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  1. Ok thanks I put it on my shopping list.
  2. We do have as I call them slips, usually when I am not able to keep up with working her for a few days, we go back to square one, though she bounces back rather quick, she don't like when I turn into a statue lol. But even in the house I have her on the leash at times working with her, mainly because I need her for balance. The 2 step thing has helped her to really learn to slow down. I think with these young border collies anytime we want to slow them down is almost like punishment they seem to have 2 speeds, fast and faster lol! Can you run or play your bc hard before walks? I have found that if I tucker Gidget out a little bit before a walk I have a much better behaved and more willing to work with me dog then when I don't take that 10 minutes out of my time before we head out. Also with my new leash that has a belt that the leash clips on to, Id hate to think what would happen should she try to run off full speed after a leaf blowing in the wind haha.
  3. Oh my!! That is not good at all, Poppy has a weight problem as it is that we are always contending with, and shes old.
  4. I saw my daughter do something once that shocked me. This was back in Upper Mich. where you don't have to lock doors, we were at a camp in the woods. This idiot wanted to see his big young pit fight with our at the time 8 yr old lab, she said no dude not gonna happen, We went in the camp then we heard screaming like a woman and dogs! We knew what happened, ran out saw our dog Rip had that muscular pit pined by the throat to the ground, blood everywhere, the guy screaming hes killing my dog do something. Kim tried the tail, tried the feet in air, tried the collar, nope. So she strattles Rip leans forward says Rip its me sticks her fingers in his mouth behind his jaws and pushes! rip releases she pulls him back tells the guy grab your dog as she holds on to rips collar. I am standing there disbelieving what I just saw! She looks at me as I am looking over my dog saying I know that was dumb mom but I had to think fast or Ripper coulda really hurt that dog! Not a mark on Rip, the Pit had superficial cuts from Rip holding him down, the idiot learned a valuable lesson that day. I would never ever ever recommend what my daughter did that day, but I have always wondered what else she could have done, as she pointed out, she did try everything, she had to think and act fast to save the other dog from our dog causing it great harm. It was a very serious situation. Note we had left Rip in her truck
  5. I will try to work on it this coming week if he is still available again not sure but they may be interested.
  6. Both my dogs have this, I am sure it is that time of the year and its allergies, as my allergies are acting up as well. I tried allergy eye drops, they were working great. After a 3 days Gidget refused to let me put anymore drops in her eyes, She cries and pulls away and so does Poppy, I think it may burn so I gave up. Id rather have eye buggers to wipe then burn my dogs eye balls. I read last night that giving the dog 2 table spoons of coconut oil a day will clear this up, and keep their coat shiny, they have nice coats already however has anyone tried this for the eyes? I am wanting to do something to help the dogs with this problem, I also don't especially like the idea of using coconut oil due to the fact that companies are demolishing rain forests to grow coconut trees to make these oils and milks, even though coconut oil has hundreds of wonderful uses, a few that I myself do use on a regular basis already.
  7. Interesting, I know if it is not cold and wet, you more then likely have a sick dog on your hands.
  8. I did have someone who has an older bc and a ranch up in the mountains of Montana try to buy Gidget from me, they have an older BC, and Gidget and this BC were having a blast. They tried very hard to convince me that Gidget was breed to be a working dog, and that I was doing her a great injustice to keep her, and la la la it went on and on. They started off rather nice, then got a bit arrogant on the matter. Telling me that she would never make a pet or a service dog. Oh well, if I have failed her then I have. What they do not know is that in time we will be moving out of WA and we will be living in a place where she will have a few sheep to round up if she so wished too. I did not feel a need to justify myself to them so I chose to ignore.
  9. You guys interesting morning here to say the least, the law enforcement and clean up crews are all over the river areas on both sides, up and down rounding up homeless, gathering them up, sending them away, cleaning up their camp sites, I feel kind of bad. Never did I want to have them loose their safe heaven, but ya know enough is enough. It is a crying shame that they do not do something for these people so that they don't have to live like this in the first place. But like a neighbor pointed out to me, they should not be living so close to residential areas. One man was woken up a stones throw from my and my neighbors front yards! This person was none too happy about it, the cursing and threats that he was saying. We could hear it from inside my house with my doors closed. Not very Peaceful in this valley this morning!
  10. Gidget and I have a deal, she can chew, I just request her to chew inside toys inside, outside toys outside, and to only chew her things. Problem with this theory is, sometimes outside toys are so much fun they end up in the house, her and Orion both are experts at sneaking in quite large pine cones, the other problem is bottle caps! If a visitor happens to drop one on the floor and leaves it, I end up having to retrieve it out of her throat. So that had to be added to our "leave it game" problem solved, or I hope. She must bring a toy to bed or no one sleeps, every night I ask her if she has a toy, she will look, if not she will run and get one, kind of cute.
  11. See this is what my neighbor is saying! He is on a neighborhood committee and has been saying this very same thing, that we need porta potties or something down here, at the peoples park, the main park, the dog park, and down at the high bridge park, it is a big beautiful park, also a place where people play some sort of a frizbee game that I do not quite understand. Anyway, I have a suspicion that my phone calls the past few days all to different places, all ending with me saying that after I speak to the neighborhood association at the next meeting I intend to take them and all the information I am gathering to the local media, I think they realized that I will do just that! Also the last person I spoke too, I had made the comment that I saw that we were due for some rain, if it were to rain I would be calling the local media before the neighborhood meeting because no way was I going to let a rain storm send all that rolling down into the river system with a clear conscience. My daughter says people are going to think that I am sort of a crazy hippy lady, if that is what they need to think to keep the environment clean then so be it. She doesn't really mind, that apple does not fall far from the tree, my girl is a 4.0 student studying botany, mycology, Ichthyology, basically a wildlife biologist major lol. Yes proud mom plug
  12. I know! Never been so happy to see grossed out officials! I hope to see some workers showing up soon.
  13. My poor Gidget has many commands while walking, but how she learned them is maybe not the correct way but all the things I was told just were too complicated for this old lady whos hands dont work to be using clickers and a cane and giving treats and all that stuff at the same time so this is what i did. When she pulled on me i stop... I don't move, I become a statue! I dont budge i say nothing, i dont do a darn thing I may look like a total idiot but I just do not care. She figures it out and looks at me and i point to my side if she comes to me i say yes then i say heal and off we go, if she do it again then once again i am a statue! oh it is a pain, but turning around and walking the other direction is more pain for me, standing there don't hurt me because i use a hands free leash. it has been working, all her things i teach her is with this system, I do have some things she does where I hold the leash, but same principle, statue seems to get my girls attention in a quick hurry, she don't like it when I don't move.
  14. Oh you guys should have seen us when we were canning!!! We put up the baby gate so that no fur got in the canning! We were so sure that we were safe! NOT!!! we were doing our first batch of pickles had the brine all set up and saw black beagle hairs floating in it!!!! We were like OMG how the heck did this happen??? We then realized that Poppy was still in the kitchen, quietly sleeping on the rug by the kitchen door, yup had to throw it out wash everything, re-sterilize everything. The joys of having dogs, Wouldn't have it any other way! And I have officially decided that I am hurting too bad to care about the floors, I am not sweeping till Friday, my neck and knee and the rest of my body decided enough is enough. Fur or no fur if someone comes over and says anything, I will direct them to the broom closet!
  15. Well pardon the pun, but a big stink has erupted over all of this down here, I have seen a bunch of official looking people down there today, not sure what is going on but a whole lot of head shaking and one gent looked like he was pretty green around the gills haha, I am sure he is, got to be pretty ripe down there! I have a feeling the neighbor and the association, along with the calls we have all been making got a few wheels turning round here, I am the quiet observer keeping an eye out the window watching to see what happens next Yes we are down below browns, it is like a country like setting wit n the city you are correct. many small houses, some cottages, a few very nice larger homes down here its a really neat place to live, very quiet down to earth people peaceful, lots of nature, usually not much excitement other then the wildlife roaming about and an occasional tweaker going down the street lol.
  16. I have been around many boxers, never met one I did not like, not on my list of dogs I would want to have myself, but I really don't have any problems or issues with them. They are really cute and funny. I have learned to steer clear of boxers with tails while they play, those things crack your legs like leather whips Ouch!
  17. This is driving me up the walls!! I got the old beagle, the heeler dropping fur all over the house all day long, you pet them or they rub on you, the furniture is all covered with it. I have all I can do to keep up with it, I brush them, I sweep and I sweep, I tell them that they are going to go bald soon! Gidget has not dropped a single hair as of yet which scares me to be honest. Orion and his thick soft fluffy coat just won't stop, he has these bits of fluff coming off in hunks, the more I brush the worse it gets, It looks like I never sweep the floors. I am about ready to wrap these dogs in plastic wrap!!! we gave them a bath. got the tub nicely plugged up with fur for the 2, not a bit of fur came off for Gidgets not even after the ordeal over the weekend, I just know she is going to drop as soon as the other 2 get through lol.
  18. Tommy its kind of below down town, like a little lost country side outside of the city but still in the city, its below the down town and below browns addition I guess one would say, not many people seem to know its even here unless they know about the peoples park the place where people used to go skinny dipping years ago lol. I guess lots of naked hippies used to run all over the place down here many moons ago haha. I have not ventured down there as of yet. Today we went to the dog park that was much safer, and I do not ever consider the dog park a safe place to go to be perfectly honest
  19. I was pretty calm about it when it first happened actually I was more worried about her leg being broken with her limping on it and all, but once she was able to put pressure on it and walk a bit then I tried to get to where I could soak her in the water though that ended up not possible. Anyway I had my last attempt to get help, I spoke with a woman at a department that removes and cleans up homeless and their camps I was informed that their is an organization is set up to "run off the homless that set up camp," they come in and "clean up the camp site" "they clean up everything left behind EXCEPT That" so they want me to go down and investigate and call them back if I see a camp, I told her that I am disabled and not about to go poking around looking to find a homeless camp. So she said she can not tell me I can put up a warning sign, but if I were to put up a warning sign she doubts that anyone would have a problem with it, and she doubts anyone would take it down.
  20. I love them one and all, I did see an adorable little border collie pup the other day that was multi color all soft pastel like coloring she was adorable so tiny and fluffy, but I'd not trade my Gidget for her. I do love seeing a border collie in action, any size, any color, to me they are just the most beautiful sight to see when they are in true form the stance the gate just awesome! My love for a border collie runs deep!
  21. Ok you know where Riverfront park is, I am down the hill along the Spokane River, pretty much down the hill in Peaceful Valley, funny you should mention a sign, we are talking about making a huge sign that says something like BEWARE people poo poo here! Keep DOGS OUT! The city and environmental health will not do anything about it! Then calling the local news to come down and do a report on it. Seriously its being discussed.
  22. I guess when I have had pups and young dogs I got of easy because even though I worked and knelled them, I always had someone who could go over to the house during the day to check on the pup and put it out for me once or twice, then the kids would get home from school, they would take the dog out and tend to it tell I got home. Do you have a friend or neighbor maybe who could come over to put the dog out to potty once a day maybe?
  23. I have to agree with you on this one, I would not take the risk myself, 2 Akitas and 1 border collie is not a fair match should things go wrong. Id wait and introduce them slow if I introduced them at all.
  24. We are in Spokane Washington. and this place where we go is across the street, many people go there, it is just beautiful, it is a wide open area, very big open space with a few trails along the river or you can stay up on top, you can go down to the river and swim if you like, you can go along the trail and get to this area called peoples park where their are even more trails and a big bridge that you can walk over a huge water fall and have even more beautiful trails on either side, bald eagle all sorts of wildlife, just beautiful!!! Very sad that this sort of thing is going on and that their is nothing being done about it. Please don't get me wrong I do feel for the homeless people, if I were homeless the last place I would want to be is in those shelters or in the streets in the city, I would want to be in the woods myself,. But I would have the decency to keep the environment clean of derby and dig a darn hole or something. It is all just very sad. Gidget woke up this morning and seems back to normal, went out to potty like nothing was wrong, I think she will be ok. Saw a man come up out of the trails yesterday with his dog covered in the stuff, he was understandably upset, I offered him my hose, he came over we doused his poor dog in the last of my baking soda vinegar and tomato juice and got it cleaned up as best as we could so at least he could put his dog in his truck to get it home for a good bath. The man was so upset, I told him I know I just went through this, told him what the citys take on the matter was, he said he will be reporting it as well. Like he said what was meant to be a nice relaxing stroll with his dog turned into a hellacious experience bringing him to tears, this is just not rite, mind you the name of the area where I live is Peaceful Valley. Lately their has been not much peace in this valley, my truck was robbed, their have been break ins in homes and cabins through the neighborhood, they have been asking for the police to step up enforcement around here, we even had a guy this summer stab and kill someone in the park and hide in someones basement! He was found thank goodness! It's normally a nice quiet little area where people have cute homes, gardens and just a nice quiet life, seems that some people think that this means we are all suckers who have no backbone and they can do anything they wish in our neighborhood, as my neighbor said "time we show them that this neighborhood will not put up with these sorts of behaviors"
  25. Agreed, and as for crate trained dog being possessive over their space, not at all. Poppy the elder dog in the house for some odd reason has decided that Gidgets crate is the perfect place for her to sleep during the day, Gidgets reaction to it was priceless! She looked at Poppy cocked her head so confused, then she put her head inside sniffed Poppy making sure she was ok, gave her a kiss then left her alone. For last few weeks here and there Poppy has taken naps in the crate when she feels like it, Gidget has not a care in the world about it. She goes in and out of it when Poppy is not using it, if Poppy is in it Gidget leaves her alone. Honestly at first I was a bit worried that we may have a problem, but none at all.
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