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  1. Thank you all for taking the time to reply. To jvw: She can't take any more meds besides the Doxy because her liver enzymes are high (probably due to the round of anti-inflammatories given at the onset). To Journey: Glad to hear yours fully recovered. That's what I want to hear! Unfortunately, in Carly's case, for the first two weeks it seemed like an injury and had tested negative to the SNAP4. Was put on pain meds, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories. Then when she had the nosebleed and the fever, we started the Doxycycline. Two more weeks to go. Yesterday she had a setback and started to limp, no energy. Today she seems a little better so I am, once again, hopeful. To Juliepoudrier: Thanks for the links! Also, great pictures everyone!
  2. Thanks for the reply. Both the SNAP4 and the antibody tests were done a week apart by different vets. She's taking Doxycycline 125mg twice a day.
  3. My border collie Carly (spayed female) is 4yrs old, 39lbs and has led an active and healthy life. I'd like to share what's been going on with her in the hopes that maybe someone has some insight from having known of a similar case. A month ago she began to suffer joint pain which I attributed to an awkward fall while jumping out of the car. However, since then she has presented most of the symptoms of the tick transmitted decease Ehlichiosis. But has tested negative twice. Her symptoms have included: - irregular lameness on different limbs and lower back - doesn't sit, has trouble getting up and laying down - fever - nose bleed (yes and it was horrible) -cough -depression/lethargic - loss of interest -loss of appetite Has been on antibiotics for two weeks and will continue for two more. Although there has been some improvement (no more nose bleeds), it has been up and down with regards to her joints, energy and spirit. She's been to three vets including one specializing in internal medicine and a chiropractor. My question is whether anyone has had or known a dog that has suffered from this and has gotten better? Should I expect her to get better after the recommended round of antibiotics? What about steroids? It is devastating to think that she won't make a full recovery. But I want to be realistic and would appreciate any feedback. Thank you.
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