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  1. In all honesty my dogs get baths pretty frequently. But Layla rolls in things. She'll catch snakes and then roll in them or when we go to the farm if she finds deer or cow crap, the nasty little dog rolls in it lol. Beyond smelling bad or being sticky she would only get a bath in the spring to help with the blow out(she sits on my couch and our beds, we give her a good bath and brushing with the slicker brush) her coat doesn't get dirty though. Even the caked in dirt brushes out with just the bristle brush.
  2. I apologize for the terrible grammer and spelling. I hate doing this on my phone.
  3. Wow sorry guys! Between vacation and holidays I sort of abandoned my post. We ended up getting her and jeeze louise she's crazy. Her and Layla are the best of buds and a lot of trouble to boot. She's picking up on potty training pretty well by fallowing layla and posotive reinforcement. My kids named her sophie. I'll upload pictures either tonight or tomorrow. They really do get a long well. Layla has had no issues with jealousy or aggression but the pup does go to bed earlier than the three of us do. She still gets her mom and dad quiet time. On another note. Between the two dogs the bottom third of my tree is naked and all the candy canes have been eaten. Not by us either...
  4. She's also coming out of a small town in the sticks of Nebraska. From a working dad and a working mom. Mom is a therapy dog who goes to work in jails and nursing homes. The carelesness of the oops is why I wared with myself over spaying before the first heat. I don't do the breeding thing and I didn't trust myself to watch her that closely. It take two minutes. We only found out because his aunt and uncle live in the same town and know the breeder. He only has two litters per female, more of a small breeder not byb though. Just feels it's wrong to put that many litters on a dog and after having children, I can appreciate a breeder who refuses to breed more than two litters off a bitch. It can compromise the dog. Wear her down. I don't condone it nor do I agree with mutilation. I apologize if it offends you that I still want her. It sort of felt like a personal attack for purchasing the pup regardless of tail. I'm not paying for a pup. I'm paying for the care she got because she's a mutt. She will be spayed because again. I don't breed and loved. Perhaps I can have half of a flyball team. I hope that didn't sound like I'm being sensitive. I abhore cruel treatment of animals. Mine are well cared for and loved. And there are a few animals in my house lol.
  5. Layla hangs out with my mom's beast a lot and she is a super breed snob with a serious napoleon complex. Layla is really submissive and has been always. Which is why they get along even though Layla is a bit bigger than the beagle mutt(i think it's chow and besenji the rescue she got her from just said beagle mix) We would spend a couple hours to make sure they are okay though. We only had our pick between two females and the hubby wanted this one. I picked Layla. My "I'm having baby fever and it's a puppy or baby" dog lol. I would never expect a dog for free. At four weeks old though they're just finding their own personalities.
  6. Mom24dog, that was pretty harsh. I don't condone mutilating dogs or animals for the matter. I don't even have my cats declawed for the only reason that I felt it was unecessary and mean. I don't believe in cosmetically changing a dogs appearance. And the breeder only wants 50 a pup to cover the vetrinary costs. It's a mutt. Not a papered pooch. It was not our choice to have those things removed. They were done before we had even known they existed. He simply wants homes where they will be treated well and cared for. On another note Layla has played with everything from dobermans to teacup chiuauas. She's convinced the only reason god made other dogs and people were to play with and pet her. Not a snobby bone in her body unless I offer her well water to drink. She will be brought to meet the puppy before bringing her home. I would never bring home a puppy without Laylas approval. I have no interest in a disaster. Though I don't imagine a problem there. She's too friendly and can often be obnoxious with her desire to play with everyone.
  7. And bc's are prone to hip dysplaia and seizures. All breeds have issues. Didn't stop me from owning a bc. I think I'm pretty set on her. Thinking about it for a week. She will be living with us on November 12th whem she's 8 weeks old. Provided Layla likes her of course though she has never had an issue with another dog before.
  8. Layla has left a bruise or two on my legs and the kids in her excitement. She also clears a table if low enough lol. I don't agree with cosmetic docking or cropping ears. This pup has her tail docked but her ears are normal. Her dew claws are also removed. She's quite the cutie. I may have to snatch her up if Layla likes her.
  9. I should think so. I do apologize if my spelling or grammar is off. I've been doing this all on my cellphone.
  10. Well, two pups make me cringe, but I have a pretty good sense of humor and lots of wine. My husband REALLY wants her. He wanted a boxer when we found our bc. I wanted a rottie. Layla stole us away the minute she crawled into my four year olds lap and licked her face. Now she's stuck as one of the kids forever and loves it.
  11. A fair price is one thing. I don't know that I think more than 400 is fair. And I agree, mutts aren't always healthier. I don't know that it's safe to breed large dogs to small dogs (corgi/gsd for one) but this is also the reason I don't breed. My knowledge of doggie genetics is pretty poor. I do the spay and neuter thing. And if it's a good dog, I don't much care who the great great grandsire is. So it's hard for me to justify that on a pup. I'm sure it's a big difference though for people who work their dogs or show them, mine are just family pets. Spoiled city dogs. I always did the rescue thing too. Layla is my first puppy. I wasn't trying to be offensive about the prices I won't pay haha.
  12. I think the price for pups in general is crazy. Maybe it's just me but it is a dog. Just a dog. A cat turd eating, dirty underpants munching, barking, piddling pooch. I love my dog. She's part of my family. But it's a dog. My in-laws paid 1200 for a golden doodle. Twelve hundred! For a mutt! I'd pay for a rescue though. They usually come fully vetted and fixed. The prices they charge for rehoming makes absolute sense. But that is just my opinion. I care about health, not so much lineage. I don't work my beastling either. And she's a wonderfully funny companion. I think she would love her own friend. She's not picky on who her friends are. Her favorites though are a few mutts and a dobie who comes over.
  13. I don't post on here a lot but most of my questions have already been answered in previous threads, so I just go back and read those. I'm on here much more often than I'd even like to admit lol. It has been a wonderful pool of knowledge for Layla and I both.
  14. I had never had a purebred dog until Layla and we got her off a farm in the nebraska boonies for 100 from working parents. My hubby grew up in a family with papered perfect beasts who were bred to look amazing. Not my niche. The one we're looking at looks boxer. Squashed face and all. He's always wanted a boxer. I wanted another collie. Maybe a great compromise. I LOVE the activity level and the collies suit my lifestyle. We have two girls 4 and 7, we camp and hike and she comes with us everywhere. Even to the fair and fish store. She doesn't work but she's one of the kids. And perhaps I can have half of a goof flyball team haha.
  15. I have never met a dumb boxer, they just don't do repititious learning well. Whole different training technique than with a collie. But it could also have a collie mind set.
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