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  1. That confidence thing makes a lot of sense. I can tell she's never been really worked with. She only knows sit and come as obedience commands. I'll work with her to build her confidence
  2. I take her with me to work because were all close and there are so few people here at any given time that I just told everyone to ignore her all day. She's doing well. Not happy but not freaking out. I will absolutely take a look at that book. I like yo broaden my knowledge of dogs as much as I can. I got two beautiful border collie that I want to make as happy and healthy as possible
  3. I truly appreciate the advice! I was just looking for tips because i knew how to get her to be ok with me. but i was not 100% sure on how to guide her on being ok with other people. last month when people came over she would bark (not aggressive, but more of an alert-the-pack bark, if that makes sense) and run around outside. now she just quietly views from outside the sliding glass door, just outside her doggie door. But i can completely see what you mean. Many people with their own views on how to train a dog. it is quite impossible to take her anywhere without darn near every
  4. Good evening everyone! i have a really quick question which i will supply with background first. about two months ago i adopted a 4 year old border collie with social anxiety. Shes completely non aggressive BUT she is terrified of people she doesnt know. It took me two weeks of treats and time to get her used to me. but once she is used to you shes the most loving dog ive ever owned. When i first brought her home all she would do was hide outside all day or hide in a corner all day. terrified and running away from me at all cost. now shes perfect with me but like that with every new pe
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