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  1. We have had Max for 9 months. He is a rescue dog from a hoarder situation. He is the most loving dog. He follow me around everywhere. If I lay down on the floor he will come and lay down next to me and want belly rubs. He has made huge improvements since we first got him. He didn't know how to play fetch and now loves going to the field to play fetch. He does this little prance dance when he is running. We have tenants who have a chocolate lab and their dog is the only one so far he will play with. I love watching the two of them play. He loves when the boys come home from school. He hears the bus and jumps up in the window to watch them. He loves playing with one of our cats and they sleep next to each other. He can be left on his own and doesn't do anything destructive. He needs improvement on leash walking. He constantly pulls and barks at cars and other dogs but we are working on it. He hates loud noises but he has gotten better. He thinks the litter box is a buffet. He has been the best investment ever spent. He is a work in progress but we all are.
  2. Max has discovered snow and loves. I don't think his previous owners ever took him out to play but he loves it. Throw snowballs and he's all over them. He sniffs the snow like he can't get enough. He does a happy prance when he gets to run around. I love watching it after he didn't have the best 4 years before us.
  3. Hi your dog sounds so much like my Max. We got him in May from thr humane society. He came from a hoarder house with 11 other dogs. The owner died and for 6 weeks someone came and threw food on the floor before anything was done with the dogs. Max is a momma's boy. He follows me everywhere. We went to a trainer/behaviourist and she recommended having hubby feed him special treats, cooked chicken something quite yummy. It will help the dog build up trust. She also recommended hand feeding. Max is slowly coming around to my husband. It takes time and patience. Good luck.
  4. I have been doing the kong with peanut butter this week and we always walk 30 mins before I leave. I will try freezing the kong with peanut butter next week and see how that goes. Thank you for the suggestions Cass C
  5. We have a new crate issue. I work part time 5 hour shifts during the day. My hours have increased. I came home today to the crate tray pushed all the way out. I had gotten him a kong and stuffed it with treats. What else can I do to help him while I'm at work?
  6. Thanks everyone. We have put a leash on him during the night so if hubby needs to take him out he can. He just leaves him now if he goes in his crate. He comes out when I get home but he does on occasion stay out with hubby. He is making progress and it does not matter how long it takes.
  7. We got Max for a humane society in May. He is 4 and he came from a hoarder house with 11 other dogs. We think that he was abused he does not like men, is a very frightened dog. We have been working with a trainer/behaviourist to help him become a more comfortable dog. He is coming out of his shell slowly he is quite attached to me and my son. We went to the vet and he had gotten a clean bill of health when we got him in May. He will come out of his crate with the boys and hubby sometimes but not always. I have tried many treats and toys.
  8. Max loves his crate. It's his quiet time away from us but we are now having an issue when I am at work and hubby is home he won't come out. He has tried treats, we leave his leash on so we can use that but I need other ideas. We are going to a trainer and she recommends treats but he doesn't seem to treat motivated.
  9. My dog Max is the same way with my husband but not my boys lol.
  10. Thank you sandysfarm. We got him May 3. That makes sense about the honeymoon period. We have always told the kids when he is in his crate to leave him alone. He is having quiet time.
  11. Thank you everyone for the suggestions. We have found a trainer and going to see them next week.
  12. I injured my foot yesterday and went to bed early. For the last week when we go to bed we leave the crate door open and close our bedroom door. When my hubby came to bed Max was sleeping on our bed he tried to get him to get off the bed so he could get I to bed and Max glared and him and growled and showed teeth. My hubby was not happy. I got Max off the bed and we got him into his crate with the door closed but now hubby is concerned that he will start doing this and he doesn't want him alone with the kids. I think he came into the room turned the light on and startled Max. He is saying we might have to take him back to the humane society if he does it again. What can I do to correct this. Because he is not going back he needs help on how to correct this behaviour.
  13. He is making progress. Slow but steady. We are in a similar situation with our dog Max. We have had him a month and he had made small gains but when new people comes over he runs to his crate so we ignore him and sometimes he comes out to check everyone out and some times he doesn't.
  14. We are going through the same thing. We got Max a month ago and he has warmed up to me quite a bit but with hubby he is still shy around he is making gains. I sit on the floor with him all the time. It took a couple of days but he started sitting closer to me and then started allowing me to pet him. Once he started to relax a bit he flipped onto his back and wanted belly rubs. He still have issues but patience lots and lots of patience. Make a list each week of new things you have seen him do. By the end of the month you will be surprised at the little gains he has made. Slow and steady.
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