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  1. Abca. Just worried since it is the breeders/friends first litter that something is missing.
  2. How long does it take to process registration? Breeder sent papers about a month ago when she called was told the must be processing since they did not see them. Said nothing had gone through on credit card yet. Thanks for any info
  3. I have looked at rescues. I know fro experience with my BC that a puppy would be better as she has been exposed to friends dogs. Thank you for your concerns. Tom I got your pm and will look into them.
  4. Hello I currently own a bc and would like to add another one to our family. I am in northern Michigan willing to travel but need some names of breeders. Yes I have thought about a rescue but think it would be easier for my current BC to adjust to a puppy. Thanks for any info.
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