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  1. Most people own property and then get a dog. I was offered to rent part of a house from a Border Collie Owner. I was allowed my own dog. I developed a real bond with my Border Collie and then had to get rid of her as my landlady's husband did not like the dogs together while I was out. Landlady did not mind and the dogs were fine together when I was around. Pet friendly rentals are scare where I live. So, if you love Border Collies like I do and can't afford a place, think long and hard before renting a place. Vancouver, Canada
  2. Hi there. I would not keep your dog in your car while you are away for hours ( even if it is cooler in the Fall). You could get a very large X-pen and put your dog's kennel inside. You can have a newspaper area in the pen, for your dog to relieve itself. I saw this suggested on a dog care forum. Ideally, getting someone to check up on the dog, would be best. It is an extreme case, but a dogwalker in Canada recenty, left a young Border Collie, Salty (picture attached) with 5 other dogs in a hot truck for 45 minutes. The dogs all died. There is more to the story. It has created a
  3. As summer approaches with hotter temperatures , it is important to be safe when needing to travel about with your dog. Someone in Vancouver Canada, recently left their 4 year old Border Collie in a car on a warm day. Despite being left with some water / window open, the dog died of heat stroke. The dog was left for 45 minutes as the stop took longer than planned. 10 minutes is all it takes for a dog to pass away in a warm vehicle. Please keep your dog safe and enjoy the coming summer
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