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  1. I've had my 11 week old puppy for about 3 weeks. I've been doing as much research as I can to make sure I'm doing as much right as I can. I'm having some problems getting him to tell me when he needs to go out side. I only seam to be able to catch him in the process of going in the house. He's hardly left un attended. He even come in to the bathroom when I shower. Any advice? My routine is as fallows Wake each day 0600: take puppy out side and he pees, if he doesn't he goes back in the kennel for 30 minutes. 9 out of ten time when I take him back out side he pees and poops. I praise him heavily, give him a treat, and click when he goes in the yard. He eats at 0700 and again at 1800. Each time he goes in the kennel for 30 min after end comes back out and I take him out side to go potty, again 9 out of ten times he's goes. Then we normally do 15 min of training. I do about three of these a day. Each one focusing on 1 command, sit, down, stay, come. He's doing really well with all that. When I'm In the office he plays with other dogs in the office and does a fair bit of sleeping as they run him ragged! I take him for a quick walk about every two hours and a good one during my lunch. At night he's sleeps on the bed. I normally have him so tired he sleeps all night with out any problems. The only time he makes a mess is when I lose track of him in the house. Hard to keep up with him 100% of the time. If I need to talk on the phone or do something where I can't watch him he goes in the kennel. I coax him him with a treat and let him walk out a few time and praise him when he goes in, be it under his own will or lightly pushed. This is going ok but I'd love some advice in this area too, I'm worried if I force it he will become scared of the kennel. Also when we're are outside to go potty I use "potty" over and over till he goes then use "good potty" when he does go. I've been using clicker training and that seams to work well for the commands but it's the non-command based stuff he's having problems with. Thank you for your help.
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