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  1. So Karo is 6 months old and he is doing great. However, he has a habit of dragging everywhere we go, especially after work. I know the energy level he has is a factor in it, but I want to learn him to walk on loose leash.


    I have been adviced to seperate pulling and walking on loose leach. When I'm not feeling up for training him to do it, I use a harness on him and let him drag as much as he wants.

    But when I use a collar I will train him to walk on a loose leach.


    So harness = allowed to pull.

    Collar = not allowed, walk nice.


    Any advice to what I can do? I've tried stopping when he pulls previously (when I only used collar), but that didn't work. Maybe it'll change now that I'm switching between a collar and a harness.

  2. Thanks for the help and encouraging words GentleLake.


    Looking back I could say it was a "dark period", but I think I was just overcome with A LOT of new stuff in a short amount of time. It took a little time until I figured out what works for me and Karo and now things are great. He doesn't go into "mega-obsess"-mode when seeing shadows, he's starting to understand that they are normal and that you don't need to look at them every single minute of your life. :)


    Started inside, blocked out the sun as I good as I could (still have it like this, I don't mind) and had a couple of days with lights off. If I saw any sign of him wanting to look at shadows, I tell him "EY!" or "NOoooo!" with a sharp or dark tone. If he looks at the shadow again, I do it again.

    When we're outside and he starts watching the shadows, I EY/NO him every time he looks. It's not like I'm yelling, but using a sharp and "demanding" tone.

    After he's done his buisiness in the start of the trip, I've taken out some treats and had some attention exercises with him, which keeps him very occupied. Also bought 2 kongs, god he loves those. Even if he just sees the rope on it, he's set.

    As I've also gone over from a Flexi leach to a shorter leather leach, it's become easier to walk him. Whenever he pulls, I stop and wait until he loosens up. Every god damn time, hehe. So he's starting to understand that pulling wont get him anywhere, and that he will still get to smell those delicious smells in time when he's walking with me. I do not yank him except for when he goes into the road or might be in danger for hurting himself. It's a relief to not yank, to be honest. I've grown up with many different dogs and we always yanked them when they were doing something wrong.


    I took Karo to a basic behaviour class. The club that hosted the class also have weekly "activation sessions", where the dog and owner get to do anything from agility obedience. The main focus is to use our dog. I will start going to these sessions as I want to do something with Karo other than the normal stuff. (PS: I might also be looking forward to seeing him exhausted after each session........ :) )

  3. Thanks for the great replies!


    Yes, I have started a class with him. It's this weekend and the last day is tomorrow.

    I have asked about shadow chasing and they said to keep him occupied/distract him with something else, and also see to that he gets his basic need of physical and mental stimulation. It's not a puppy class, it's a "manners" class. Similar to puppy class, only shorter and teaches the basic behavior and stuff like that.

    We're doing attention training and I think I will try clicker training.



    I just want to say it, because it's been bugging me like crazy. It makes me really angry when I see him watching the shadows. I get angry, I want to punch something, but I don't, that wouldn't be good.

    I guess I'm angry at myself for not knowing what to do in that exact moment he focus on a shadow. Until now, I've tried saying no and blocking his view when we're inside. Outside I don't know yet, but I will be bringing toys (and I'm definitely buying a Kong with a leach on it). I've tried getting his attention and it works for 2 seconds, then he's back to looking at shadows. I think I'm also angry for not being able to exercise him enough, I want to but I need the how-to. I guess it also makes me angry knowing that this isn't good for him.

    It's a cocktail of angry and I needed to get this out. Hopefully it will go out of my system soon.



    As for the yanking. I read your reply the day it was posted GentleLake. Next trip I didn't yank him at all, luckily it was clouded(no shadows). I've gone from a Flexi leach to a leather 1m leach. I find it easier to walk with the leather leach and have avoided yanking him.


    Great advice playing with him before he starts chasing the shadows. What worries me is that he goes straight back to shadow chasing after I stop playing with him or that he finds the shadows more interesting. If he goes back to shadows straight after playing, do I need/should I play with him constantly?




    Well, this have been a little rant as well, I get a little frustrated, hope you don't mind.

  4. First, here is his coat: http://imgur.com/a/RuVZA



    I will start feeding him 3 times a day, then in a couple of months when he's 6 months he gets 2 times a day.



    Went out with him just now, it's a little cloudy but the sun still shine through. He kept trying to catch my shadow and I said "NO!" and dragged him away each time. No time to treat him since in the next second he looks for it again.

    He will run a little bit in front of me, then turn sideways and look at the shadow. Then I yank him away and say "NO!", sometimes he looks at me for a brief second then tries to catch the shadow again.

    I gave him his ball and he lost focus on the shadows and fetched the ball. Then when we went back, it was only a short take-a-piss trip after work, he started chasing the shadows again. When the sun was behind me and shadow in front of me, he would try to run up to the head and sniff it.


    It's hard to get his attention when he's like this. Yesterday was all fine since it was cloudy, but now that the sun is up he notice shadow both inside and outside.


    Edit: I forgot to mention that he looks at it like play, I think. His tail is wagging while he does it.

  5. Hi.

    Yesterday Karo started chasing shadows and I've read a little about obsessive behavior when it comes to this. What should I do? (I am a little worried to be honest)

    Yesterday I tried saying "NO" and pulling him away, but he wants to catch them badly. It left me annoyed and frustrated. Today I tried to ignore him when he does it. I know its a short period of time and that it has little no effect, it's just that I am unsure of what to do.

    He also had his first windy day yesterday, which made him chase leaves that was blowing in the wind. He would pull like crazy to catch them and be totally obsessed with them. He would ignore commands to come, but eventually come when I called him several times. (He's on leach 24/7)

    What to do? :)


    How/when should I feed him? As it is now, I have food and water available for him at any time. He eats a little bit here and there, and the eat command helps when I want him to eat before going out. He usually eats more when we get back, instead of eating before we go out.

    Ideally I'd like to give him food in the morning and evening. So he learns the feeding pattern, which also helps me schedule his shits, literally. :)

    First of all, is this recommended? Should I wait until he is an adult? Is this even recommended for BC's? Second, how do I do it? Should I let him eat in the morning, let him starve a bit and give him food in the evening? In other words, learn it the hard way.



    On an another note..

    His fur is changing around his neck/head. He has the usual brown/white/black in the face/chin/legs and a white "collar" in the neck.

    He is in the process of getting a black/brown pattern on the backside of his head, and gray/black below that again. On his shoulders (behind the white collar), he is starting to grow out some gray/black stripes/areas.

    Any idea why this is happening? Is it permanent or is it something that usually happen in puppyhood?



    Thanks for taking the time to read and answer, you guys are great, I love this forum. :)

  6. Thanks for the fantastic response from both of you, I really appreciate it! :)


    I have read the topic you linked to Camden's Mom. It seems like in the US you get 2 or 3 vaccines before its "final"? In Norway its one at 12 weeks old, then one at 1 year old, then annually.

    The reason why I chose to keep him "quarantined" for a while is because he got his first vaccine a little bit late, at 18 weeks instead of 12 weeks, so he has a period of time where he is without full protection. It's just until the end of next week.


    That's also when I'm bringing him to his first class, 11-13th of April. It's a manners class. Here we will meet other dogs and enjoy himself, in addition to (hopefully) get exhausted. ;)

    Next up is a puppy class in the end of the month, 1 day pr week for 8 weeks. My local vet is hosting the class.


    He will get his socialization (and me too, I'm not so good at it to be honest :P).

    Nice idea to bring him to schools and playgrounds, just to observe and meet kids.


    I think the reason for him barking at kids is frustration, as you mentioned Camden's Mom. He is very eager to meet everyone he sees, if he was off leach he would be at their feet in a blink.



    On an another topic, he is learning so quick! As I said I get him to sit and wait. I can hold a treat in front of his nose and we won't touch it before I say so. If he tries to reach for it, I say NO and he waits. He's also very familiar to his name, much thanks to the breeder who started calling him that when he was about 2 months old, which makes fully learning "Come!" much easier too.


    I'm tired from all the walking and whining, but it makes me way more happy to know that Karo is with me and that he's waiting for me while I'm out. :)

  7. I think Karo is getting a little bit more comfortable. He doesn't have the "no-way-in-hell" state of mind when entering the crate. I get him to sit and wait there, also sit and wait while I open the door slowly. Occasionally he enters on his own to see if any new treats have magically appeared.


    Earlier today I had to go into town, so I put in him the crate, but this time with a frozen Kong toy filled with liverpaste (pretty normal to eat in Norway). He whined for about 10 seconds until he found the toy. When I came back 3h later he was silent and happy to get out.


    One other thing, he's started occasionally barking at kids. I don't know why he does this, he is usually pretty calm and silent. He loves to greet people and other dogs, but doesn't get to yet because he's vaccine haven't set properly yet. I think he might bark at them because he is not able to say hello? Whenever walking past someone, he drags in their direction until they are further away.


    I've just had him 2 days on my own up north, very little time but feels a lot longer. :)

  8. Thank you, I'll try that tomorrow!

    Had him for 5 days only. Picked up on Friday last week, spent 2 days with my family then flew up north to my apartment.


    @Cedzz Thanks! :) Kita is our family's dog, she lives in the western part of Norway with my family, me and Karo live in the northern part. People we've met when taking them out have asked if Karo was the mother to Kita, since they are so similar. They were kinda shocked to know he's 4 months and she's over a year old. :)

  9. Hi.

    I've just picked up my new BC 4 months, "Karo" (norwegian name). He's really awesome. Calm, makes almost no sound outside, wants to greet everyone he sees, learn new stuff pretty quick. Here you have pictures: http://imgur.com/a/cTU1N


    But he can't be alone.

    I can have him lying next to me and make no sound at all, he just relaxes. But if I go to the kitchen area (6 feet away) he will start whining and barking like a madman, even though he can see me. Same if I enter another room (bathroom for example) or go to the entrance to my apartment where he can't see me. He throws a tantrum like no other.

    When I put him in the cage, he wants to get out really fast. He will also start whining and barking in the crate, so I've taken a large towel and put in front of the crate door. Without the towel it doesn't seems like he's gonna stop whining. With the towel, he stops after 5 minutes.



    I'm a new dog owner, I need advice on what I should do. I managed to "lure" him in with a treat last time I put him in the crate, so that's at least some progress from "no-way-in-hell-I'm-entering-that-crate".


    Edit: Forgot to mention that he had a long flight (with transit) in the storage compartment on the plane, he's too big for the cabin. He was very happy to get out at the final destination, I think he got a little scared being alone down there.

  10. Hi, I'm from Norway and I've bought a BC male from a breeder. The breeder sold all of their pups kind of cheap, 3000NOK/$500 and does not vaccine the pups before pickup, the new owners must do that themselves.

    He is a little over 3 months old now, I'm picking him up in May. If you're wondering "Why so late?", it's because money is tight (bought new flat/apartment) and I already have a flight ticket home in the end of May.


    I will pay for the vaccine myself, I'm just wondering if I should ask the breeder to do it before I pick him up or can I do it myself?


    If it's ok with my dad, we'll pick him up early, spend 3 days at home and then my flight with him is due. My dad/family has a Jack Russel Terrier that he would get to know. I am worried about him not being vaccinated (hope I'm using the word right) + being together with the family dog, which is over a year old. I don't want him to get sick or anything. I've read that even vaccinated dogs can carry puppy diseases, but not be affected by them.



    What do you suggest? And if you have anything at all to suggest, other than this, please do. I am a first time owner, reading books and educating myself. I've grown up with dogs all my life, just never had one of my own. Literally, any tips/recommendations you have, please fire away. :)





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