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  1. We probably should have walked in and asked if we could watch, our bad. My family looks forward to the trials over the next coming months! Photos? I'm starting to wonder if we've taken a few too many... Here's a few, but I'll put more in another post. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who contributed to helping my family and me find a pup. Also, I want to point out he is a guy, he just likes to "dress" up. Sincerely, David
  2. Hey Amy, Yeah, we think he's pretty cute as well! Sorry for the late response, we've been a little busy all around while Jax gets accustomed to things. We were at the trial, however we saw a sign that said "No spectators." We watched from the road - but didn't get a great view. We were there at noon, I don't know if we saw you, but all the dogs looked great! Are there any other local trials you'll be running in, my family still wants to see a sheep trail (I don't know if watching from the road counts, I guess it does). Thanks, David
  3. Hello everyone, Thank you for all the support, advice and suggestions - we were suprised and really thankful for all the information. After a lot of thinking, discussing and following up on leads from the forum, we ended up last weekend on Anne Devine's farm, EyeSpy Border Collies, in Concrete Washington. She had just recently brought the whole outfit over from Conneticut and due to the move actually had puppies available. We really were hoping for a puppy mid June but decided early was better than late and have now added Jax, an 8 week old male, to the family. I had forgoten how much fun a
  4. HI Gentlelake, Very sorry to hear about your tough experience with your fearful young dog - I think you and several others who have posted here are right - the interplay of genetics and experience play a huge role in a dog's confidence and temperament. Our little BC has not, to my knowledge, had a major bad experience and is overall a very sweet, happy and well adjusted dog - she just is not interested in other dogs much and is a timid and thus a bit snappy around them. We are hoping for a young, not necessarily super young but 6 month or less, male who will hopefully defer to her and grad
  5. HI AMC, Thanks for clarifying the trials location - we definitely would have gone to the "wrong" location and might have missed some of the action! We're looking forward to seeing some great BCs work. Regards, Dave
  6. Hi Dogfish and MrSnappy, Thanks very much for posting about Holly - she does look like an great dog. My daughter, who is 13, and I have been amazed by the generosity of people on this forum with information and advice. It has made our decision much more challenging in some ways! After speaking with a variety of people we now feel a male is likely our best choice given our small, timid, "bossy" current female, Ren. As I think I"ve mentioned my daughter and I have slightly different thoughts about this next dog and are still working toward consensus. We were within a few hours of adopting a
  7. Hi Diane, sounds like it's going to be a popular event! We're really looking forward to it and will see ya there. My daughter will be dragging my wife and me along faster that our little BC pulls us to the park when we are carrying a chuck-it! Regards, David
  8. Hi Maralyn, I think your advice is excellent and a young adult rescue would be my first choice for a number of reasons, but, as you mention, it won't really be my dog. Our 5 year old Border learns tricks with ease and is learning agility with no issues what-so-ever and I'm sure many others would be the same. The focus on a puppy may come from our current BC's shyness and the hope that more serious and thorough socialization might have made a difference. Best regards, David
  9. Hi Elizabeth, Your advice about going to the trials and paying the most attention to working dogs makes good sense. We are planning to attend the Scio trials/festival to watch and talk with the handlers and will look for a few other good events soon. An emphasis on work vs "breeding" seems to be the right approach. We have never had a purebred anything before, our current BC being (aprox!) 87.5% BC and 12.5% "Sharpei" according to the family we got her from, so for us it's all about who they are not what their papers look like. That being said, our little girl does have some issues with he
  10. Wow, all of you have been very generous with your time and thoughts – many thanks! You have given my daughter and me a lot to think about and we’ll mull it over. While I would lean toward an older dog, as many of you have suggested, I know my daughter really wants to begin working with a puppy – starting with meeting the pup by 6 weeks, coming home at 8-9 weeks. She has lists of socialization situations to introduce the puppy to including strange adults, children, our cats, other dogs, horses, vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, grooming, etc. And then, of course, a training plan to work on until th
  11. That's a good idea Maralynn, I will have to get a few adoption forms to keep filled out for whenever they may be needed - thanks for the idea! Hey Sue, Your point about the differences between a small puppy and young dog make a lot of sense and I'll need to consider this. We plan on visiting any puppy or dog that we consider getting with our current dog first, as it is most important our furry family member is happy with the new addition, or at least isn't too overwhelmed. I have recently read over the "Read this First" article and found it very informative, as AKC is bred for looks I unde
  12. Hey Maralynn, thanks for the response! I haven't seen That'll Do Border Collies and will have to contact them to see if I could be put on their radar for young Borders. David Bordercentrics, I've looked at Pacific Northwest Border Collie but will continue to check if they get any puppies / young adults. While you're totally right about not needing a puppy for agility - we started training ours at 5 years - we were planning on getting a puppy because of our other dog - who's very timid. We're thinking she could adjust to the younger dog and become the "leader," at least until she was mo
  13. Hello everyone, We currently have a 5 year old Border Collie my daughter has trained since she was a puppy and whom she is currently training in agility. We are now looking for a second Border, a pup up to about 6 months, to eventually train in agility as well. We have checked the websites of some breeders around the Portland/Vancouver/Salem Oregon area but have not found any pups still available for this summer. We would be perfectly happy with a rescue as well. Is anyone aware of coming litters that are not all spoken for? Ideally we would pick up the puppy after June 15 so my daughter i
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