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  1. There is a bacterial infection dogs can pick-up when traveling through puddles,standing water and ponds from racoon, rodent and fox urine or feces. It shows up as vomit and diarrhea and quickly invades the liver and kidneys causing them to shut down. Please be careful when dog takes ill after hiking. Hopefully his proness to injuries will subside as he matures.
  2. We have a seven month old border collie and her coat is coming in long on top with feathers forming on her tail, but her belly coat is pretty sparse especially under her front elbos. I think it can take up to two years for their coat to mature. You could supplement her food with fish oil which is good for skin and coat if you prefer and bath her in a quality dog shampoo with oatmeal. The vet recommends it for their skin. Hope that helps.
  3. Thanks everyone for the wonderful complements on our puppy. We are so glad she found her way to our family. She is getting stronger and healthier everyday. It's amazing how quickly she is rebounding. I wish I knew what happened to her littermates. She was found alone, so I can only hope that her brothers/sisters had a happy ending too!
  4. Yes she is a rescue. She was found on the Reservation in late February shivering in the cold snow trying to eat paper for food. She was extremely malnutioushed (only 7 lbs at 3 months.) had a fever and was missing fur from a bout of mange. She could only eat very small amouns of Presciption dog food at first because her stomach couldn't handle much. She has rebounded amazingly well and we look forward to watching her grow into a strong, healthy happy dog. With such a rough start we were just trying to get an idea what she might look like as an adult. We were wondering if anyone would be able to guess if her coat would be short, medium or long based on puppy pics. She seems to be growing a lot for 5 months old, wonder if she is making up for the months she didn't have nutrition available to her. She is so sweet and she and my daughter took an immediate bond to one another. Hoping she will be her new agility dog if all works out! Love it when rescues prove their just as special as their more fortunate canine friends.
  5. Thanks. She is currently 17 inches at the shoulder. Grew two inches in the last month, but she was in bad shape when we first met her. She was way too thin and had skin issues which have cleared up with good quality food and vet attention. Her weight has jumped 10 lbs in just the last month. Her legs seem pretty long and out of proportion right now, but her paws aren't real big. Never had a BC before sure is smart! This is her baby picture. I think she was 10 weeks.
  6. The 1st photo was of our puppy at 4 months. The last picture was at 5 months. Her adult fur is coming in. She is about 26 lbs at five months. Any idea of how big she will be and what coat length she might have? Thanks!
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