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  1. Also Camden's mom- I understand your rant completely. It happened all the time when we lived in a more populated area and it was so frustrating having to tell people "that's not how you greet a dog" or "you're scaring him". He seems to be fearful of men because of the man who teased him. But the man knows not to do that again or will get yelled at!
  2. Thank you all so much for your detailed responses. Noah and I will begin our training and will keep you guys updated! As of today, he kissed a little boy on the face and was great with two strangers that came into the house. He did have a slip up on his morning walk when he saw a neighbor but wasn't offleash. AND we took him to the dog park and petco and he did great both places. Didn't even bark at strangers. I have faith he will be fine in time
  3. Thank you Camden's Mom for your help!! I'm glad I'm not the only one dealing with this. That thread was very helpful. He doesn't growl when he does it and no hackles either. The only time he's growled at someone is when this man tried sneaking up on him. I'm having a hard time understanding what type of aggression it is. When I get home from leaving him alone, he gets so excited and jumps up and sometimes nips me. I never saw this as a huge problem, as I've been teaching him to greet me more calmly and figured he'd grow out of it. I have had people over since yesterday and once
  4. It seems as though when people don't acknowledge him he bites. Yesterday he went up to a man, sniffed because the man crouched down and was pet, and was fine. This is why it's so troubling, because he isn't the typical "aggressive dog" and this sort of came about from nowhere
  5. No, he didn't break skin and both of the people said they were fine and insisted I was overreacting. Since the last incident happened I have realized he cannot be offleash again. I will start with the long lead. And I will research those tecniques right now! thank you very much for your help
  6. I got my dog when he was ten weeks old. He is now six months old and has developed some issues. He grew up in NYC and I took him to the dog park every day, in which he encountered several dogs on his walk and passed hundreds of people on the sidewalk too. He never had any problems with people. Two months ago we relocated to the midwest, where he rarely ever sees anyone on walks and has had minimal interaction with dogs, simply because there aren't that many people here that gofor walks or take their dogs on walks. We take him and my other dog to the park three times a day where we let the
  7. My pup will be 6 months in a week, and has seemed to stop growing. I was wondering if he will get any fluffier or get any taller after six months? He's not nearly as furry as I thought he'd be at this age. Also, what contributes to the change in his ears? They were off to the side for a good month, and now one is flopped over. Attached are pictures from when he was a pup, and him now
  8. I didn't directly get him from a breeder, a man was giving him away and told me he got him from a breeder. His ears are what confuses me! But no matter what, I'll love him thanks everyone for your help!
  9. Hi! We got our Noah when he was 10 weeks old, and told he was a tri color mini aussie from a breeder. I don't think he looks much like an aussie at all, and was wondering if anyone could give their opinions on what breed he is? I think he is a border collie/aussie mix. He is now 4 months old, and weighs 28 pounds!!! Whenever people ask his age, they say "look at those paws! he's gonna be huge!" Also, his fur is very short and slick, I was wondering if you think his fur will get any longer. There are a few photos when he was younger, and some more recent! More recent ones show one of h
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