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  1. Rufftie- that sounds like it could be funny! GentleLake-I will look into the de sensitisation stuff some more. I live in an old terraced home, even if she isn't in the same room , she can't really be in a place where she can escape the grizzly that is the Hoover. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Betty goes absolutely mad when ever the Hoover goes on. She runs round the edge of the room wanting to lunge in at it. She can be distracted against it but that behaviour still remains. I've tried leaving it out in the middle of the room and using it in short bursts etc but have had no improvements. Does anyone have experience with this that they would like to share with me? Please and thank you
  3. When I spend some time with Betty and the ball ,if she doesn't bring it all the way then I start walking backwards and tell her to come on. All through the time with the ball we work on various commands together. I find the ball great as a reward and the tug as a general 'fetch' toy. It's no substitute for a good old ramble with her tho.I'm no trainer but it works for me and we both have fun doing it.
  4. Thanks all I have taken it all on board. I have had her on a bland diet for the last few days and reduced meals to little and often. She is showing signs of improvement. On Saturday out in the woods she went to toilet and I noticed mucus and some blood in her stool. I rang the vet immediately and he gave me advice on what to do whilst she can't make it for an examination, as he didn't think it needed urgent attention( I really can't afford the out of hours vet at the moment) I will be taking her Tuesday with a 3 day sample to send off to the lab. By signs of improvement I mean that her stools are now firming up again and there is no sign of blood and mucus since. It does clearly suggest that she has some sort of irritation/ inflammation going on tho. She is however seeming as happy and full of energy as always which I am happy about.
  5. Thanks for your advice and it's good to know. I appreciate you letting me know about what you have learn through experience, as I have very little regarding these issues. I'm relatively new to all this, like a spring green! Very helpful indeed.
  6. Does anybody feed any fresh raw veg to their dogs? Is this something I should be giving to her also . I know kibble is supposed to have everything a dog needs but surely it has to loose some of its nutritional value when it's probably been sat on a shelf months before it reaches our home?
  7. Excellent that's really good to know. I will change the kibble . Low fat pro biotic is what I give here but will start using it more as a top up. I understand about the processed meats as they aren't really all that great for people either.for me they just Make an easy sandwich filler for work, its the only reason I even have it in the fridge. She hasn't yet had a stool sample done, I will see that I get that sorted after Easter break. And thanks again this forum is proving to be a great source of information
  8. then what would you suggest if I took her off puppy food? She is only a pup after all
  9. Thanks all I will start with cutting all but the kibble out of her diet and take it from there. I will have a vet check her in a couple of days if there is no change.
  10. My dog Betty seems somewhat sensitive to what she eats. I have been feeding her on purina puppy sensitive for a few months now because of this and it seemed to have settled her bowel movements down to a more consistent firm stool. I also feed her things like scrambled egg once or twice a week, natural yoghurt and fish and chicken. For training I use ham and cheese or kibble. Even though her poos seemed to have settled , she still seems to be having problems and will have a maximum of 3 days where she toilets in an acceptable ,healthy way. Am I feeding her too much fats from the cheese ? Or too much rich food. Do I need to reduce anything to allow her stools to become consistently firm again? Or is she just nibbling funny things on our walks? Was hoping all you bc loving folks could help me out on this smelly topic :)Thanks in advance
  11. That's also something I have been wondering. I regularly go on long walks but don't want to take my pup the full distances until I'm sure.
  12. Here she is . I will have to upload some better pictures soon!
  13. Hello all this is Betty she is 21 weeks old. We are new to the forum and I have been enjoying all the helpful and interesting threads on here. It's a great site and I look forward to following it all we'll into the future .
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