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  1. I have only been to three trials and my daughter is running a dog owned by a friend so I am taking notes. I love having a soft crate. It is so light and easy to drag from the car to where we are "camped" for the day. I always pack an ice chest with all the food and drinks we will need for the day just in case there is nothing available. I bring cash with me so I don't have to worry about using the card or writing a check. I also bring a beach towel or two. I love beach towels because they can be used to cover a crate or can be put in a crate as a blanket and they will clean up a mess if needed. A couple of kitchen garbage sacks are always helpful. Sometimes the garbage can is far away. One thing I am planning to purchase is one of those foldable wagons. I see so many people with them at the trials and it makes getting all your stuff from the car to where you are camped so much easier. Oh, and I always bring food for my dog. Some trials start too early and my drive is too long to feed before we leave and sometimes the trial runs late into the evening and I don't want my dog to miss dinner.
  2. Is that legal? If someone knocked on my door questioning me about my pets and wanting to search my house I would tell them they needed a police officer and a search warrant.
  3. I only give salmon oil to my GSD. Thankfully, at this point Nattie does not need it. I purchase capsules at Costco and just drop them on top of his food. My GSD loves his fish pills. Whenever I open a new bottle he always comes to investigate. One thing that I found out with salmon oil is that I really did not see a difference in my dog's coat until he had been on the capsules for about six weeks so be patient.
  4. How do you order a customized collar? And will you please post photos when the collar arrives?!
  5. Nattie loves the plastic bottle to one brand of orange juice. I will give her the empty bottle and she will race around with it in her mouth and flip it in the air so it makes a racket when it falls. Sometimes we take the bottle away from her because she makes so much noise that we can't have a conversation.
  6. I was going to use the free leash and Christmas as an excuse to splurge but I guess I am a little late for that. It is all for the best because I don't know how I would ever decide on what to buy. Possibly Christmas next year!
  7. Thank you! I want to purchase collars for both the dogs for Christmas (my daughter thinks that all the pets need gifts under the tree) and it would be great to get a free leash.
  8. When is free leash Friday? I would like to take advantage of that in December.
  9. ^^^ That is a wonderful trick! Do you give the food to her after as a reward?
  10. Nattie is also an over friendly dog. We started a puppy agility class two months ago and the instructor has really helped with getting Nattie to greet people politely. The instructor will ignore Nattie if she jumps to greet but will praise and treat her if she greets with a sit. The instructor will even call to Nattie at random times during class to give her more practice. Since starting the class we have gone from jumping when greeting 100% of the time (unless I held her down so she couldn't jump) to greeting nicely in 70% of the time. Could you get Kaley's owner to help you?
  11. What a sweet puppy! I love the name Whitten. My puppy came from a ranch and adjusted to living in the house without any problems. I guess I shouldn't say any problems because she despised her crate for the first couple of weeks but I eventually convinced her it was a good thing.
  12. CMP, I think you need to post how-to videos on YouTube. I would love to teach Nattie Scary Dog but the trick I would love to see most is Berner Special!
  13. On our property we have an area outside one door that is a dog run. It is as large, if not larger, than a lot of backyards in suburban areas. I clean the run daily and I could have used a long leash (I wanted the puppy to have a little more freedom than a 6ft leash would allow) but the idea of the leash dragging around on the ground was a little disgusting to me. I am not using the Flexi now. It was only for the short period of time that my pup decided keep-away in the middle of the night was a fun game.
  14. I have a Flexi. I purchased it 15 years ago so I could walk my Miniature Schnauzer during a four day cross-country move. I have used it with Nattie. When Nattie was still young enough that she needed to go potty in the middle of the night she decided that it was really fun to play keep-away at 3am. I am not a very nice or patient person at 3am so out came the Flexi.
  15. I agree that this makes more sense than what I read. I was always so interested in the changes that happened to the foxes that I never focused much on why the experiment was started. Breeding tamer animals on a farm doesn't seem like such a complicated problem that farmers would need to call in a scientist.
  16. When I told people I was getting a Border Collie for my daughter most of the time I was told, "Border Collies always nip at heels. There is nothing you can do." The odd thing was that I knew a couple of Border Collies and they never nipped. When Nattie was very young nipping was one of the few things that I gave her a firm correction for. Now, at seven months, she has stopped nipping but sometimes will get excited (when my daughter is running around in the yard with her) and will act like she wants to nip. I have told my daughter that if Nattie even acts like she is going to nip you to give a firm "NO" and stand like a statue. All fun stops. Most of the time when my puppy makes a bad choice (jumping on people, getting on the furniture) we use a "Sorry" or "Off" in a very easy going way. I like positive training and I prefer telling my dog through my words and actions that she has made a poor choice and needs to do something else. But sometimes she needs a bit of scolding. And sometimes when she gets a little bossy toward the GSD or the cats she also gets a firm correction. My GSD is 90lbs. and could really hurt Nattie. My cats could really be hurt by Nattie if I don't control her. My GSD and my cats deserve to live a peaceful life and should not have to protect themselves from my puppy. At her worst Nattie only snagged clothing (and that is something I consider 100% unacceptable). If Nattie ever drew blood I would be seriously worried.
  17. The first thing I thought when I saw your puppy is that you have a very adorable baby panda! She is so cute! I second what Ruth said. Your doberman looks like a really lovely and tolerant girl but at some point your little puppy may get on her nerves. I have a very easy going GSD but I occasionally have to step in and make sure my puppy doesn't bother him too much. I also have two cats and have had to intervene a few times to keep my puppy from bothering them. My Nattie is seven months old and is my first Border Collie. At times I find that she is so exhausting but she is always worth the effort.
  18. From what I remember the project was started because fur farmers wanted a fox that was less aggressive. Dmitri Belyave began selecting the tamest foxes for breeding and by the 10th generation there were some major changes in appearance. The foxes in the program were tested and had much lower levels of adrenaline from normal foxes. The genes responsible for adrenaline are connected to the ones responsible for melanin and that could possibly explain the change in coat color (I am not a scientist so I don't know if this is correct).
  19. I used to take my GSD to agility. He is a terrible agility dog and he does not really enjoy agility but he did enjoy spending time with my daughters and always looked forward to getting out of the house. I think there is a lot to be said about just doing something with your dog. I think everyone (my girls and Rem) benefited from getting out and participating in agility even if Rem was not so skilled. It may be because I have been a parent for so many years but I think being bored while you wait your turn is a good thing. My daughter is in an agility class with a dog that belongs to a friend and I always bring Nattie. She gets to greet the people and their dogs but most of the time she just has to wait patiently while her girl runs another dog. My problem now is that my husband has completely bought into the "Border Collies are smart and have a ton of energy" mindset. He keeps asking me when I am going to get Nattie involved in herding.....and have I considered flyball? I plan to remind him that if he enjoys clean socks and a dinner that involves more than a peanut butter sandwich that we may need to limit the number of activities our baby Border Collie participates in!
  20. I read that the ears will change during teething but Nattie's didn't. This past weekend I was at an agility trial and saw a Border Collie puppy with moleskin in its ears to shape them. I doubt that I could shape Nattie's ears. The cartilage in her ears is really soft, not anything like my GSD when he was a puppy. Also, Nattie's ears are a lot bigger than the puppy I saw. It had really little ears.
  21. I think that sometimes with a spot coming back that the carpet isn't really getting clean. I moved into a seven year old house once that had one stain on the family room carpet. I got out my carpet machine and cleaned it right after we moved in and it disappeared. And came back. It took three or four cleanings before it disappeared and never returned.
  22. Just type out the address. People can copy and paste. Oops, sorry! I just realized that was not very helpful since some of those links can be really long and impossible to type out. The dog sounded so interesting and I really wanted to see a photo.
  23. Very impressive trick! I love the ending where your puppy slowly rolls over. I bet your family was impressed.
  24. Gideon's Girl, I really don't think it is fair to ask me that question!
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