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  1. Skye does this when she meets anyone new or sees people again she has not seen in a few days. Luckily she does not do this with us. It is pretty normal and I think anyone who knows about dogs is not surprised or offended. It can take a while to grow out of. I know Jasper did it on occasion for several years. One strategy that works for me is to always have your dog meet people outside. If company is coming meet them when they get out of the car so peeing happens before anyone picks her up or comes in. Warn people that she may pee and it will not be unexpected. If we take her to some one else's house we try to do the greetings outside. We took Skye to the vet at 12 weeks and as soon as the 3 vets saw her she peed but everyone smiled and the vets took her away to play with her. Be patient and don't make a fuss since it is not a toilet accident.
  2. Our BC Jasper who lived to be 14 much preferred to be out also, especially as she got older. Luckily we live on a farm and our dogs have never had to be penned or tied up but she never wandered, sleeping in the sunroom which was open to the outside where we had a bed set up all year. Even in winter she would much prefer to be in her sunroom. However we did get her in at night. I think it might have been the extra peace and quiet as well as she was physically more comfortable in a cool area. As she slowed down and became less active I think she just liked to watch the world go by outside. Is there a place like a sunroom or porch where she can be outside but safe and secure if you decide to let her stay out at night?
  3. We recently had a very similar experience picking up Skye at 7 weeks of age. It was about an 8 hour drive home. We were well prepared with a crate and bed, toys, food and water, clean up supplies towels and collar. We picked her up first thing in the morning. We did not want to stop over night. It is not necessarily safe to allow a small pup to interact with other dogs at that age and our feelings were that it could be too confusing to stop for a night at a motel or with friends. We stopped every couple of hours away from the road and in a "clean" area, meaning no evidence that other dogs had pooped there. She was excellent and slept in her crate and a few times on my lap. When we took a short lunch break she slept. A 7 week old puppy is a magnet and several times we had people and kids run over to see her. I would hold her though and not let other people hold her. I think it is really important that your pup bond just to you in the first few days. We got Skye in April while it was still cool so be very careful when in the car if you need to leave her for a bit to have a meal etc. You don't want to risk her over heating if in the car.
  4. I read that article and wish I had known that 10 years ago. We did take Jasper to a groomer each May and have her clipped very short thinking it would keep her cool in summer. Maybe it did in the hot weather but her fur grew in thick and did mat and, why I am not sure, she had a few ugly places on the hips and back where the fur never grew back properly. I will not be planning to clip Skye except the feathers on her legs and long hair on the tail if it gets to be a problem with burs. So far her brush is just a great toy to chew!
  5. Another problem I have is Skye bites the leash or won't move unless she has the buckle end in her mouth. So if she is walking with it in her mouth she is not paying any attention to walking and just circles around. It's play. Or she collapses and refuses to walk. This also will make it hard to put her on a long lead while walking her outside for a bathroom walk and to keep her away from things she should not eat and then refuses to come when called. I purchased a spray that is meant to deter cats and dogs that has hot pepper oil, or capsaicin in it. HaHa...I sprayed it on the leash and my shoes. She licked her lips tasting something once but it did not deter her at all. I wonder if others have solutions that have worked?
  6. Thanks for the excellent suggestions. I have read just about all of it on the computer or books and I have to blame myself for being lenient, and lazy and not confining her to the crate all the times I am not able to watch her 100% and that is when she will find the corner to go in. And not wanting to get out of my warm bed at night the wood shavings crate was the easy way out and I knew it. I agree about that crate, and will stop using it. Now that it is not below freezing at night (we had a brutal winter and very slow start to spring) I will take her out until she is able to hold it until 6am when we get up. Last night I did take her out at 4 am and she did potty and settled back into her sleep crate well. It is me who then is wide awake at 4 am! I know our last BC never messed her sleep crate and I do not remember ever having to take her out at night so maybe I am not trusting Skye's ability. I will be taking her to the vet next week for her second set of shots and will discuss her diet. Perhaps the food is too rich. She is on a high protein, no grain filler dry food called "Blue Buffalo". For training I use mini Milk Bones that I break in half. We live on a farm and Skye is eating things that I would rather she did not but once she has something she wants it is impossible, at the moment in her training, to get her to give it up. She can run way faster than me. It also seems the foot biting and mouthing and excited play yapping are common to all puppies and I know it will pass. My biggest flaw is a lack of patience at times and I will work on that.
  7. I am new to this forum but Skye is our 3rd Border Collie over 30 years. She is now about 12 weeks old. I have been working on basic training, which works well for a treat. Come, sit, down, shake a paw, walking on a leash. How come she learned what "dinner time" means instantly but totally refuses hear "no bite" or "no bark"? And often when walking all she wants to do is bite my feet. I distract her by throwing a ball. My main concern is with house breaking. She seems to have an endless capacity to pee and poop. She may pee outside in a 10 minute walk 2 times and then pee on the floor when I bring her in. She also poops in the house sometimes only a short time after pooping outside. When she does her jobs outside I praise her and give her a treat. At night she has a bedding crate separated by a short 2 foot walk to a wood shavings crate which she will poop in at night. I have been afraid to confine her all night to her sleep crate because of this, as she uses it 1 or 2 times somewhere between 2 and 4 am. Most days I feel I have made no progress in house breaking her so am I approaching this wrong? Our last puppy was 15 years ago and I simply do not remember having these problems.
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