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  1. When my border collie was 6yrs old he herniated a disc in his back. Surgery was done, my guy was only given a 50% chance of regaining function in his hind legs(he had no feeling in his his feet prior to surgery even though surgery was performed less then 36 hours after the injury). He had hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic and Accupuncture for 1 year. Unfortunately he didn't regain function, it has been 19 months since his surgery. He is still the same amazing dog he was before this all happened. He has a wheelchair and gets around great, nothing every slows him down. He still goes hiking, swimming, running on the beach with my other dog.


    I really hope that Max has a quick and successful recovery. Just keep positive and do what ever exercises are recommended.

  2. My pup was diagnosed with OCD at 9 months after limping on and off for 3-4 months even with rest. The X-Rays were sent off to be read by a specialist at UPEI. It was confirmed he had OCD in both shoulders ( only the left was bothering him) and Degenerative Joint Disease. He had surgery at 10 months on his left shoulder and was put on glucosamine, msm, and chondroitin. He was able to walk on the leg the next day.We had to keep him quiet for about 8 weeks. Then he was back to regular activity with no problems. He is almost 5 years now and has had no issues.

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