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  1. Ben was progressively declining and I decided to have him euthanized on 23/06/2015.
  2. If anyone is following this thread Ben is doing quite well on the Tramadol. He is taking a 50mg tablet half an our before bedtime and a half tablet about morning feeding time. He started on just the evening pill, the present regime seems better for us.
  3. The Vet hasn't come back to me with any client feedback yet for whatever reason.
  4. I have asked Vet for feedback from clients. Waiting to see if anything is forthcoming. .
  5. I have been offered treatment for my 12 year old arthritic dog. The treatment involves using stem cells from a sheep's plascenta. The cost is significantly less than an option offered earier which involved harvesting my dogs stem cells. Can anyone reccomend this procedure? My dog has Stage 2 Kidney Disease and I am keen to do the best I can realistically do for him for whatever time he has left Started him on Tramal yesterday in relative desperation.
  6. You could buy online from off shore if your Customs Dept will let it in.
  7. I would appreciate any advice concerning the efficacy or otherwise of this product.
  8. I Thanks for the advice to date. I neglected to mention earlier that Ben has had Pentosan injections without any evident benefit. My limited research suggests that options suggested ie Adequan Alenza and Tramadol are not appropriate for Renal dogs. I am very sceptical of supplements however I will consider any that are strongly recommended. One of the pet shops here is pushing a product called "Rose_Hip Vital Canine", can anyone offer an opinion on this product please?
  9. Hi everyone I'm new here I don't know how things work yet. My 12 year old male called Ben is afflicted as above. His mobility is poor and he cannot take Metacam Rymidol etc because of his kidney issues. I'm hoping someone can recommend a supplement that works. I am presently giving him Sasha's Blend to no avail. I would appreciate any advice. Alan
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