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  1. Tons of ribbons! My 7 year old dachshunds competes in AKC masters level. He has 11 double Qs, just not a lot of points. Been doing it since he was 7 months old. I live in Evansville, IN. I have a somewhat connection with Mo-Kan Rescue. Thank you for your reply!
  2. Hello, Ive been interested in border collies for years now. Ive only ever had dachshunds. I know dachshunds and border collies are far from being similar, i understand that. Im in the agility scene. Ive fell in love with agility. My dachshunds are fairly successful in agility. My puppy is pretty driven and she not running yet. I understand all the border collie quirks and issues that can develop. my issue is that i just moved into an apartment from a house (pretty much started over in my life) Im not looking for one YET. My older dachshunds has to pass first. He wouldn't do well with a high drive border collie. So Im just looking and exploring options. Ive looked into rescues as a puppy would be hard to have in an apartment and my apartment won't allow it. Id love to know the activity level and drive of the adult. Do you know any rescue that would allow a border collie to be adopted into in an apartment knowing that i do agility and other dog sports? Or a breeder? We do have a fenced in area and walking trails. My female dachshunds has a lot of drive and mental stimulation needs but im sure less than what a border collie would need. Just exploring my options here. Been wanting a dog with legs and being in agility, ive falling in love with border collies.
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