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  1. Ironic... Be careful when you act as the grammar police.
  2. Thank you all for your help and advice; There seems to be some debate on this topic in general, and without really reaching an absolute conclusion it has given me much food for thought. "Jack will be neutered" i can say that with a-surety now, with it appearing to be the generally consciences for non breeders to do so, with the positives out weighting the negatives. The question is now when? As advised from my vet (6 months) or from many other experts' breeders' & owners' speaking from personal experiences which seems to point at around (18 months). The advantages for earlier
  3. If are unsure speak to your vet first, and get advice from an "expert" ask them to inspect your dogs dirty ears rather than attempting to diagnose by oneself, for cleaning them with Q-tips by oneself "i wouldn't". I personally use a damp cloth and gently wipe the surrounding area.
  4. Jack for the chop ? yea or nay

  5. Thanks for your advice and apologise again for the lack of detail and i appreciate your patients I was concerned with wandering as he has little to no road sence at the moment and i'am sure jack could escape if he really wanted to. "Putting up a fight" meaning to be stuborn knowing what he's doing is wrong and continueing it's not all the time but when he is playing up it is a challenge some times to keep control and is usually dealt with a time out but i guess thats a whole new topic I was trying to relate behaviour and testosterone if neutering could have advantages with un wanted behavi
  6. No, i wouldn't say he's a nervous dog but he does appear to be a little apprehensive around other dogs. He's not displaying signs of aggression when i say puts up a fight i meant when he knows he's in the wrong but continues anyway it seems to become a bit of a game for him he has his moments and at other times he's as good as gold. I'am not to worried that much about this to honest as he is still young and i guess is to be expected to a certain degree I was concerning more on testosterone and wether or not if neutering may have advantages with regards to long term behaviours.
  7. Thank you all for your feedback I apologise for my lack of punctuation D'Elle !!! and my lack of details i had to rush off to work and was in bit of a hurry. Now reading it back for my self it's not hard to see just how anyone was able to make heads or tails of it.
  8. Sounds like your dog just simply doesn't like this cats it's not the dogs fault giving it tablets to change her behaviour doesn't sound like the best choice to me She sounds like she had a bad experience with this cat thats causing the behaviour dogs are territorial and if she see's this cat a threat she will be in full protection and defence mode i would personally first try to put the cat off from coming near and into your garden I wouldn't suggest blasting it with a super soaker but water in milk bottles around your garden might help or alternatively if you want your dog to interact with c
  9. I would say its dependant on the indevidual dog it's recommend to get your puppy used to human contact at the earliest of stages handling its pads and feet so to get it used to having its nails clipped also its ears and teeth as to get it used to them being cleaning if a dog is not as familiar with this kind of physical contact it may feel threatened by it plenty of human contact/affection is healthy for your dog from a young age if it hasn't had this then caution needs to be applied.
  10. Thank you all very much for your advice it's a great help i think the family and myself have to focus on consistancy all being on the same page will help. Jack will be attending his first obedience class next month i will keep an update on our progress.
  11. I tried yelping but as a man found it hard to get a high pitch noise as a yelp and it just made my mr's laugh with the attemps at it. The breeder who recommended the growl describing it as this would be how the mother would communicate as a sort of warning to the pup but it did only encourage him with me doing this.
  12. This Is probably a common age old problem by now regarding my 3 month old pup jack who keeps mouthing/nipping most of the time it seems to be in play but now and again say if i remove him from the couch or try to groom him with a brush he nips at my hands and snaps in the air in a rebelious way i know this is natural for pups but it seems to be getting worse with the nipping. I've read a few articles and the consensus seems to be with time outs stop play method but we have tried this now for over month and it hasn't stopped or even reduced his actions we have also tried yelping and growling
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