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  1. Thanks everyone. Seems like I might be thinking too hard about this then. It was never really a massive concern. it's just the dogs I've had in the past (2 Labs and a Springer Spaniel) always ate somewhat more leisurely. They'd always finish their meal but never with the sort of haste that Harvey seems to have. He's happy enough so I don't see any real need to slow him down though
  2. I've had Harvey for a month (former RSPCA rescue dog) and it's all been great but I've noticed he gulps his food down really quickly. It's not really a massive worry but I was wondering if this is normal. He has no health issues (he was checked over by their vet before I had him) and I feed him 2 tins of Pedigree Chum per day which he loves. He gets fed around 7am and 5pm but he seems to do it regardless of the time and it doesn't matter whether it's before or after a walk or excercise/playtime. He was fed individually at the RSPCA so I don't think it's that - he was only there for about 3 weeks - and at his original home he was the only dog in the house. He's happy and healthy enough so as I said it's not a huge concern but I was wondering if Collies are usually like that? If I ate my food as quickly as him I'd get indigestion...
  3. I've only had Harvey a week and already the bond between us is strong which I'm happy about. Just to recap he's an 18 month old healthy RSPCA rescue dog. My intention is to get him to come along on some of my 8 to 10 mile runs but I need to get his obendience training up to speed first. My issue is in the meantime: naturally he's very energetic, scatter-brained and quite 'ADHD' which is fine, I knew this as I researched his breed before I took him but I was hoping for advice on how to 'calm him down' if those are the right words. I have a medium-sized garden which he seems happy enough but I know that alone will never be enough for him. I'll take him out for a decent length walk, sometimes off the lead if it's safe to do so for him to stretch his legs but after we come in or randomly throughout the day he'll have what I call a "funny 5 minutes" or "mad half-hour" where he's on the prowl looking for something fun to do. Obviously I give him as much of my time as I can and I've got him lots of toys to chew and play with but none of it seems enough and I feel so guilty when he looks up at me with the brown eyes, sometimes giving a gentle groan of boredom. I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong but don't know what. Any ideas or suggestions guys? TIA
  4. That's good advice too. I'm fair skinned so I don't tend to run between midday and 3pm anyway. To be honest I'd probably avoid taking him out in the later afternoon or evening too as asphalt will have had all day to heat up.
  5. Oh absolutely - he's very energetic and has a LOT of energy he needs to burn but gets distracted far too easily when we're out especially in new places so I need to get him along to obediance training first as I think he could inadvertantly be dangerous right now on a run. Once that's sorted I'm pretty sure he'll be able to handle a 2 or 3 mile stretch so I'll start off there and increase the mileage the same way I do when prepping for a long race - 10% increases in distance per week. I'll keep an eye out for any limping too, and check his paws over when we get back.
  6. Thanks everyone. Running on roads, pavements and asphalt is tough on my joints too ;-) I try to mix it up anyway and get a few miles on grass as well. There is a beach here but dogs are only permitted from May to September so that's not something I'm looking at right now. Still, once we're sure he's fit enough I'm sure he'll give me a run for my money!
  7. Hi, first time Collie owner. I went to my local RSPCA centre as I was after a dog that could handle coming out on my runs with me, I cover between 7 to 10 miles 3x per week so I wanted a breed that would be able to keep up with me and 18 month old Harvey was their suggestion! As he was nervous they suggested 5 socialisation visits first but we bonded so quickly they felt he was ready after just 3 and we brought him home on Easter Sunday :-) Learning more about him all the time and although he needs quite a bit of obedience training once that's sorted, can't wait for the summer so we can find all kinds of places for us to explore together :-)
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