobody even notices it... when i point out they have "killed" their good dog, they simply say "its just a dog, why are you so mad? I just wanted you to teach him not to bark when hes in his crate for 10 hours a day.") Injuries? They happen. That's life. What about them? Speaking of injuries stopping a dog and handler's "sport career". My good friend just paid real good money for a great dog. Not a green dog. Paid the price of a trained dog, not a started dog... haha i am ranting. He paid thousands. Double digits. The dog tore his ligament in one leg. And his other leg is now acting up after surgery... Well all of this has led to "thinking about adding another companion dog to my life." We laugh, and call out to him, "the most expensive companion dog ever. Even more expensive than your average well bred designer labadocavamalashit" Ha, read that out loud? The dog sadly has bad luck. The handler too. That's life. When a dogs injured like this, like my current dog is, they become real neat companion only dogs. And when we can afford it, and have time. We add another dog, another great prospect, one we can work with till our sport obsessive dog hearts desire. This next dog i am getting, will hopefully god bless, not end up retired early. And everything is in favor of him being able to really run well. I already have my own retired dog, companion only, due to injury and slightly due to not being suited for certain work. And am looking to get back into the world with my own dog again. Not on the side lines coaching. Not a CO OWN dog. But my OWN. 100percent mine to work. Mum24dog, don't you dare jinx this puppy!!! haha.
  9. Well, a lot of people i see daily, would not have dogs, would not be trialing if we didn't get dogs for sport. Now, i would like to say that i believe a border collie can very well "suit my life". I do believe i have one trait "being a loud person in general", that will most likely need to be altered and worked on. But a trait should not count one as "not best suited for an entire breed". Again, if i had told people flat out not to get a dog for sport, because of a personality trait, there would be a lot of empty space in my day, and im sure i would be very low on cash.... not to mention lots of good dogs and handlers would not exist. And yes, i have also told people not to get certain breeds. Because they absolutely had NO right getting the breed. (they had NO time, NO experience, NOT enough patience necessary) Only to have those same people leave me. And one day come back in my face with a nice titled dog. And a very happy, healthy, team at that. The way the world works is complex.
  10. Great opinions and advice from each comment. I live for dogs, meaning my actual career is dog. I see a lot of different stories. Some situations and stories I hear from some people, truly leave me baffled and amazed. How could that work out? How did you and your dog make it to this point in life? I work with a person who went from having a golden as a child, to having no dogs, working as a nurse. Then one day she, against my opinion, went out and got NOT ONE, but TWO dutch shepherds. She has been quite successful with these IPO dogs. She came from not knowing what a DS is, to handling 2 dogs I wouldn't take if I was guaranteed a million dollars. I have seen a lot in my short lifetime. Opinions are always very strong in the dog world. What can and cannot be achieved is not etched in stone. Opinion and advice is great, but can just that, opinion and advice. Some say some breeds of dogs cant be owned without this or that. Some say some handlers will be a bad combination for this or breed, and that situation they are in will only end in failure.. Only to be amazed when the complete opposite is the end result.. I have seen it many times myself. And I have been wrong myself. I have also been right many of times. And I HAVE seen handlers ruin great dogs. My breeder has 6 dogs, all indoors, the guy is an only father. Every time I come over hes either yelling at his boys because of what they did or didn't do, or a kid throwing something and breaking it while yelling back at him. The dogs are around this constantly, they are not broken... but they sure as hell don't like the yelling! Like I said, caught one peeing in the corner, when father was screaming at his oldest boy one day. But the dog is far from a puddle in the mud, far from ruined. The dogs work, and trial. They are decent dogs. I couldn't imagine if when he was younger, he didn't get a dog... Very scary thought....I actually don't think the dogs could have a better home around here... I will keep all advice in mind. And have to see what the future holds. I also brought it up at work today. But got the likes of "well if you know what it takes, you are prepared for it, and dedicated enough, it will work." I will have to see where life goes from here! Also I would like to add, I do not believe there is anything wrong with getting a dog best suited for ANY activity or sport a seriously dedicated competitive handler is to be involved in. I hear a lot of kids online talking about how noble of them it is that they got a border collie "because they had been the best suit for companionship", and they had "not thought about nationals when they picked their puppy" from a well known sport breeder. All of that has is nonsense. I will say I find my choice of getting a breed more suitable to my goals just fine. And i see many of serious handlers at work, who have companion dogs that are completely separate form their high level sport dogs they also own and got SOLY for sport. I have gotten so many great responses through this entire thread. There really isn't much more for either of us to say. I will keep all updated while i continue my deep inner quest, just in case anybody here is actually truly interested/concerned. Thank you.
  11. Couldn't get any better advice. Now to embark on an inner spirit journey...
  12. I don't think diet is the OP topic here. Im sure the OP already has enough drama. Why does he get sticks stuck in his butt? Curious. Seems like u have some sort of curse out on you... Sticks in the rear?
  13. No don't get me wrong. I train with positive reinforcement! How do I describe this... Im just talking about daily life chatting with my bitch in my example. I told you I am "loud" as a person. The word "no" in that example, is simply a word from my mouth as I rant loudly and go on screaming about who knows what. Not that I am actually upset with her actions and am giving her a correction... Again, this dog is just at peace with how "rough" and "loud" I am. These daily things she's oblivious to. Desensitized to. Even if at the moment I am carrying her by the neck out the door yelling at my cab driver to "hold your darn horses we are coming out the door now." And "damn dog, you don't have your collar on you pain in the rump dog!" As I drag her back into house to grab the collar. Shes just pulling along towards whatever catches her eye at the moment. Any border I have personally met would have a serious break down over all this commotion. Grabbed by collar and cabs yelling back to owner who is also yelling and grabbing things and shoving them into bags while yelling, "dog we gutta get in the darn cab" I know of some borders at the farm who cant take it when kids are being talked to in a firm voice on the other side of the room... One peed himself. Dog has never been scolded other than a very cool and calm "nope" from the breeder, and never has been hit. Ill have to quiet down for the sake of the border collie. I have not read that book! Will have to check it out. Lucky you! Happen across a pup that can hold it from day one? May I ask how old was he when you 1st brought him home?
  14. Good book! I have a load of the CU books from leslie. I find them easy to read for even the dog oblivious people, like my mother. Might I ask how it was raising the pup potty wise and all working that 6 hour shift? Was it 6 hours pup was left in crate? 6 hours in total including commute time? No choice, pup cant come those 6 hours I am working private. I worry about having a pup soiling in crate, that never learns potty training. Also, I am naturally a very "loud" person. Hopefully I can come to change my tone of voice and tone myself down for the oh so sensitive border collie. My current dog is a bitch, and could get hit by a freight train and come out cocky and bouncing off the walls. Looks are completely ignored by her. Here I am chasing her down screaming and grabbing her scruff, "no, NO! You idiotic dog! damn it psycho dog!" and there she is not batting an eye.
  15. Sorry, seems messages came in while I was typing. My days vary. Sometimes its private work, mon/tue/thur. 6 hours straight. No dogs allowed. Other weeks it is grooming shop, 2 days a week. Kennel work, 9 hours straight. Along with the private work, on those 3 permanent days. Though pup can come to all non private dog related work. Lately I have been having 3 days a week off! Not knowing how to handle this, I have been taking walks and looking up dog related things online... Sorry, to sum things up my weeks... months vary. But pup shouldn't be left home alone for more than 6 straight hours just on mon-tue-thur. I plan to crate em when I am not home. Im getting him from a tiny breeder, he is from working lines. And I am getting him soly for sport performance. Hes my performance child/pup. I do live in a house, not that it truly matters most. With a yard of my own... And I do have time. But I don't always have 4 hours a day. And yes, sometimes I do work.
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