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  1. Hi all! If this isn't the right place to post this, please let me know, or move it. I'm still pretty new! Anyway, onto the topic. We have had out boy for not even a year yet (he was born around June, so he is close to a year now) and we haven't had any particular problems yet, but as of late he sort of has adopted a fairly tedious one. He has started getting very aggressive towards us (that being my household) with anything that has to do with water! Ok, so this really has only escalated more recently. He will drink water from his bowl with no issue, and falling rain oddly doesn'
  2. So first off let me begin to say I am sure I would be able to find all my answers within this forum, I just feel better when I ask them myself and have them all in one place. If that makes any sense. Ok, so I will wholeheartedly admit that I am bran new to the BC scene. For some reason or another my younger sister has wanted one for the LONGEST time, and since a few years back our yellow lab passed on, we finally found reason to get one. Mind you, we didn't just delve into it blind, we knew how intense BC's could get and I also did my fair share of research before getting him home to us.
  3. I would really love to know about this as well. I'm having the same problem with my pup at the moment, he's about 11 weeks right now. When he gets over tired or excited (which lately seems to be ALL the time), he is nothing but teeth to anything he see's. I also would love to have a very positive environment, but alas I have not had a border collie before, and I will admit I get a bit frustrated at times with him on this issue. a VERY MOUTHY puppy. So, any opinions or help on this subject would be amazing.
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