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  1. If I wanted to adopt a rescue dog what questions should I ask? And what would be the pros/cons of adopting a dog that is about a year old when I have a dog of the same age?
  2. That was a great blog post. I love the photos of your dogs. Training a BC is new to me since Nattie is my first BC. I am always amazed that some things (agility foundations, tricks) are so easy to train and other things (loose leash walking) are so difficult.
  3. I hope you don't mind me getting a little off topic. You have mentioned "doggie smell" in a couple of your posts and I thought I would give you my experience. I have only only owned dogs since I was married. So far we have had two German Shepherds, two Miniature Schnauzers, and now our Border Collie who is almost 11 months old. I am really sensitive to smells to the point that at one time I took my GSD to the vet for a routine visit and was embarrassed that I did not have the time to bathe him first because he was really stinky. While I was with the vet I asked him about my dog's horrible smell and asked if possibly it was due to a health issue. My vet told me my dog didn't smell bad at all. Just before we brought home our puppy I read here of some people that almost never gave their BC a bath and I thought, "That may work for some owners, but I have a sensitive nose." My girl is a smooth coat (I don't know if that makes a difference) but I almost never bathe her. She just doesn't smell bad. A few times last summer she would get dirty and I would hose her off and she smelled fine. I could never do this with my GSD, he would stink! So possibly your OH won't mind the smell of a Border Collie.
  4. I can sympathize, Nattie is a chewer. I just spent $60 on toys for her to chew and I have had to remove all stuffed toys from her toy box. A question about chicken legs. I have never fed raw and am a little intimidated about trying it. Do I just buy some chicken legs, remove the skin, freeze, and then give one to my pup?
  5. The Bad: Miss Nat chews. She loves socks and it is a constant effort to keep her away from them. When my family sorts the laundry into baskets on laundry day we have to make sure there are no socks on top. Thankfully Nattie just shreds and doesn't consume her sock treasures but I have read enough accounts of socks having to be surgically removed to be extremely cautious. Miss Nat is sensitive to certain sounds. I finally got her used to helicopters, dirt bikes, and Air Force jets only to find that she is afraid of the boys across the street playing basketball. A few days ago I spent a half an hour sitting in my front yard feeding my pup boiled chicken while the neighbor boys played basketball in their driveway. Loose leash walking. Nattie is attempting to qualify for the Iditarod. The Good: Nattie loves all people and all dogs. She always tags along to the agility class where my daughter is running the dog of a friend and Nattie gets so excited the minute we pull into the driveway. She has such a sweet disposition and loves to meet a new friend. Nattie learns so fast and is very adventurous. She is so much fun at puppy agility and is very eager to show off the tricks my daughter has taught her. The best quality of my pup is that she is happy. From the minute she gets up in the morning until she goes to bed at night life is a wonderful adventure. I am amazed at how many times I have changed my attitude by just seeing her happy little face.
  6. I am so glad I don't live near Nebraska. Those puppies are so irresistible!
  7. Congratulations! Figure out how Camden will ride in the car with the babies. When my youngest was born I had a Suburban and my GSD rode in the very back but would occasionally jump onto the seats to get out of the car. He never did this while my older two were seated but I didn't want to take the chance that he would jump on the baby so I purchased a safety barrier to keep him in the back. Purchase your stroller early and get Camden used to the idea of walking next to the stroller. It will be easier to train him when you don't have the babies to worry about. And a small bit of "non-dog" advice. Purchase your car seats early and install them in the car. Some seats will not work well with certain vehicles and you don't want to be waiting to take your small people home while your husband attempts to figure out how to install the seats.
  8. ^^^ Beautiful photo. What a handsome boy! I love the phrase "ear du jour". Nattie has the silliest ears, they never can decide what they want to do from day to day. I love prick ears and will just have to be happy that my GSD has them, little Miss Nat's ears have a mind of their own!
  9. That collar looks wonderful on Kolt! A handsome collar for a handsome boy.
  10. I was always afraid that my daughter would get bit by a dog when she was a toddler because we had a GSD and she had no fear of dogs. I instructed her to always ask before petting a strange dog but still made sure I had a tight hold of her hand anytime a strange dog was around. I used to go on an education forum and you wouldn't believe the number of parents that thought that a dog should never bite or even growl. Some people think that their child should be able to tease or even abuse a dog and the dog should run away or put up with the abuse.
  11. What a cute puppy! I love the photo of all the dogs on the sofa. Children and dogs are the same in that they want to "dog pile" on dad.
  12. Great video. Tio looks so happy! And I didn't think he looked ratty at all, just very handsome.
  13. When Nattie was 4-5 months I was thinking that she was a very easy puppy.......and then she turned six months old! My biggest problem was her sensitivity to sound. She was afraid of all sorts of noises: Traffic, helicopters, airplanes, dirt bikes, diesel pickups, any vehicle with a trailer that rattled, a book being knocked off the desk by the cat, a metal pan dropped in the kitchen, my other dog barking at the door, sounds made by the wind. I was really frustrated and worried. How would she lead a normal life? It took two and a half months of me working with Nattie to get her over most of her fears. I wanted to tell you about my puppy because I really did not do anything to make her so sensitive to noise. She has always been a little sensitive but at 5 months old I thought we were making progress and at six months it all went downhill so I don't think it is fair to blame yourself for the issues you are having with Maple. I can't help you with a trainer since I am on the other side of the country. I think you will enjoy taking classes with you puppy. One of the things I liked about taking a puppy class was I discovered that everyone else had issues with their puppy too! Always end training sessions on a positive note and set yourself up to succeed. It sounds like you do this for Maple but do this for yourself as well. Puppies can be incredibly frustrating. Maple is fortunate to have an owner that cares about her so much.
  14. I live in a climate with mild winters so when we built our home I had two of the outside faucets equipped with hot water. I can bathe my dogs outside even in the winter.
  15. When my pup was younger she wasn't much of a biter except if she was tired and then she was a little monster. I used to put Nattie down for naps just like I did my children when they were toddlers. Sometimes if Nattie got overstimulated she would bite and a little 15 minute timeout in the crate seemed to calm her and change her back into my sweet little girl. Also, watch how your son plays with Remi. Years ago when my son was 11 we got a puppy. My son never teased or was unkind to the pup but he loved to roughhouse. Because my son played rough the puppy played rough and sometimes my son would get the puppy overexcited (wild puppy was fun until he started biting). I had to teach my son calmer ways to interact with the puppy. Just now as I was typing this I had to tell my 12 year old daughter to play a calmer game with Nattie. I could see puppy was starting to get a little wild.
  16. I haven't put up my tree yet, I am too afraid! And do post pictures soon. I would love to see your new pup.
  17. I am a first time Border Collie owner and I completely agree. As far as Border Collies and their sensitivity to noises. One evening over the summer I was outside with my husband and my GSD and my BC. At the time we were watching an Australian Shepherd for a friend and she was inside the house. My house backs up to the desert and there was a loud sound of an explosion. The poor Aussie was a nervous wreck. I had to put her in her thunder coat and put her in a crate covered with a blanket for the night. My BC ran to the door and wanted to go into the house. At bedtime I had to use a lot of encouragement and yummy treats to get her to go out for her last potty break. My GSD didn't pay much attention to the noise at all and remained outside with us. In fact, if you didn't know better it would be easy to assume that my GSD has problems hearing. He doesn't respond to sonic booms, fireworks, or thunder. And as far as soft/hard dogs are concerned. I once had a conversation with another dog owner about training a soft v. hard dog. My GSD was next to me and I reached down and grabbed the scruff of his neck and shook it firmly. My GSD's response...he moved closer to me to get a back scratch. I would never do the same to my Border Collie.
  18. That is a wonderful photo. My poor husband....what is he going to think when I tell him I NEED two Papillons!
  19. I give my GSD fish oil and would like to give him Vit E but have no idea how much. I noticed a huge difference in the condition of my GSD's skin once I began giving fish oil. Would fish oil and Vit E supplements be good for my 8 month old BC?
  20. Check with your vet about the vaccine. My vet doesn't give the kennel cough vaccine in the nose.
  21. ^^^Sorry, I hope you have a carpet shampooer! One thing I remembered about dry skin and my GSD. I don't know if you give Effie baths but if you do make sure you rinse her really well. Any shampoo residue will make my dog's skin worse. I rinse and rinse and when I think I have all the shampoo out I rinse a few more times.
  22. I wanted to add that I wasn't judging the owners of the puppy. They did what they thought best with the information they had. I came very close to doing the exact same thing with Nattie. I was planning to keep her in a bubble until she had all her shots. After all, it worked out just fine for my GSD. Then I read these forums, talked to my vet, and talked to a couple of people who train dogs for a living and was convinced to change my plan for my pup.
  23. I know genetics and personality play a big part in how a dog reacts to its environment. CptJack, my GSD did not get out much as a puppy and he is the most easy-going, mellow dog. Nothing phases my GSD and I know it it just the way he is. He is protective of the house so if someone pulls into the driveway he will bark his head off but a sonic boom that rattles the windows? He just keeps napping and won't even bother to open his eyes. And things with Nattie have not always been perfect. Nattie went through a period of about three weeks where she was afraid of noises. I was just about to ask for advice on these forums and take her to the vet. She was afraid of traffic, airplanes, helicopters, noises around the house. Once the cat knocked a book off my desk and I spent a half hour working with Nattie so she wouldn't be afraid of the book. I just found it very interesting to meet someone who was having problems with their puppy and they said their puppy never went anywhere until after four months of age.
  24. One thing you need to know about me is that I worry.....about everything. I was so worried about Nattie and getting her properly socialized and keeping her away from all the nasty diseases that puppies can get. In spite of my worry I took Nattie (almost) everywhere. I carried her around PetSmart and Home Depot. I took her to agility class where my daughter was working other dogs. Except for at night when she slept in her crate our little puppy was rarely left alone. The result? Nattie loves all the people and almost all the dogs she meets. She met one dog, a Bouvier, that she was afraid of (The owner said that many dogs don't like her dog and she thinks it is because his eyes are hidden). If Nattie sees something she doesn't like she stands a little behind me and watches and waits for my response. The other day we saw a women with a child in a stroller and a three year old. I wondered how Nattie would respond to the three year old because she has never been around small children. She spent all of her time doing play bows and making this cute noise to try to get his attention. Nattie so wanted to greet this unusual small person. On the other hand. I met someone with a BC a little younger than Nattie. The owner said that they didn't let their puppy out until after she had all her puppy shots and now they are worried about aggression issues. When their puppy sees something new she growls and barks aggressively and they are very concerned about her behavior.
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