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  1. Thank you! Suppose I find the behaviour puzzling, and was curious about the potential cause. But of course you are right in finding a way to address it is the main concern. I have been using a CD of scary sounds (fireworks and gunshots in particular) to help with preparing for New Year's, and that has worked beautifully. But I started doing that since he was about 3 months. I am considering recording the sounds from the kitchen when we take out the trash (without barking sounds present) and have that on repeat (starting at low volume) to do the same thing. Just wanted some other inp
  2. Hello! I'm having a weird thing show up in my 1 year old border collie, and I was wondering if anyone had any input. It has been going on for a few months now, and doesn't seem to be improving.. Whenever he hears the trash bags being handled, he (if he is free in the house) runs forth and back between the garbage can and the door to the outside. He whines in a very high pitched, loud and long manner that in the house we refer to as "screaming", since it is so different from his usual whining. When he is in his crate when we start handling the bags/taking it out, he will start barki
  3. I'm so sorry for the late reply, things have been really busy here on my end.. But thank you so much for sharing! I'm glad your boy is doing better. These dogs certainly can prove challenging - even if they are so worth it! The trigger stacking theory is very interesting! He used to become more and more stressed the more cars that passed, but It was the first car of the day that passed, so I don't think that was the issue this time. We were however very close to the car. The road we were on is the road from our house, and there is no sidewalk. It is a bit tricky terrain as well, which ma
  4. Hello I am having some negative and unsettling experiences with my 6 months old (neutered) BC male, and I was hoping you guys might have some insight.. This is my second BC, a spirited male from strong herding lines. He’s mostly very well behaved and very sweet. Obedient, a quick learner and has great focus during training. So far we have mostly been doing obedience and some scent work. I got him at 8 weeks, and he learned quickly that play biting had to be gentle, and the play biting on people was phased out entirely somewhere between 1-2 months ago. He still gets to play and bite
  5. Thank you so much everyone! It's nice to hear that it ending isn't a foreign concept, haha! I guess I am adapting to it as it almost seems strange thinking that he might one day not constantly search for things to chew I will try to turn up the volume a little, and I will try your other suggested method as well! But it's nice to hear that I'm not doing everything wrong, so I guess I will just have to be patient about this issue and focus on enjoying the puppy stage as long as I can! Thank you for good advice!
  6. Hello! So my sweet puppy, Draco, is now six months old and has lots of energy! We have a ton of fun with obedience and tracking and it's been almost two months since he had an accident in the house. So generally things are going well, however he really loves to chew.. I realize that this is perfectly normal, and he is supervised 100% of the time when he is out of the crate, so I haven't had anything destroyed yet. When he starts chewing something he's not supposed to I tell him "no" and he immediately stops and looks at me. I give him something appropriate for him to chew on (he always
  7. Thank you guys! It's nice to hear that his personality will stay the same regardless! I do wish for his focus to be on (and for his priority to be) me, but I'm worried that he won't be as lively, playful and eager to work if he is neutered.. Some people (especially in my country where neutering is looked down upon by a lot of people) really think neutering makes the dog unable to reach it's full potential, and that it will be calmer than if it was intact.
  8. Thank you so much for your replies! I'm struggling quite a lot here with the decision making.. I've heard that neutered dogs tend to be energetic and just aren't as good when it comes to tracking and obedience (don't know if they meant it about herding as well)
  9. Thank you so much guys! I do train him a lot, and really hope that it won't be an issue. The vet I go to is rather liberal (as a lot of people in my country are pro neutering) and will neuter dogs even if not they're not technically supposed to (most vets will in fact). So there would be a possibility to neuter him, but it's not technically legal, hehe.
  10. Hello! I recently wrote a post asking for advice on handling an intact male. However, I have no idea what the difference are in terms of the dog's working ability.. In your opinion, is there a difference? Is one 'better' at working(herding, tracking, search, whatnot), or does neutering not make a difference in the working abilities? Do either have more or less spunk/energy? Bravery?
  11. Hii! So my lovely Draco is 22 weeks old now, and adolescence is approaching. I have never had a male dog before, and so I'm a bit worried about how to address the typical problems (marking, humping etc) that sometimes approaches during these times with an intact male dog. I'm not sure how this forum feels about neutering, but generally people online seem to recommend it. However, as Draco and I live in Norway, it is not legal to neuter unless it's to counter a health issue. So yeah.. I'd just really like some advice on how to handle problems that could arise, so that I'm not left
  12. Thank you so much guys! I think I will try to get a hold of a leash made of chain, so that I can keep him tethered to me without having to worry about him chewing the leash.. That really would help a lot I think. Sadly he doesn't seem to find kongs that interesting yet, even though I've tried stuffing them with different kinds of things. He enjoys them in the crate, but outside of it he prefers running around and chewing other things.. And since I will try not to give him attention when he misbehaves, should I just wait out the scratching and chewing? Because I think he finds that v
  13. So I have a 15 weeks old puppy from working lines, and I'm a first time BC owner. I've been reading quite a lot about teaching the puppy to settle, and I understand that it's very important to start teaching this early. So far I've been rewarding random calm behaviors with treats, and I've done a couple of things that have been recommended to me; sitting down on the couch and asking for the puppy to lie down at my feet and reward him for staying there, and holding him in my arms until he's calm then releasing him. However I'm having some questions that I've been unable to get an answer to..
  14. So far I've tried turkey and liver treats, liver pate and I've tried giving him peanut butter, be he doesn't seem to like it (not that he wanted to taste it in the first place). I did give him a slice of cheese, which he ate, but didn't seem too excited. I'll keep trying different things, and hopefully he'll be a bit more food motivated when he's settled down here a bit For now it doesn't seem like freezing it is a good idea, as he'll only bother with the kong for about 20 seconds as it is, hehe. But I'll try freezing if I should run into the problem of him finishing it too fast! Thank yo
  15. Thank you! Those are very helpful tips! :-) He does seem more content with the crate now, and will take treats now (phew!), but the kong is still not too interesting yet. He slept in the crate, but woke me up 3 times to go out to pee. I don't think I'll be needing those alarms, I barely managed to get any sleep at all, and woke up at any sound he made. Today he has actually lied down into the crate to chew his toys.. :-) I'm going to start only feeding him in his crate, but moving a stool to the grass toilet didn't do any good at all.. He walked all over it and it got really messy, yu
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