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  1. I have not found BARE test i Norway.. Must visit Sweden to get it. Strange, as there are several dog breeds and cat breeds that could have benefit from such a test
  2. Ther are some split faced after the father of the bitch (non of her full siblings have), and I have found one split faced after the father of the male on the image. Not easy to find all, because they are all over the world (I live in Norway) Thanks for your reply
  3. Both are great working dogs and compliment one another good! I had alredy desided on this male long ago, but then someone told me about the risk of white pups, and i got uncertain because the person said that it was not smart of me to do that combination. I just needed some other thoughts on the subjekt
  4. I have a female that I want to mate. She looks like this: And the male looks like this: After reading up and down on the white factor- I have understand that I with this mating I can risk getting some white puppies. This because I run the risk of doubling the white gene? My question is: would you risk it?
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