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  1. Yep your probably right I've quit the antics around feeding time although the only reason I did it in the first place was I read it some where (my first dog it's all new). He's getting fed in the mornings now and in the evenings same amount just spread throughout the two meals. The whole thing is much more relaxed. As we are currently enjoying really good weather here we go out for an hour or so to play with his collection of balls and a tennis racquet (too hard on the shoulder to heave them for an hour). By the time he's been walked then played I have a very tired doggy. Currently he's un
  2. Mac has never had a problem with being Mr growlypants at dinner time but I'm just reinforcing his belief that I'm not there to steal his food. I start off by holding the bowl out for him so he can have a little then I place it on the floor for him to have a good go at while I stroke him and then I get a little in my hand so he can eat it out of my hand. I started doing this when he was a pup to stop any resource guarding from the beginning it's just re-enforcement. The bubbles are a wonderful Idea I'm just trying to find some that are either already here in NZ or are shipable to NZ. No luc
  3. Yep your quite right we are exploring ways for my wife to interact with Mac that don't include me although that's complicated slightly by looming knee surgery so a lot of activity is out for awhile or at least will be through recuperation. I'm completely mixing his routine up now. He seems a little puzzled but extremely willing to go along with things. As we're coming into summer we got the tennis racquet and squeeky tennis balls out to use outside. He's a complete ball maniac He's spread out on the floor in the sun currently he's so tired all he can move are his ears I'm still sticking
  4. I'm really pleased to hear this about routines I keep Mac's routines up because it seemed to be the accepted way to raise a pup, this is my first ever pup. I'm actually much happier not having a routine for the dog as such just maintain consistency with Mac. I know he expects his routines now so I'll be easing him out of them. I did swap out his milk with a 90% water milk mix I'll do that for a few days then go to water completely and we didn't have Mr. Growly pants this morning either there was no indoor treat I let him run around outside and made him work for his outdoor treat. I'd like
  5. Again thanks for the advice I appreciate it a lot. This morning I checked his outside treat behaviour and it was perfectly normal made him work for his treat and broke it up into small sections with a sit or a down and a pat for each piece. Seems perfectly normal I'm pleased to say. Although he did find a goose in one of the fields this morning chasing that got him excited (the goose comfortably made his noisy escape). I'm not using any new deodorants or body washes unfortunately I think I'm a creature of habit too, much as I might like to think otherwise. I think more training is an abso
  6. Thanks for the advice guys. I didn't want to make my original post too long or wordy so let me see if I can give you a better picture of our little problem. I can't think of a thing that's different in his environment although I did worm him a few days ago but that was to see if it made a difference to Mr morning growly pants. Unfortunately not. There is no difference in the way either my wife or myself are treating the dog I'm pointedly keeping things the same I understand that's important for the dog. I monitor his health very carefully and there has been no change, he's still running ar
  7. I've been reading the boards for a while now but I've never needed to post before as all my questions are answered in other posts. It really is an amazing resource for BC owners. I have a 14 month old male split-face BC, he's a wonderful dog. We've had him since he was 12 weeks old so he's very much at home here. Recently though he's developed some odd behaviours which I have a feeling it might be the dreaded teenage phase but your opinions would be very helpful. First thing in the morning he comes out of his crate has a 2 minute fuss before we go outside for a run around so he can empty h
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