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  1. Maple sleeps in her crate, which I pull up close to the bed in case I want to poke my fingers through the bars. I had it in the corner of my bedroom, but without a clear view of my bed, she whined for hours. Finally when I moved it over she fell asleep. To be honest, I like having her closer to me, so it's not an inconvenience. Once I can trust Maple not to fall off my bed/chew things/potty inside/hurt herself while I'm asleep, I'll start letting her sleep with me. Pip sleeps with me some nights, but others she prefers to curl up in her tiny dog bed. She often wakes me up in the middle of the night to lift her off my bed or let her sleep with me.
  2. Maple's diarrhea was causing her to lose her appetite. The vet worried her blood sugar levels might get too low, so she gave her an oral dose of something to stop it. It was more a precautionary sort of thing. I wish I could remember what she gave her, but memory is not my specialty . Maple is eating fine now, so no worries. I know what you mean about toys needing it. My Yorkie got the same medication as Maple did to stop it, but different dose size (obviously).
  3. Also, I found this kind of funny. If you look on the page that shows up with the link I gave you above, about four comments down, you'll see this: It's a comment made by someone called Cyndi. Just thought it was applicable.
  4. http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/purina-pro-plan-sport/ I understand what you're going through. My puppy got a dose to prevent her from getting hypoglycemic, which means it involved a bit more sugar than she usually gets. My, how she was bouncing off the walls last night! At least she's not hypoglycemic
  5. Ah. Forgive my misassumption . Thank you for the photo, I think I understand what it looks like better.
  6. Here's a good example of pink eyes/nose I think these will fill in more as she matures.
  7. If you don't know, I have two dogs now. A bc puppy named Maple (about 10 lbs) who will be nine weeks tomorrow and a year old Yorkie named Pippa (about 5 lbs). The two get along great for the most part. I always monitor play (partly because I never take my eyes off the puppy), and recently I've noticed it getting very rough. Maple is starting to realize that she is bigger and stronger than Pippa. Pippa tends to be pretty gentle when it comes to play, she always has been. The puppy, on the other hand, is still learning the meaning of the word gentle. When I see Pippa is having enough, I hold the puppy and ask her to sit and work on some self-control. I often give the command "gentle". I hope she realizes that rough play gets a temporary time-out. If play gets too rough and the puppy isn't listening, I take her outside to cool off for a bit or I remove one of them from the situation. However, I have yet to see improvement. Maple has started pulling Pippa. She grabs her paws or some cheek fur in her mouth and pulls Pippa around. I know this probably hurts Pippa. It hurts me when Maple mouths too hard. Sometimes Pippa tries to put Maple in her place, but to no avail. Maple thinks it's playing. When this happens I immediately remove one of them from the situation. I feel like this might get a bit dangerous if I don't nip it in the bud. I don't know how to deal with it myself, since I've never had such a size difference. I've had big dogs all my life, and Pippa is the first little dog. Any advice? I don't want to keep them separate forever, and both parties want to play with each other (I've seen both Pippa and Maple instigate play). We're just having a hard time finding a middle ground. Pippa and my friend's flat coat get along fine. They found a way to play despite the 55 lbs weight difference. I'm hoping to help inspire something along the lines of that with my puppy. Other than this problem, everything concerning the puppy is wonderful! She's smart, happy, and learning fast. Just this morning she asked me to go outside to potty for the first time (normally I take her out every two hours or so, but for once she asked to go out of her own free will)! She's started sleeping through the night, too. Such a quick learner, she makes me so proud. Photo of Maple https://www.flickr.com/photos/123522331@N03/14622462346/ Photo of Pippa playing with my friend's flat coat https://www.flickr.com/photos/123522331@N03/14123976293/
  8. Oh, whoops! Forgive me, I misunderstood.
  9. Mind if I ask about the age of spaying females? I was thinking about six months, but now that this discussion has been started I thought I'd get the advice of more experienced owners. I definitely want to get her spayed, so please no arguments against it .
  10. If you keep talking to your puppy, they should pick it up within at least a month. My puppy already responds about 70% of the time, and I've only had her about 3 days! I say it whenever I'm talking to her. She's pretty sharp, and she's pretty much figured out that when I start a phrase with "Maple", it means I am referring to her.
  11. I got my puppy just a couple days ago. She's about 8 weeks old now, and she often does the eye. I was reading this thread before I got her, so I was not expecting to see it for a few more months. She doesn't crouch very well, especially since we have hardwoods. If she went any lower she'd probably slip onto her belly . It's not too hard to get her to come off the eye, especially if I move in a distracting manner. She's got a very short attention span (a blessing or a curse?). Whelp, I definitely got a border collie!
  12. If you are worried, contact a behaviorist. If he continually holds the leash in his mouth, I would try spraying it with bitter apple or bitter lime spray. You can find that in most pet stores. When he holds the leash in his mouth and your daughter tries to take it out, could he think you are playing? Many dogs have a play-growl that they make. Think of it as mock-intimidation. Even my Yorkie play-growls. Normally, you can tell right off the bat if it's an aggressive growl (it comes from the belly, teeth are showing, etc.). Your puppy might not be doing it aggressively. He might just think you're playing! However, if it seems aggressive it's very important to get him to a trainer/behaviorist and fast. If he is mouthing at people, try ignoring him. The "no" command just becomes white noise if it's constantly repeated. He sounds like he is attention-seeking. If you ignore him and walk away when he tries mouth you, he'll learn it gets him the opposite of attention. Whenever your puppy goes potty outside, throw a party. Appear disappointed if he goes inside. It's a dog's natural instinct to please. My advice? Do not let the puppy off leash until you're sure he can handle the responsibility (which he obviously can't yet). Try bitter apple spray or try redirecting him. I'm sure other people on the forum we'll probably have a better idea about what to do than me when it comes to leash-chewing, since I've never really had the problem myself.
  13. Four years of heaven after a bad life? I'd take it any day. So wonderful of you to take in an animal that really needed help. So kind of you to be understanding and patient while you showed her not all people were bad. I'm sorry for your loss. Four years well spent. Rest in peace Zoey.
  14. 'Normal' dew claws are used to grip things such as bones when chewing. Also, for individual cases, they may be used for traction while running. The weaker (floppy/poorly connected) dew claws many not really have use, but they aren't hurting anything. My thoughts? I'd say leave them be. If dogs didn't need them, then why would so many have them? I'd only remove them if they started causing problems (snagging constantly, repeated irritation, etc.). If they're too sharp, file/clip them down like normal claws. (FUN FACT: If you really are against vestigial body parts, then you might want to remove your plica semilunaris, which is really just a leftover third eyelid! Don't want to lose a piece of your eye? I'm sure your dog doesn't want to lose a piece of its leg!) ~Best of luck! Curly
  15. When we went on a quick stroll together and came upon an intersection, my flat coat would always pull me down a different path than what we were originally going to head down. Why? I'm positive that she could tell when we were taking just a quick walk, so whenever I tried to steer her down the shorter route she figured the other one must be longer. Even if we were in an unfamiliar area! I always tried to find what was cueing her into the fact that we were just taking a short stroll, but never figured it out. She never acted like that when I decided to take her on a long walk, and she would willingly follow me then! The cases you're describing sound like you're underestimating your dogs' observance . I believe that dogs pick up on many, many more words than we think they do. Much like toddlers! They can't speak back, but they understand our point and tone. Also, you may have unknowingly trained them things like "Now". I'm thinking something along the lines of how people unknowingly train their dogs to jump up or bark to get attention. They reward without meaning to. Of course, it sounds like much of what you're saying isn't exactly bad behavior!
  16. This July my neighbor's golden retriever is shedding like nothing I've ever seen before. There are literally balls of his fur lying about the ground. It's almost unnerving... petting him and his coat falling off in my hand!
  17. At the moment, I have a single Yorkshire Terrier by the name of Pippa. Pippa is a great little thing, she loves to snuggle and play, especially since we got her spayed. Like your dogs, she's a "family dog" rather than being a companion for any one person. Pip can be annoying... my mother babies her and treats her a lot like a human child, so she's really spoiled. Every now and then I steal the poor thing away so she has a chance to be a 'real dog'. But she's generally even-tempered and playful, and I'm working on her food-aggression with her. I'll add more about my border collie, once I get her. I like this thread idea. I was about to post one myself!
  18. A life well spent. It's so wonderful to think that she was what inspired you to save all those fosters' lives. It's amazing how dogs can flip our worlds. A beautiful dog and a beautiful story. I am touched by this dog I have never met before. Rest in peace, Tansy. Mourning with your people.
  19. Superstition and outdated methods?
  20. (My apologies if people are not supposed to bring threads back after they have been inactive for a few months!) Chene, I'm assuming you do not yet have your puppy and you won't until... September/October? I know what you mean about the wait! I spent nine months researching, then a whole month checking out breeders/rescues. I finally found my puppy, and she'll be coming home around mid-July. So excited! If that's true, your pup should be around 8 weeks? I'd suggest taking the pup out for a stretch-your-legs/potty break at least once every two hours. That probably means a lot of stopping, but less peeing in your car! I'd suggest buying some sort of ginger treats before the car ride. Ginger has been known to help carsickness in both people and animals. It's also beneficial in several other areas of health. http://www.dogquestions.org/dog-treats/can-dogs-eat-ginger . Ginger works with both people and animals. I know from personal experience. Sorry I can't help with the other questions, but I thought the little advice I had to offer would still be helpful.
  21. NOW I see what you're getting at, and I agree wholeheartedly as well. I never really understood why most people here had a beef with the akc (and other organizations like it), but now I think I understand. Forgive me for being "akc-oriented". I had no idea responsible dog-people didn't support the akc before I joined the forum. But now I understand why. Yes, I do think broader gene pool would be best. Dogs should be judged/considered for what they do, not what they look like. (As should people.) Again, my apologies for being so akc-oriented (sheep mentality... I need to stop with the puns). I am quite new to this way of thinking, so it was only natural for me to want to defend the akc. This thread explained so much to me, and do believe me when I say I'll be keeping it close at hand for future reference. Hopefully this can be something I can base my growing knowledge off of. EDIT: I'll be adding that essay to my list of need-to-read border collie books/articles. Thank you much!
  22. Thank you for this, I found it very enlightening. Stated perfectly.
  23. I agree with chene on this. It is a shame that some people cannot see past what is on the outside. In response to your questions: I don't know. All that I can think of to say is that there is no system to the madness. Perhaps I should rethink my POV. Maybe the breeds should be separated based on the way they preform their tasks? It seems as though each breed was "created" for a different purpose. Perhaps categorizing by appearance really is a pointless and trivial matter. It seems as though each herding breed has their own style, or at least from what I understand they do. I have never herded sheep.
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