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  1. Awesome advice deltabluez , can't thank you enough. Maybe you're right about his stomach, good point
  2. Exactly, well stated maralynn, people shouldn't come here and insult people if they don't fully understand the question, If I insulted you first I would expect you to reaffirm yourself also. Please for Christs sake, let's focus on the dogs!
  3. Sorry gentle but my earlier attempts hadn't found their targets, this is no place for trolling even if they are not intending it to be trolling.
  4. Update; some useful advice thanks and still some literature based focus, anyways..both dogs interact well and often cuddle and kiss, it is a harmonious relationship between them 99% of the time, they have lots of room to run around in, no confinement, they get bones, toys until they're ripped apart then more toys trying to find a good balance, to be fair a lot of this we have tried and do train with treats which he does respond well to when he's in the mood! he is a loved dog who is just going through a testing period and we just are trying to work out what he needs. For those still fixated on the innocent wording used, maybe advising on dogs isn't your thing, maybe a literary major Could be more your thing. English is my first language and I am well educated, I was speaking loosely in a non provocative way and I can tell most people get what I am meaning due to their ultra helpful responses (THANK YOU!) there are a few that still don't, for those people who need it black and white and are acting as if everyone is evil until proven otherwise - this is for you: neither of the dogs are or have ever been in any physical or emotional danger, they are well cared for and loved. No anger is ever present around them by us as owners, our children or visitors, we refer to them as part of the family, is this clear enough? If those few still insist on chasing a goose that doesn't exist, please refrain from doing it here, go chew on a kong.
  5. Thanks vaporflowers, smart and on point, you are a gem, I'll try all your suggestions, much appreciated, and thanks for getting what I was saying
  6. Btw this is my first ever post anywhere on any forum, I've never used one and I'm extending outward to others who may have useful experience because I'm interested and determined to improve the situation, but some of you are the reason I may never use one again, honestly I thought this would be more like a non face to face community and instead it's a free for all.
  7. Thanks, also I've caught him a few times being dominant at food times etc and while playing with the female and a stern voice and finger straightens the situation out, that is what I mean by necessary intimidation, reminding him he's not the boss in a firm and fair way. Please remember I am an experienced owner and am posting because I'm actively seeking positive improvement, these dogs are semi rural not city dogs so they mingle with various livestock also. Please don't post anyone that's focused on anything other than positive suggestions on ways to spur his interests, I will not acknowledge mindless attempts at wrongly labelling me somehow. Sorry for being firm but I'm not wasting more time on non dog related nonsense, cheers
  8. I figure I may need to take Jin out without our female, maybe he is getting intimidated by her, I will try taking him for walks without her for a bit so he may feel he's getting 100% of my attention not 50/50. Thanks good advice I'll post how it goes. Also I was using the saying "stomping out bad habits" not to be taken literally, I almost went with " squashing bad habits" this also is not literal, I don't squash anything other than the couch and I only stomp on the dance floor..
  9. Ill edit his name in so you can put grammar off the table
  10. Ok, thanks for everyone that helped, I have seemed to attract misguided preloaded answers from over active minds. I suggest you rethink your opinions Gideon's girl, no offense but you are insultingly off target and your opinions are not calculated or useful to me here. I request advice from people who have interesting ideas to help not someone keen to label anyone evil. My dogs do relate to us as masters and are respected as part of our family, the only thing they don't relate to is you, nor do I, I could guess what type of owner you are but this is not the place.
  11. Ok, I think thats a little picky, one grammatical oversight in a post largely referring to the dog as he/the male is quite presumptuous and not correct in painting me as a non caring owner, this puppy gets more attention than our female by both myself and wife, it's obedient in all other aspects walking sitting staying going etc, it just refuses to burn energy through outlets we offer to him, he's also largely not intimidated by anything and is borderline arrogant if we are going to put in human terms, he's only intimidated by me if I need him to be. He's all checked, jabbed etc up to code, I haven't yet addressed this with the vet as I don't see the need to pay someone just yet for advice I can get here. Refining the issue, it's the energy outlet and interests I want addressed, these dogs live like kings therefore their welfare is off the table with all respect, Cheers
  12. Thanks for the quick answers, firstly I've had and trained a few dogs and never had an issue like this, if indeed your right and this dog is motivated by destroying things in secret then I'll be motivated to move him along to another home. This is outside, they are both outside dogs and are rarely let in and only for short periods, I can't see myself sitting in the dark by the window all night, I also have a 2 year old so sleep is already sparse . Just writing all this I'm realising the issue is I cant catch him and therefore discipline him, I've stomped out all bad habits with other dogs this way but this dog is so sneaky and elusive!
  13. Ok, I need drastic help! I have a female BC who I trained and is amazing, she is the envy of our friends, she is just over 2 and not desexed. We have since added to our family with a male BC (Jin) who is now six months old and will be a big dog as he is already bigger than our female. Our problem is this, this dog is totally different and not interested in anything we try to involve it in, we walk both off the leash twice a day where there is huge running space and the female loves to chase the rugby ball which I kick until she's puffed, the male takes the path of least resistance always, will sit still in one spot in our yard during the day, will walk slowly beside us on walks and will sit still when we get to park and watch our female exercise, Jin won't chase the ball, won't run unless he has to and generally seems lazy.... Until we aren't around or looking (nighttime etc) he seems to save all his energy to destroy everything he can and we can never catch him in the act. Jin digs, rips, chews, scratches and squashes anything that Jin can. This is driving me into a slow rage as I can never discipline in the act. I've resorted to keeping him on a chain as it's getting costly repairing all the unnecessary destruction. I feel I have a purebred dud.. Hes never short of exercise opportunities, food or toys yet his mission is to get on my nerves, also it poos at least 4 times as much as our female, and everywhere, seems like I feed it 1kg and it poos out 2kg??? The shovel is getting a fair workout. Please help, my wife just says "he's just a puppy" but that's not the issue in my eyes. Many thanks Gareth
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