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  1. Sorry everyone for posting in the wrong area. Just to clarify (maybe I didn't ask the question with enough information) I do NOT ask her to run full out for the entire duration of a 5-7 bike ride, nor do I ask her to run for a solid hour of throwing a Frisbee. On a bike ride she will be mostly walking or trotting with only maybe 6-8 minutes of actual running. Frisbee is much the same, we walk to a park then play Frisbee, then walk home. Door to door of 1 hour. My question was more regarding a full STRIDE, not running full out all day, she doesn't seem to stretch into a full length stride when she is running at her fastest. To answer gvc, I started her with Frisbee at 6 months. Not running, but getting her used to playing with a Frisbee or tennis ball. Biking, I have a small track in my back yard that I taught her to chase me on at 6 months. Started with walking, then trotting, then at 14 months allowed her to run for short periods. I am being very cautious not to push her too much too soon as I know that growth plates may still be an issue until 18 months.
  2. I have an 18 month old female and I wanted to know at what age do they go into a full stride when running? She seems to enjoy running after the Frisbee and will do so for about an hour before she starts to not come back fully. She also gets really excited to go on mountainbike rides with me (I don't take her more than 5-7 miles). I recently got a GoPro camera and on a recent ride I noticed that she doesn't run with a full long stride but instead with a short stride. Is this normal at this age? Also, after a hard day of Frisbee or bike riding she seems a bit cranky? This is a recent development as she was never like this while playing Frisbee over the summer.
  3. This is Gypsy, she is our first full BC. We had a BC/Aussie mix before and he was a great dog. I had always had Aussies before, but really fell in love with BC's after we he him. Here are photos of her. We are going through the crazy ear stages and comments about what breed she is when both are up. Her dad is a rough coat sable and mom is a medium lilac.
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