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  1. Contact Nicole Rhodes or Rhodes Stockdogs on Facebook. She's about 2 1/2 hours from you. Also Angie Coker-Sells is in OK. Along with the great suggestion of Scrimgeours's materials, get Vergil Holland's book Herding Dogs. Wonderful explanations with diagrams of exercises. Indispensable.
  2. How do you even keep your eyes on the dog and the stock with that distractingly stunning scenery?? Wow! Very nice work out of those dogs, though.
  3. APRIL 22-23, 2017 AT THE FARM OF TOMMY AND JILL HEFNER We are excited to announce that Dave Imas is coming to the Texas Panhandle! This will be a two-day clinic starting Saturday, April 22 and ending Sunday, April 23. Dave, along with his great dog Tip, was recently selected to be on the team representing the United Stated at the 2017 World Championships in the Netherlands. He and Tip have also placed well in the Double Lift Championship rounds at the 2014 USBCHA National Finals, 2015 Meeker Classic, 2015 Soldier Hollow Classic, and the 2016 Bluegrass Classic. Please join us for a weeken
  4. Whistling CDs by Kent Kuykendall and Alasdair MacRae are both still available. Both are very good. Also, Nij Vyas has a short video on YouTube with a few of his whistles. Google Nij Vyas Sheepdog Whistle Commands - Outtakes. I like his come-bye whistle but mine always comes out different.
  5. Yes, thank you! I'm slowly learning to navigate fb. Coming to these boards is a lot easier, though.
  6. In light of the recent comments, and just to make sure no one misunderstood my post, I am certainly not disparaging these boards in any way. I have appreciated the wealth of expertise that is found here, and it has benefitted me personally many times. I also have enjoyed the varying opinions and lively discussions - they help me to solidify my own ideas and opinions. I do, however, wish the upper section was more active. Judging from the archives, it used to be so. But as someone has said already, it is the natural evolution. I certainly don't think it is the fault of any person or that
  7. Gloria, I'm sure I'm being an idiot, but I have a question. I got an approval to join from one of the groups you recommended. However, as far as I can tell, that group isn't showing up on my fb. Will it appear on my newsfeed, or will I have to do something different? Thanks, signed FB Clueless.
  8. Ok, well I can certainly see how that would be frustrating! And actually, I'm already a little overwhelmed with it. After figuring out how to get some accounts like Meeker and National Finals to show up on my newsfeed (and I'll admit that I had to ask my sister how to do that
  9. Thank you, Gloria! I've made the join request...waiting on the moderator. Smalahunder, if I could've shared my husband's account I would've! But he doesn't have one either. Just curious, what don't you like about the fb format for the discussions, besides the one you stated? Like I said, I know nothing about this new world, so I don't know how it compares to, say, the discussions on these boards (which is the only venue I know anyway!).
  10. After years of vowing I would never "do" Facebook, I have lost my sanity, ahem, I mean I have changed my mind and decided that some of the sheepdogging groups might be useful and informative for me. I happened to come across somebody's training blog and I've learned a lot from her writings, but she doesn't seem to update anymore. There's usually not much activity in the top section of this forum, although there's a lot of wonderful archive material that I've read. Several of you have mentioned that there are training discussions happening on Facebook, but no specific groups (is that what
  11. My Nan also had a very constricted left pupil four days ago. Both of her eyes are blue as well and yes, it sure is obvious when the pupils are different. She was also holding that eye shut, though. When I took her to the vet, he stained her cornea but couldn't see a scratch. She did have conjunctivitis. The vet mentioned a dog 30 miles away that had Horner's Syndrome and also presented with one very constricted pupil. However, with antibiotic eye drops, Nan's pupil was back to normal in one day.
  12. We still have a couple of slots left for the clinic. Let me know if any of you are interested We are really excited about having Tommy Wilson at our place!
  13. I've done that twice. Both times the pups were 8 weeks old. I purchased a soft crate with the dimensions that would meet the restrictions set by the airlines (needs to fit under seat like any carry on). It really was fairly stress-free. As long as you familiarize yourself with the rules - vet check paperwork, crate rules (size, materials, etc) it should be doable. They require you to have food and water dishes on the crate, which is silly, because you really don't want that puppy eating. I just purchased small collapsible ones that clipped onto the crate. I offered water during plane changes.
  14. Thank you! We are very much looking forward to it! Hope a lot of folks can join us.
  15. JUNE 11 & 12, 2016 AT THE FARM OF TOMMY AND JILL HEFNER We are pleased to welcome Tommy Wilson, originally from Scotland, and now residing in Gordonsville, VA. Among his many accomplishments, he has judged at the prestigious invitation-only Soldier Hollow Classic as well as being a gold and bronze winner there. His famous dog, Roy, is a member of the Border Collie Hall of Fame. Besides training some of the key working dogs in America, Tommy has a distinguished record which includes three National Nursery Championships, two Reserve National Championships, and championships at both M
  16. Does anyone have a copy of Pope Robertson's book Anybody Can Do It: A Sheepdog Training Manual that they'd like to sell?
  17. Yes, Mr. McCaig, these are the individual volumes. Didn't realize at the time that I was borrowing something so rare and valuable. I have come to realize that I will want to refer back to them again and again. I've threatened to not return them, but alas, he knows where I live!
  18. Thank you! I will try that. Regarding your eBay suggestion, I did a search but didn't see where to save it. (Sorry, I'm not too savvy with Internet stuff). Would you mind explaining a bit?
  19. Thanks for the eBay suggestion mbc 1963! I hadn't thought of that. A friend let me borrow his copies of the individual volumes, and it's about time for me to return them. I'm coveting them
  20. Unfortunately yes, it is hard to come by. I have checked all over and was just hoping somebody might have an extra copy they'd be willing to part with. One can hope...
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