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  1. I love hearing all of your inputs! I've got a family friend who volunteers at a shelter that may let me bring Eli in to see if he bonds with any of the shelter dogs there. Its never easy going there, I always have the urge to take them all home. I might try to be a pretty macho man most of the time, but every time that one of those ASPCA commercials comes on, I can't help it... darn you Sarah McLachlan... Anyways, I'm thinking he'll do best with another herding dog. He enjoys being super active, herding and goofy. I don't think he'd work well with breed that's known for being more... snooty? I'm not sure if that's the right word. He has a more laid back, care-free attitude, so he'll probably do better with someone like him in that regard.
  2. I love everything about the breed!!! I'd definitely get another one! I'm just someone who likes variety: never bought the same car, shoes, guitars, etc. I was just curious if people knew whether there was friction between two Border Collies or between them and other breeds. I'm sure Eli will get along fine with anyone, just looking for opinions. When all is said and done, I'll more than likely get another Border Collie. It's hard to find a dog that's so energetic, work-oriented, loyal, quirky, and affectionate at the same time. I will be getting a rescue, that I can guarantee. Just looking for opinions on whether BC's are better together, or proud to be the only one in the house lol!
  3. Hello all! My name is cklug2 and I'm a Border Collie addict... but on a serious note... I'm moving out of my family's house and getting my own house soon. My little guy, Eli, is a very sociable dog and enjoys being around the other dogs at their house and I can tell he'll probably want a new friend so that he doesn't get lonely. He's an INCREDIBLY well behaved dog and never gets destructive when alone. I'll be around most of the day and am read to get a new pup. So my question is regarding a second breed, what would you do? I've had my eye on Brittanies, Huskies, Shetlands and of course Border Collies. I kind of want to get something different, although I still love Border Collies and would get another in heartbeat. What do you guys think? Stick with the breed? Do you have any experiences with the others and your BC? Any and all opinions, input or suggestions are welcome! Thanks!
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