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  1. Well there you go. I have dug deeper into the secret life of Peta and am pretty pissed off. Thanks for the heads up. I'm still going to do my bit on staying as cruelty free as I can
  2. Hi everyone, It's been awhile since I've checked it here & after some reasercch I've been doing lately, thought this could be a good spot to share some knowledge & possibly change the world. I hope to make this a short post as this is a topic I have become quite passionate about and I can go on & on So my new years resolution is to go 100% cruelty free. It's not hard, you just have to look harder, download apps & think a little bit more. So with all my Googling I was utterly discusted to learn that big brand dog & cat foods inhumanley test on animals. How does
  3. Hi, There is a product called the Happy Hoodie. It is popular with dog groomers to minimise and dull sounds such as the blow drier or even the buzz of clippers for extra sensitive dogs. I like to use them in my salon. It is basically a thick wrap/ elastic head band that goes over the ears. Similar to the thunder shirts, it helps the dogs feel safe & takes away the bulk of the noise. Besides the fact it also makes them look like they are recovering from a head injury, I do feel it helps many dogs especially BC's & BC crosses with their extra sensitive hearing. It's great for pupp
  4. Hi there, The behaviour with your dog that you have been experiencing, is exactly how our BC started to show issues. We dealt with 3 behavioursts and the 2nd one diagnosed her with major personal space anxiety (and other fears & anxieties). Up until a point (for us her age was 4-5months) we could pat & interact with her, then anything could set her off & she became aggressive, even though she wasn't deep down. She would approach to be patted, then mid pat (maybe only after a couple of strokes) she would crack. This only got worse, picking up things near her, dogs coming nea
  5. Thanks guys, that's really helpful. I had a look on the clean run website & like their coats. There is one on sale which I especially like Although I wouldn't put a price on my dogs comfort. It is made out of the same fabric as the cooling horse rugs which I've had experience with & water can be added for maximum coolness. There is a couple of things I am concerned about with the ones you add water too- 1. As they are damp, do they make the dogs coat smelly once off? 2. Is the dog carrying around extra unnecessary weight while wearing this damp coat?
  6. Hi Everyone, I was hoping some of you have had experience with cooling coats & which ones are the best to get. The Aussie summer is just starting and being active outdoors alot I am interested in getting a coat for River. It needs to be lightweight but durable and I'm not sure if I'm much of a fan of the ones that need water added or fridge/freezer time. But I'm happy to hear views My parents are in Colorado right now & are able to do shopping for us, if we make it clear & easy..hehe! So as long as it can be purchased from a main shop like Petco or another big store tha
  7. Hi SS Cressa, Have you tried pet CD's? I have one I play sometimes for our household, it's a 2 set called Through A dog's Ear..one called pet calm & the other pet healing. Everything about the music has been researched and made at the correct frequencies to calm animals. It may not do anything to help your dogs but it is very relaxing. I will often put it on and soon enough I have a previously empty room now full of sleeping animals,so it's helpful for me to find my animals..haha!! It's also very relaxing for humans can you try Bach flowers (rescue remedy) or Australian Bushf
  8. Hi Teri, Congratulations with your achievements with Jade. It sounds like you are making patient progress like us with River. It is very rewarding hard work but when you start seeing results, you realize you made the right decision to persevere. I always enjoyed agility with our previous dog and was very excited for River to reach 14months of age so we could start up at the soonest opportunity. River lacks confidence, part of her reasons for her aggression. Agility works wonders for her confidence. Besides the part where she is super fast, energetic, eager to learn; teaching her an obs
  9. Hi all, I'm sure I will get a lot of negative support from my post regarding our dog going on medication for her behavior. However for us to manage her and for her to live a fairer life we felt it is necessary. I posted another post explaining most of our behavior issues we had with our pup, I think under something headed 'Anxious/aggressive border collie, or border collie snapping at kids' almost a year ago. I am mostly posting this post to help anyone who may be going through the same thing as we have/are. I found there was hardly anything to go by on the internet, whether border col
  10. I think he is handsome & he looks on the ball yet goofy. I would guess a Mc Nab or maybe even a Mc Nab x Aust Shep..the last pic he looks a bit like an aussie besides the ears & short fur. I don't think he is much if any kelpie, but I can see how someone could make a guess. Good luck. I hope he fits in!!
  11. Maybe he's a Mc Nab? I think sometimes they have stumpy tails & more white with bat ears?
  12. I have really enjoyed reading all these threads. I have a show black and white border who is my second border (both long haired show bred). With our second, we have been attending herding classes once a week. She definatly has the instinct & is amazing to watch but shes just not 'getting it' as fast as the working bred kids. At the moment shes not including us in the picture..she feels her job is to group all the sheep together along the fence & to hold them there. If one breaks, she needs to decide very fast what she needs to do..Usually that involves threatening the flock with her st
  13. Thanks everyone. Yes, that is how we have trained her with this particular command..with higher priority treats most of the time. I thought maybe there was something else I could add. And yes, because of the fur eating she is locked outside most the day and only really comes in on quiet days when I can work with her or when one of her friends come in or if a client wants to say hello. Thanks for helping
  14. Hi everyone. So River is doing really well. She has just turned 1 & we are doing our best to manage and redirect her outburst of snaps. From a very young age we taught her the 'leave it' command and she will respond & will leave the object/food/animal..whatever it may be, however 2 seconds later or when our backs are turned she is back at it. I am a dog groomer & work from home. It drives me crazy that she eats the fur that falls to the ground. Yes she will leave it when asked, but is right back at it the first chance she gets. She will drop the fur from mouth when asked &
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