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  1. Mara thanks so much did they do the doxy and then waited a few weeks did a shot and then waited did the 2nd? See whats so confusing this is how one vet wants to do it which sounds somewhat okay but I took her to get a second opinion today this vet just wanted to do the 1st shot today and 2nd tomorrow and not even the doxy. he said it all didn't matter it mattered only that we kill all HW right away. This sounded really harsh. He was of course only $ 450 versus the first vet wanted $ 1200 but had overnight stays with monitoring of Simbi after each shot included.
  2. I am just seeking information what "others" might have done to help the issue of dog aggression! I for sure didn't come here to be attacked because I ask a simple question. I thought ONLINE FORUMS are there to ask questions or ask for suggestions OR ask for experience that others might have had that they could share with me. THis is my first Border Collie and it is OBVIOUS a total different breed than my Labrador was. And like I said I wasn't out there looking for a Border Collie I saved this dog from being euthanized so I am trying to gather as much info and try to learn as much as possible about the behavior issues of BC's because I heard dog aggression is very common in BC's!
  3. because the rescue didn't provide any HW prevention the first few month then by the time they gave me some without retesting her it was too late the vet I took her to said most likely she was infected right before she was found in November thus the negative test then when I adopted her I asked my vet to just run a HW test and sure enough she was positive funds are not tight hence the $11K I just spend on my lab last year that's not the problem the issue is I am horrorfied about the treatment with ARSENIC in it that just sounds very scary and one vet told me that dogs often die from this!
  4. I understand that and have hired a trainer who starts in 2 weeks BUT I thought maybe someone can still give me additional advice! I am sorry I thought this was a group to be able to ask questions I guess not.
  5. feeling overwhelmed

  6. I just adopted this dog well kind of got put into this situation (just posted story) in other thread anyways I am not experienced with BC but she is VERY dog aggressive she is young only about 1-2 yrs old. very skiddish of humans still but has come a long way since I had her for 5 month now. but the dog aggression I feel hopeless and don't know how I can make this better!? Any suggestions?
  7. ok I try to get to the point as quick as I can I was kind of put into this situation with Border Collie/Mix I just adopted. She was a stray I didn't want a new dog yet since I just lost my black lab of 9 1/2 yrs to bone cancer last August I am still crying every single day. BUT I had agreed to foster a stray dog a rescue friend of mine took in in November just for a "few days" well the few days had turned into 5 month because they couldn't find her a home she is very dog aggressive and skiddish about humans too. She has come along way since I took her in but I don't have any experience with BC. ANyways long story short in November she was HW negative the rescue gave me nothing for her to keep her on HW meds and she now turned up HW+ last week. Just a few days after I was somewhat forced to either A) adopt her or the rescue was going to Euthanize this 15 mo. old dog because she was dog aggressive and a risk to adopt out. I wasn't going to let that happen so now I have her. I am horrorfied I went to 4 vets already and some friends told me to do the SLOW KILL Method which is Doxy for 4 weeks and then just Heartguard. but all vets here refuse to do that and want to give her Doxy and IVERMECTIN which when I read about it really scares me. What should I do? Keep looking for a vet that offers the slow kill or take the risk with Ivermectin? Has anyone here had a BC that has been HW+ ??? I am devastated I cant think about losing another baby so soon. I don't know what to do but I know I need to do something "soon" THanks for listening I have some pictures of her on my Facebook Page I made http://www.facebook.com/Bogimylove she is a beauty and I think she is a border collie from what ive been told. Thanks in advance for considering to answer me with tips.Mannie in Tampa
  8. I had VPI Pet Insurance for my 9 1/2 yrs old Lab that just died of Osteosarcoma last year and I was thankful I had gotten it when he was 6 yrs old because he always gotten into food he wasn't supposed to. Anyways last year when he was really sick and I was so devastated trying everything to safe the love of my life I was thankful I had VPI pet insurance. In the end he still lost his fight against Osteosarcoma and Hermangiosarcoma in August but out of the $ 11,000 in VET BILLS trying frantically to give him the best I could I did receive about $6000 back from the Insurance company. So to me it was a good choice. I am debating to get it again for my new dog I just adopted whos a Border Collie Mix that's why im here to find out more about this breed
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