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  1. http://www.glenhighlandfarm.com/aboutghf.htm Such a wonderful place that loves Border Collies.
  2. yea love this young girl so much I am like a over protective parent that is paranoid.
  3. Also this.The Border collie is one of the breeds that has a particularly high incidence of IE. Suggested incidences of IE in dogs vary from 0.5 to 20% in some severely affected breeds (Podell 1995, Mellersh 2010). From data on estimates of total dog population in the UK and on the percentage of all micro-chip registered dogs that are Border collies (Lucy Asher, 2011, personal communication), we estimate that the UK population size of this breed may be around 400,000.
  4. Gloria this heart breaking video along with my sheltie is why I wanted to learn more. Ladd my sheltie is gone and cant imagine losing Ziggy this way. Maybe a worry wart but this can be a heart breaking devastating disease. Thank you for sharing your comments.
  5. bconace. That was a terrific article thanks for posting, Stop just lurking and join the fun.
  6. I just happened to notice that some dogs are more susceptible than other I had a sheltie that had it. It was more of a generl knowledge question than a specific case. Thank you for the responses.
  7. Again didn't want the stalking statement to be an issue. I know now what that that was about but I will leave that to your imagination. Laser light was way over stated. I have one dog that loves the laser a rotti mix. I took the BC out with her and learned a fast lesson. BC had no interest in the point, The BC circled around and in a blink snatched the light out of my hand it was the source and not the point. after a laser extravaganza as the BC ran around it was and is a lock up toy. She wanted the source and not the point dot.
  8. Thank you Mum24 Very nice some of the questions I asked have had awesome results a lot of them are from inexperienced owners. BC are awesome cant love our girl more. Even with the 101 phycology she needs. I get so down on this sight sometimes. you know I was actually stalked by a poster at first I hung in there I was even put on time out. I am here only because I had the desire not to be chased away and read posts for what they are worth. Some very good. some bad but my love for the dog and not the people have kept me on this sight. I want the best for my dog so I will and willing take all the opinions agreed or disagreed as long as I take away something that makes my pup better.
  9. Really Gentile lake you guys ranted for three pages all I did was said enough you got your point across.
  10. she was even chastised for the sock obsession. Well guess what have 3 of 4 dogs that want my sock its your scent they need. Dogs are an odd bread. None the same just give your all to help people politely without ranting. I am not trolling I just feel sad that a potential good poster was chased away. So what help you thought you gave her was minor compared to the help she may have needed in the future.
  11. You put the thought there I think she would have been fine without chasing her away. No matter what she said the advise was there and she seems to have given it some serious consideration. She is right this thread was hijacked. Everyone forgot about the poor poster trying decide on a border collie.
  12. I am not sure she did ignore the warning. I didn't read anything she said that gave me that indication.
  13. I have one dog that loves the laser without issue she has no BC in her at all. I gave up the laser the first time I took my BC out with her. I could see it was a bad idea right off the bat and that took about 30 seconds. So I get your concern I am just saying do not be so hard and one dimensional to a new poster. She really seems to love her dog and I love hearing about their dogs. Just don't chase her away by being so judgmental.
  14. mooosikins is not necessarily wrong for her situation. First this is a mixed breed dog living in a confined environment. She tries everything to give her dog all the wants and needs given her situation. Yes a laser light is not the advisable toy for a working BC but everyone here does not have a working BC some are just pets. They love the dog and may try everything. People come here from all walks of life to get acquainted with other BC owners. I truly believe one Laser point lecture did the trick. But you all became so obsessed. I think your BC personality is rubbing off on you. Please just because peoples use of the dog isn't the same as yours be respectful and embrace people that come here from all walks of life.
  15. Being a first time border collie owner. My experience with a BC is they are a unique breed with many faces. I can tell you they bond quickly and deeply with you. They will become obsessed with you. You are everything to them. They are at times overwhelming. They do need your time. First thing she does is lick our faces at the crack of dawn. Then she watches out the window keeping guard of the neighbors and the school bus. when things settle down she is dragging me out of bed to go outside. I play soccer and Frisbee for an hour every morning. (yes they will whip you into shape). When we come in she has her crazy hour (don't ask it can be intense). Usually after that she is good till about 3 then its a repeat. and then at 8 its a quick out because she is afraid of the dark. She does nip drag you and anything she can to get your attention. So I just pick her up and give her some loving when she gets that way because she does not respond well to discipline. House breaking has been perplexing. But never will you have a companion that will love you as much as a border collie. They are busy can be destructive and irritating at times. So get a crate for those times. When you see the loving look from a border collie you will understand. Patience Patience Patience. They are amazing.
  16. Ziggy feels the vacuum cleaner is a evil robot that must be destroyed.
  17. My vet had a Merle BC that was deaf. She taught him sign language. She said that deafness is a common trait with Merle BC's.
  18. Ziggy is 7 and half months now. She has come along well. But she has what we call a Mad hour. She is just crazy with mischief, Doesn't matter whether you take her outside put her in a crate or play. It is one insane hour every day. Unfortunately in this mad hour she will destroy her crate open the latches and continue on with her terroristic endeavor. Outside she will becomes a guided missile to any living creature. Inside she will seek and destroy everything attached that she becomes obsessed with. Her other issue she refuses to poop outside. Its been a challenge tried everything crate, leash inside, isolate in the area we are at. take her outside over and over. she like holds it till you turn your back for 15 seconds. Other than that she is amazing her and Dublin have been getting along great since I started playing soccer with the two of them. No other issues other than her mad hour and pooping. any suggestions to help me out.
  19. Interesting conversation with a lot of well thought out responses. Thank you
  20. suppressed instincts usually ends up in worse problem. you cannot say stop your breed for what they are born to do. Then challenge them to your desires. Your making the fine line of what they instinctively do and what you want them to do. It ends badly for most owners.
  21. her nipping is a aggravating issue. you kind of get used to it but when you see she drew blood then you realize how un acceptable it really is. thing is she never is mean its just her instincts overdrive
  22. I have made up my mind to keep Ziggy on close watch. Dublin has attacked her twice and now she drags him around by his ear. That I have put a stop too. But She is a BC and she plays differently. Getting acclimated to that. But the herding at all costs is a instinct that I try to encourage and control. 7 months old and she knows all the commands the other dogs understand. so we are walking into new territory with her at this point. Her stare pisses the other dogs off. She can get aggressive but in a way that's not violent. she grabs a lot. Trying to break the nipping. At this point I would not take her to a dog park at all. She has a way about her that just would not work well with dogs that are unfamiliar with this behavior.
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