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  1. Rose i believe was from Wildblue. Orson and Devon are the same dog. His original name was Devon but after despising that name, Jon Katz changed his name to Orson. Orson has since been put down due to biting three people. Rose has since passed away as well.
  2. http://www.wildblue.us/ this is where I got my current 8 month old BC puppy from! They're primarily from show lines, so are bred a little smaller, but a lot of working traits and drive have been bred into them! Overall, they are great dogs! https://scontent-a-ord.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/t1.0-9/1958419_10200554065093369_2029616539_n.jpg pic of Skye!
  3. Skye is my almost 8 month old purebred Border Collie female. She was the runt of her litter, and at 8 months old I would guess she weighs 25 lbs at the most if that! Her mom is around 40 lbs and her dad is around 50+ lbs I would guess. At 8 months old, how big should she be by now? She's still super tiny, and everyone thinks she's a mini Border Collie. She also had coccidia when i got her, and the vet who treated her overdosed her on antibiotics and severely damaged her gut wall. now her gut wall is healed and she's on two probiotic suppements. Could this health issue earlier in life possibly stunted her growth?
  4. Skylar is my six month old female purebred Border Collie, and is also my potential service dog prospect. I got her at almost eight weeks old and she weighed 4.2 lbs and was half the size of her siblings! The vet also discovered that she had coccidia. he put her on 2cc of albon suspension for 20 days. When we went back 20 days later, the coccidia was still there so he put her on 2cc of albon for another 20 days. then we went back and the coccidia was gone, but she now had giardia, so he put her on metronydazole for two weeks. then we went back and giardia was gone, but the coccidia was back, so he put her on albon 2cc for another 20 days. All this time, he never once mentioned that a probiotic supplement to protect her gut would benefit her a lot. I was talking with her breeder one day, and asked about all the other pups. She said that they were all fine and healthy now, and that there was no reason why Skye should still be sick! I decided to get a second opinion with a holistic vet, who discovered that Skye's gut wall had been severely damaged and the other vet overdosed her on meds. He put her on a diet of hamburger and rice only, two probiotics, one other all-natural supplement. That was two months ago. Skye is still severely ill, and could be washed out as a sd at any moment due to health issues. Has anyone else experienced anything like this before? Skye has now been parasite free for two months when i took her to the holistic vet he said she had no parasites at all that showed in a fecal exam. Her gut wall is healed, but she can not tolerate eating any type of kibble dog food or she gets liquid stool.
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