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  1. Hi! We (myself and Bran, a 14 month old Border Collie) have just started Agility training! Well, we started two months ago. He loves the jumps, tunnels, and even weaves, and has picked up how to follow my hands already. However, we have a couple of issues that I am looking for advice on. Firstly - his wait at the start. At home and on lead his wait's are perfect. We have practiced over and over again, no problem. But we get to the front of the queue in class and I take his lead off and tell him to wait, and zoom, he's off. He usually goes over the first couple of jumps before eit
  2. Hi! I need some ideas for my Border Collie. Bran is 14 months, and earlier this year (we live in New Zealand, so it was autumn) he started being kept in an outdoor run while people were away from home during the day. We far prefer this to tying him up. At first the run was made from a type of chicken wire, which he (surprise surprise) got through pretty quick. That was replaced with a wooden trellis, and we started putting him in there at night. We also added a second fence to keep him in a smaller area at night, an area that was also raised off the concrete. Then he managed to break ou
  3. Hi! This is my first post on the site. We have had Bran for two months now, he is a gorgeous (teething!) four month old Border Collie puppy. I have found this site incredibly useful when looking for info, so thought I would see if other's can help me with this one. We have one major behavioural issue with him that is driving me crazy! When he is too excited or tired (usually they seem to line up!) he goes mental when you try to pick him up. He rolls onto his back with his little paws in the air, eyes wide, mouth open. You try and get him and he bites (not hard, just puppy play biti
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