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  1. Well, Aria is an adorable puppy. Fuzzy cuteness is always endearing.
  2. Marlaina


    I thought I couldn't be the only one dealing with OCD with my pup, Penny. She had an Osteochondral autograft transfer on her left hind knee five weeks ago. She developed a limp at four months old and had the surgery at 6mos. It was diagnosed by a vet orthopaedic specialist with a bunch of x rays and performed by him and a people ortho surgeon. I live in the Chicago area and still had to travel far for all her appointments. The Dr. says she is recovering nicely. Restricted activity is the real hard part. Border collie puppies do not want to stay still for long. I have her on sedatives (acepromazine) but even so she is still pretty wiggely. I like this board forum because it helps me come up with quiet mind activites for her. She needs constant supervision so its been a long summer and she still has several more weeks of recovery. But so far she is doing well and the Dr.s say she'll do well in the long run. There is hope. This is the link that describes the surgery called OATS. horses go through this too, apparently. http://www.arthrexvetsystems.com/en/products/techniques/loader.cfm?url=/commonspot/security/getfile.cfm&pageid=6746
  3. Marlaina

    Guinness Ad

    Thats genius. I know people that could use a BC to help keep them on track! especially on St. Patty's Day
  4. She is adorable and perfect. If the vet isn't worried then her weight is probably ok. There is a fair amount of variation in terms of size among individual BCs. Perhaps you could give her a Kong toy stuffed with a few good treats. Shes a good girl, so she deserves the reward anyway!
  5. The little guy is in full teething mode. Puppies are super oral at this time. He's got a couple months of this left still. He also sounds like he does need a nap and just like human kids puppies behave rotten when they're over tired. Try to make sure hes on a regular nap schedule and plenty of approriate chew toys. Toys are definately worth it and have to be replaced frequently. Fortunatly puppies do grow out of this problem.
  6. well, even people go to work and come home to a family. A working mom is stll part of the family right? So is the working dog, husband, son, daughter...A family is work.
  7. OCD in dogs refers to a orthopaedic condition- bones/joint disease that is hereditary. Osteochondritis Dissecans. Ruins knees,stifles, shoulders. Expensive and sad. The poor puppy can't play or work.
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