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  1. Update, First Gidget is doing pretty well this evening, going outside a little bit better, still on the leery side but more willing as long as Orion her buddy the heeler is with her. As for the environmental health department, they dropped the ball saying it is a city issue, the city gave me the big run around, ending with a city official pretty much saying in a nut shell that the city does not have the time, manpower or the funding to undertake such an operation to patrol the rivers edge hunting for all the homeless bathroom sights, even the ones that the public knows to exist! Furthermore the city has posted "no camping signs" that is about all that they can do to enforce that no one is down there sleeping and living on the waters edge. They can not place laws on the homeless making it mandatory that they carry buckets and shovels to remove or bury their waste! Yeah I was told that!!! And if I really am worried about this ending up being saturated into the ground, or running into the river I am more then welcome to organize a committee to walk up and down the river looking for human waste and removing it on my own time and with my own personal funding!!! Other then that their is not anything more that can be done other then to just stay away from known areas tell we get a hard rain to wash it away! How about them apples? I took this information to a board member of my neighborhood and he is not happy at all, he actually is the one who first drove me to the emergency room when I fell in the very same river and got the infection in my leg that is still there, preventing me from having my knee reconstruction surgery, he said he may bring me to the next neighborhood association meeting, because they need to know and see how I got this infection in my leg from this river at the beginning of summer, here it is fall and I still have this infection even though the doctors are continuing to treat me, and how I can not even schedule my much needed operation until it is gone. I tell ya this is turning into something big! We are about ready to call the news on this.
  2. Thanks!!! I have been taking Gidget outside armed with a hotdog!!! Yes a hotdog!! I break it up in little pieces and I get her to come down the 3 steps down to the ground, then slowly we walk around the yard, as if some sort of monster is going to come out and attack her! (my neighbors must be cracking up with this one!) But it is working!! She is even asking to go outside just to sit on the front porch, not to go down just to sit or lay there with me, that is fine no problem, as long as she wants to go out on her own that I call progress!! Phew I think she will get back to normal. She is still whimpering for apparent reason, she will jump up on my bed or a chair and whimper, I talk to her give her some pets and kisses tell her I love her, then she seems to be happy and jumps off the chair and lays on her doggy pillow. Her leg is not swollen or anything, she is not favoring it, I think she more is asking for me if I am ok more then anything, as I am a bit of a mess, I am so off balance today I am having a hard time, having to use a neck support just to hold my head up, she just is making sure all is fine before she takes a nap I think. I have called health dpt, I got a number which I have called waiting for a person to call me back, basically I have begun the run around
  3. Ok this is a long shot so don't hold your breath, I may know of someone who may be interested, They live in TX I know they just got rid of all the cows but kept the donkeys, mules, horse, geese, ducks, and lamas, the dog they had is no longer, they do miss him greatly. I know they are out of state on business, I will find out when they will return they have a lovely ranch just perfect! its near Huston.
  4. I agree, their is a wealth of information shared here, from all walks of life. Not everyone's opinions are the same, though that's what makes the world go round, we all see and do things in our own unique way but in the end we are all in agreement that we want to do what is in the best interest of the dogs. I have gotten some wonderful advice and ideas here that have helped me greatly. I am very appreciative to everyone here! I did join a couple fb groups, met some very nice people through them, they were service dog related groups. I left every single service dog group that I joined on fb for one simple reason, their are far too many mean and hateful people there who just seem to find it fun to pick on and publicly ridicule others in postings to the point that they go on and on and cant stop following those poor people from group to group, seeing that made me sick to my stomach. The attacks were not on me thankfully but still I don't need the drama or stress I have to stay 100% focused on being positive my health depends on it.
  5. I will try to explain this as easy as I can with out going into detail. First bare in mind we have a few homeless people who live along the river, they don't bother anyone they are just there. So yesterday was my birthday keep this in mind too. I have not been doing so well last couple weeks so the dogs have not been out much nor have I been working much with Gidget, so I decided to go run gidget then come home and take all 3 dogs back across the street to play. Normal play thing no biggie. Gidget was having fun, playing doing some training between all was great she was warring down so we were about to head home, I told her she could do a couple more runs down the bank and back up to me, its a game she loves to play.... then it happened, this one particular spot that I told her to run down.... there she goes full speed down the hill and she slips sliding yelping trying to get up, gets up tries to come up back to me slipping and sliding on something I have no idea what the heck it is!! Then I realize and OMG!! It was the unthinkable!!! So there she was covered in this mess harness and all head to tail feet all the whole dog! Went to the swimming area its all blocked off due to some excavating they are doing. I can not put a leash on her, she is rolling in anything and everything she can think of trying to get it off nothing is helping, so I tell her we are heading home off leash so she had best be good and stick close, she did what a trooper!!! Got home put on rubber gloves, did what I had to do, ya could not bring her in the house so i tied her to a rope, and sprayed her with the garden hose, I was in tears! my cane got covered in the stuff oh my gosh it was so bad, we were both in tears but it had to be done. Soaked her in a mixture of everything i could think of to disinfect her and de stink her even tomato juice figured it works for skunk Oder omg that poor dog! Called Kim she was in a study group, she came home took the poor dog and washed her in the tub really well and got her all cleaned up, poor Gidgy she does not want to leave the house! she cries every time she sees anyone walking a dog down to that area and she lets off this sad bark like shes warning the dog don't go down there! Shes in fear of that place, and ya know she has darn good reason! Tomorrow morning I am calling the health department and asking them who I should contact as this needs to be cleaned up before we get a rain and it ends up in the river! anyway it is everything i can muster just to get her to go outside when she has to go potty, she holds it tell she is whimpering, i have tried going out with her and the other dogs she still will not go she just stands against me, she will not go tell she cant hold it any longer, did not try to take her for a walk today because in the middle of the night last night i ended up cracking my head open and going to the er so im a bit sore today what a happy bday huh? lol
  6. Gidget will often end up laying down, I thought it was because she got tired of waiting for me lol. Sometimes she is so full of energy or excited about something I say to sit and she does then she hops back up i say sit she does and over and over, I think she has a spring on her bum lol.
  7. I agree Bill, This morning Gidget is a bound up ball of energy, we tell her to sit, she sits but pops up as soon as she hits the floor lol. I just have to chuckle and remind myself she is young and shes trying so hard, she just cant help it shes just so darn happy all the time lol. I have been working on a sit stay, or lay stay where I walk away still in the room just around the corner, Shes getting better about staying though she usually does not stay for long, My plan is to get her to sit or lay and stay so I can walk through the house and back. I noticed that when we are out on our training trail where I can have her off leash she will stay for longer periods, I think it is because it is all wide open and she can see me. So that is why I have been trying to go around the corner in the kitchen and have her remain in stay. I also have this goat bell from when I was a kid, I will have her lay down and stay, I can shake and ring that bell all day long she won't get up, so I think I am getting progress, as long as I am in eyesight. That I think is more a security issue then anything at this point, she just does NOT want me out of her sight. I do need to get some current pics of her for you all to see how she has grown, she has gotten so tall, and is starting to fill out
  8. Dog parks are something that I have never had to deal with tell I moved to WA, I have learned many things about these kind of parks. First Avoid them on the weekends, Second, Avoid them at all hours of the day the first 2 weeks of summer, Third, Evenings are awesome, so are early mornings, And here for some reason mid day is good on Tuesday through Thursday, Mondays are sketchy, Fridays are bad news. Another thing that I have learned, its not the brightest idea to walk rite up into the area where the dogs are all congregating when you first get there, I like to take the back way once i get through the gate. That way I am not greeted and jumped on by a pack of large dogs, I would be in a bad bind if I were to get knocked over, and it also makes it less stressful for my elderly beagle, and my young bc when we first arrive. Bring a chuckit or a toy with you and let the dogs all have fun, they get tired out, but do keep a close watch, many of these dogs are not well behaved.
  9. Thank you, that's pretty much what I thought, She was wining wanting to do some more pick it up, so I was searching for some new things, just to see I kicked off my shoe darn if she didn't pick it up lol. I will take things that she is leery of very slow and get her comfortable with the idea, I found a nice thread in the agility section with a few really nice videos and links to things, that should keep us busy for a few days, thank you all again so much I appreciate you all more then you will ever know!
  10. Ok thanks I did get her to pick up my shoe and neck pillow this evening, never go in those threads because she is not an agility dog. I will go peek.
  11. I was at the park the other day letting my old beagle have some one on one time, she went over to the little kid area of the park, she loves kids, misses those grand kids so bad just like I do, well anyway she was over there in her glory all these adorable little girls asked their moms if they can pet the "puppy" they were told to ask me first, I said oh please do she misses being around kids, before I knew it they were on their knees petting her poppy was all smiles, getting all the loving she has been craving it was adorable, then she laid her head in one little girls arms and the little girl told me she thinks my puppy needed a hug lol. Poppy was so happy to have all those little ones all over her giving her all that attention, but she went to them seeking it, the girl didn't hug pop but poppy sure gave the little girl a puppy hug!
  12. She will lay on top of it on her side and slide her paws over her face and moan as if she is begging me not to make her do it. poor dear.
  13. Gidget is 10 months, I have her sit when bikes, joggers, strollers and people pass by us, they always thank me for it, she watches them and has no problem letting them pass. Sometimes I cant have her sit due to not enough room so we just get off to the side as far as we can and keep walking or stand there, again people thank me, many times they even tell me what a good dog she is. So To me it is not a big deal for her to sit and let them go past us. It is just part of having my dog under control, part of taking her around the public. Now when we are out around a large crowd of people naturally I do not make her sit down, if i even think she has an idea of veering off in their direction (she thinks all humans want to pet her) i simply say "Leave it" and she is just fine. This didn't happen over night, its not totally perfection, oh those cute little kids with those high pitch voices running around in circles sure look fun! But again Leave It gets her attention. Some wonderful people here in this group helped me with this, I had issues with people in the street going past my house, she would go nuts wanting to go down and meet them. I just started applying it into all areas and ya know it works like a charm.
  14. Gidget has gotten very good about picking just about anything up and giving it to me on command, the thing is that she will not pick up anything that resembles clothing, be it shoes, socks, towels, etc... I am sure this stems from her previous owners, she would run away from a sock with her tail between her legs if she saw on on the floor when she first came here. Should I not bother to work with her on clothing items? I mean sure it would be nice if I drop some laundry and she could help me pick it up and throw it in the hamper, but if it is going to upset her to ask her this should i drop it or should i help her through it?
  15. It is a good question, My beagle does this with out ever being trained, I want my BC to learn, the other day I had an alert from my beagle, I went and laid in my bed, the BC knew something was up, she went in a bit of a panic mode for a moment, I got her to calm and relax, she came up on the bed and laid on top of me tell I felt better. I am going to be working with a service dog trainer, I am currently in the process of deciding between 2 trainers, I plan to start early part of the new year.
  16. one day I went to pick up Gidgets service dog harness, the woman who I got it from came over to the back of the truck where I had gidget sitting, she did not attempt to get to even know Gidget, She did say my aren't you a pretty dog, then she proceeded to wrap her arms around her, she said she was doing that to get a feel for the size of the harness, so she could make proper adjustments. Well mind you Gidget had only been with me a couple months, Gidget gave her a warning to back off. The lady told me that I could never bring this dog out in public, and that I should never leave my yard with her as she was obviously so abused and neglected that she was a "one person dog". I talked to the trainer about what had happened, the trainer told me that that woman was an idiot and she should have known better! Looking back at what happened that day and reading about hugging, I totally get where Gidget was coming from that day, and I agree with her trainer, that the woman was in the wrong. Gidget has come leaps and bounds since then, now she is this happy outgoing confident little thing, at that time she was a scared little rabbit, just getting to know me, I should have stopped the woman, but honestly she did it so fast I did not even see it coming. No harm was done but it did scare me and had me quite upset and worried.
  17. I hug Gidget when she comes to me for hugs, she has become very affectionate. Poppy has never been big on hugs, she loves to cuddle, or lay beside me more then anything. I never let my kids or grand kids do half the things I see people let their kids do, I taught them to be kind and gentle show the animals respect, also to never go up to an animal that they do not know, always ask the owner if you can pet it. The article really made me think about the reasons behind why people mostly kids end up getting bitten by friendly dogs. Its so sad because usually those dogs have to be put down.
  18. I came across this last night, it made me think about stories I have heard about a loving family dog that up and bit a child for no reason, "all the child did was give him/her a hug" Just wondering what you all have to say about it. http://www.mnn.com/family/pets/stories/why-dogs-dont-like-to-be-hugged
  19. I have gotten a drink and we have sat down, she likes that very much, we will also sit on a bench and she will watch the people go past. We will continue to do that and make nice short visits to the mall, I am thinking that after today she may not freak out so bad tomorrow when we go back
  20. Thank you all for your thoughts and ideas, I will keep bringing her to the mall, we just walk around, so the amount of time we spend there really can fully depend on her and how she feels. I know that she enjoys getting off of the main floors going into bigger stores with more friendly floors, so we will continue doing that, taking breaks sitting down watching the goings on too is good for her I think.
  21. Yesterday we went to the mall, Gidget did awesome... Except for the tile floors at our local mall, they are quite busy, I understand how she feels as they make me dizzy so I tend not to look down when walking on them. She did ok yesterday but made it clear she did not like them. I figured that I would take her back today so that we could see how she does, help her get adjusted to them if needed. We walked in the lower level, she took one look at those floors and sat down giving me a look like Oh not this again. So I told her to stay (like she didn't intend to move anyway) I walked a couple circles around her, showing her that it was safe. She thought about moving but gave me that look like humm. So I went around again but this time I stomped my foot a little on the floor to show her it was very secure. Well I asked her if she was ready? She got up, took a few steps, stop looked at me like Are you sure? So I did my little circle around her again telling her all was fine. I encouraged her to try, told her I know she can do it.... Well that little trooper so proud of herself we walked all over the mall with no problem whatsoever! We took a few breaks sitting on benches like we normally do, she was fine, laid rite over all the busy tiles. I think we will avoid the mall for a few days though, give her a bit of a break not having her go their on a daily basis at least for now. I am a little bummed about this problem, thought it was going to be a good place for us to go this winter. The floors are actually much brighter and more busy then these pics actually show. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  22. Personally I have never been a fan on using them with my own dogs, I do know people who use them, I do know that they do see that it helps them. To me it is a matter of preference, some do some don't. I will admit that I came very very close to using a friends collar with Gidget, I was at my wits end with her and looked at it as a last resort. I did however manage to find an alternative to using the device. I am quite happy with the decisions that I made. Again if someone wishes to use them on their own dog, that is their choice, would I let someone put one on my dog? No I would not. I would rather seek out other means to correct a situation when and if at all possible. I do know a dog that has been trained with one, he is an awesome dog who sort of has some odd quirks, it was the only way that his people could get his attention. He is a great dog, he runs around with his collar on him being such a good boy, if it is removed he is not always such a good boy. Funny thing is he has no clue that the collar is not even turned on lol.
  23. I do love how the ears on a BC tell you what they are thinking! I have a feeling mine will have the air plane ears for her norm position, but more and more I have noticed them upright, I am so used to them flopping about, BC's are so adorable anyway they hold their ears.
  24. I talk to my dogs all the time, Not sure what people may think about the conversations we have while out and about, but I don't worry about it lol. I talk to her tell her how well she is doing, what a good girl she is, I even tell her where we are going lol. I know that it is a good thing because I started saying things like curb, cross walk, proceed, right, left, and ya know she gets it! She totally understands me. So If its crazy to talk to your dogs then I guess I am happy to be crazy haha. My daughter says its not the talking to the dog that makes people look at me twice, its the fact that I have a parrot on my shoulder while walking the dog that makes peoples heads turn haha. Yes I talk to that silly bird too!
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