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  1. Well the source's in my language and they are a breeding group. And they mentioned that blue eye in BC has something to do with Collie Eye Anomaly. Actually as I said I don't really care about what eye color my dog has as long as he is healthy. I shared the same thought before this accident. It was the first time he showed aggression to my handling. I think I really have to start doing basic training all over again. Luckily, he's always responsive to my calling. It happened twice that I stopped him by calling him back before he got into a fight with other dogs. It sounds almost like my dog, just that he's fine with those "threatening behavior". We often play stare contest and I'd sit on his back or even lay my head on his stomach. I can hug him like he's a teddy bear. We have been so close and that's the reason why this incident really caught me off guard. I started the "leave it" training yesterday and within 3 trials he got the message. I also touched him all over occasionally. He still showed a bit reluctance when I reached his end part. Guess it takes time and patient.
  2. What a beautiful dog Sammy is! Funny that My boy Dexter has his blue eye on the other side. After I was told about the blue eye I did some research. Surprisingly there were some articles saying besides Merle BC, blue eye in BC is a sign of albinism, which is a genetic flaw. Well I couldn't care less though, as long as my dog is healthy and I'm not a breeder. What worried me was what I read from the internet that aggression in dogs could possibly due to genetic problem. But apparently I was just being paranoid about it.
  3. Thank you so much everyone. All of them are great advice. You wouldn't know how much it means to me to see so many supports! I will pull myself together and make a good plan to deal with the problem. First off I might have to clarify one thing that I forgot to mention in my post - I wasn't pulling the collar but his lower back. He is always fine with the collar. I agree that it was my fault. And lesson learned (in a hard way)- never grab an excited and focused dog from behind. I think the better way would be to first redirect his attention. My dog did nothing wrong. He was just following his instinct. But also I agree that "an owner should be able to reach for their dog in just about any situation without worrying about sustaining a bite from the animal." So I also blame myself for not being able to train my own dog appropriately. I definitely need a new training plan and consult a trainer as well. The grab wasn't hard and I'm sure that wasn't hurting him at all. But I guess what makes it worse is that he always hates being touched around his butt. Before he'd run away as soon as I started to groom/clean his lower part of the back. I have been correcting it by making grooming and bathing time fun with treats and praises. Now he still doesn't like it but he would accept it. I think based on all the advice I have got so far, impulse control and desensitization to handling are what I should work on now. I'll do what the "It's Yer Choice" video shown and the suggested training from above, and also do my research before I can find a qualified trainer, as it can be hard to find one here in Hong Kong China. Thanks to you all I have a direction now. I'll definitely keep on posting.
  4. Hi all. This is my first post here. I'm feeling so helpless right now as my dog suddenly bite my arms last night and I really need advice. Here are the background. I have a 2 yo BC boy that has been with me since he was 3 month old. We have a strong bond I'd say. He loves me and would follow me everywhere. He is overall affectionate, playful, sweet but can be very sensitive. He can be triggered by something and suddenly changes into a ferocious dog. He has a history of being aggressive to dogs(we have been working on it and we saw progress). But to people, its something new. I mean there was once that he picked some bone from the ground and showed aggression when my boyfriend tried to remove it. But he didn't really bite. During feeding time he ALWAYS wait until someone says "Okay" before eating. But it'd be a different story if he finds the food himself. We got help from a trainer and she said our dog's EQ is too low. She suggested us to perform obedience training on a daily basis and I'd say he has been doing a great job. Last night, I saw a tiny grasshopper on the floor and so did my dog. He immediately rushed over and I, worried that he might kill the poor little thing, pulled him from the back (a really bad decision). He turned around and viciously bite into my arm. I mean, instead of attacking ME it was the ARM he was aiming at. I was so shocked by the attack that I was just standing there. It happened in a blink and he stopped suddenly. It was like he realized that was me he was attacking. He turned around and slowly walked back to his crate. I saw that his lips was twitching a bit, like he was in shock too. After the accident I ignored him. But after a while he just came toward me and asked for attention like nothing happened. The injury was not serious though. It did cut through the skin but not very deep. But the harm he did to my arm is far less than that to my feelings. I have been using positive reinforcement to train him and I'd say he is kinda obedience (at least he always come when called and do what I asked him to). I read online that if a dog attacks people, chances may be that dog has genetic flaw. My BC is black and white but has one blue eye. I was told that it means his gene is not stable and better not reproduce (so I neutered him half year ago). Could it be the reason? Or it was just because I did something wrong with the training? I'm feeling so stressed and helpless now. I don't know how to deal with this. Please give me some advice.
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